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    A-Rod needs hip surgery

    There are 215 people in the thread talking about it at NYYFans. Still no word from the Yankees about it...and the source seems to be a quote from his half brother (in a Spanish article) who Alex isn't that close with to begin with.
  2. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    A-Rod needs hip surgery

    I don't know of anyone in the system or in camp right now who is a natural 3B. I don't see them playing a month of the season with Cody Ransom at third.
  3. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Sublime Re-Unite After 13 Years...

    I'd be down with that.
  4. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Weird Girls In School

    At my college there was this girl simply known as "The Pink Girl." I think her name was Christine, or Christina. Anyway, she wore pink everyday. Everything she had was pink. (Shoes, jacket, rolling-luggage backpack...hell, her eye makeup) She was a nursing major (I used to pass her along the way to/from the main health class building) and was the only one who had pink scrubs when all the rest of them wore blue. Also, always at her side around campus was...her mom! Yes, her mother went everywhere with her. I had even heard that she used to sleep in her bed with her from a girl who used to be TPG's roommate. Supposedly her story was that when she was little, her father died and the last thing that she remembered him telling her was that she looked beautiful in pink. So there you go.
  5. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Spring Training 2009

    Yankees vs Team USA in exhibition fun today.
  6. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I can't at all, but don't really care that much.
  7. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    The Bucs signed Derrick Ward.
  8. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Think I might mosey on out of here

    He's and of course.
  9. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    College Basketball: February '09

    Awesome Michigan State/Illinois game going on right now.
  10. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    I heard the Jets got Bart Scott.
  11. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Any news on Derrick Ward in the FA market?
  12. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Giants locked up Jacobs for a four year, ~$25 million deal. I have a question about the franchise tag. I'm not sure how it works. Now that he's been signed to a deal, is the tag lifted? Or is the first year of the contract the franchise-tagged season?
  13. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    WWF/E Tidbits from the past

    I seem to recall a PPV match between Rock and Henry announced, and then they went backwards from there. As in, they were still cool at the time and as the weeks went by, they started feuding with each other.
  14. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Jeff Jarrett was the coolest

    Undertaker looks like Abe Lincoln in that video.
  15. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    MLB 09 The Show & MLB 2k9

    I played the 360 demo yesterday. Seemed pretty cool to me except the pitching with the joystick was a little confusing and there weren't any options to tell me how to do it correctly from the pause screen. My brother just bought a 360 a few weeks ago. I had The Show 08 for PS2 and I liked it alot, compared to 2K6 (which I liked alot) and 2K7 (which I hated since it was basically 2K6 again). Which will end up being a better way to go? 2K9 for Xbox or Show 09 for PS2?
  16. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The TSM Weight Loss Contest

    I've been cutting carbs since the begining of this month. To my surprise, I haven't lost any body weight (have been 185 since about November) but the lean muscle mass and definition I've gained have been pretty noticeable. At the point I am at now, it would have taken me at least another month or two to get to where I am right now. I was at my absolute peak last October, when I was 175 and I felt I was finally at my ideal body image. Since I was hitting the punching bag every day for my cardio rather than running or riding the machines, I shed the last ounces of whatever excess body fat that was left and was in the best shape of my life. When the weather warms up, I'm going to go buy one for myself and put it in my backyard (since there isn't any room in my garage to take on anything else).
  17. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I read this too quickly and thought it said "favorite director" until I started going through the replies. I was going to say Martin Scorsese.
  18. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I've truthfully never measured before, but I can tell you every girl I've ever been with has told me that I have the biggest dick they've ever taken. I also have gigantic balls, the left hanging lower than the right. It's also obviously very easy to claim this through the internet, but oh well.
  19. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    What was the dumbest head coach/manager decision in a game?

    I think he actually hit 8th in that final game.
  20. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    What was the dumbest head coach/manager decision in a game?

    He put in Jeff F'n Weaver over the all-time career leader in ERA+
  21. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Sports Page in the Business Section

    They'd be second-class citizens just like the Nets and Devils are.
  22. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    What was the dumbest head coach/manager decision in a game?

    The first thing I thought of when I read the topic was Little also. But days after that, was more boneheaded managing. The Yankees and Marlins are tied in game 4 of the 2003 World Series which goes to extra innings. Rather than use Mariano Rivera late in the game, like any sensible human being would, Joe Torre summons the immortal Jeff Weaver who hadn't pitched since the regular season. He promptly gave up a game winning home run to Alex Gonzalez, to tie the series at 2-2. The Marlins never looked back and won in 6 games.
  23. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Who do you share a Birthday with?

    November 3rd: Steven F. Austin, Bob Feller, Roseanne, Dennis Miller, Phil Simms, Dolph Lundgren, Darren Sharper, and Elizabeth Smart. My 7th birthday was also the day that Bill Clinton got elected president. Edit: No wrestlers.
  24. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    The real outrage is that a jersey costs $220.
  25. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Comments that which don't warrant a thread

    I just saw a commercial for "10 Items or Less." Never having seen a second of this show, I base everything I know of it on its painfully unfunny ads, and I ask how the hell did this show get a second season?