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  1. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Pictures I Like

  2. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    '90s Song Tournament

  3. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The MagicJack Offseason Bowl

    Tennessee signed the number one recruit in the nation, Bryce Brown, a running back.
  4. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    TSM Worst Poster Tournament 2009: Nominations

    Forgot to add: jericholic82
  5. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    TSM Worst Poster Tournament 2009: Nominations

    Spaceman Ross Marvin bob barron
  6. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Sporcle Thread

    19/26 in 3 minutes before I quit on Multiple MLB MVP winners
  7. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Tommy John Surgery Contest

    I thought of the guy with the most violent delivery I could off the top of my head. Tim Lincecum
  8. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    MLB 09 The Show & MLB 2k9

    Let me share a story about 2K6 for PlayStation 2: I was probably up to about August in the franchise, and A-Rod had around 40 homers or so. All of a sudden, one game, his home run totals become a negative number. So now he had -40 HR and each one he hit after that brought the count closer to zero. Kind of like the doomsday clock that they put on Marvin's post count. It was absurd.
  9. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Sporcle Thread

    I got 89 out of the 104, but got every single one correct from 1947-2008.
  10. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Sporcle Thread

    10 Most Valuable Franchises in Each Sport: 32/40 Name the athletes from their nicknames: 44/84 (Boxing and golf destroyed me) These ones tend to kill me because I'll know some of the answers, but don't know the spelling of their names. Like "Olajuwon" and however the hell you spell out Coach K's full name, for example.
  11. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    ...providing PBP of Orioles spring training games. He's the only poster I used the ignore function for.
  12. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    24 -- Season 7

    That's not is it?
  13. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    The sports coverage and announcing thread

    Good: ESPN Radio in New York is getting rid of the waste of time that is the 1:00-2:00 Tirico & Van Pelt show. Bad: They are taking away an hour of Max Kellerman, cutting him down from 10:00-1:00 to 10:00-12:00. Worse: They bringing back Colin Cowherd from 12:00-2:00.
  14. TheDevilAndGodAreRagingInsideMe

    Heel Characters That You Agreed With?

    I didn't understand why for about the first year I was watching wrestling The Rock was booed heavily and a near-top level heel, to one day all of a sudden being one of the emerging top faces and cheered everywhere. He didn't change his personality at all, and I refused to root for him. I think that was when I stopped going along with the face/heel stuff and just liking who I wanted to.