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  1. To be fair, Hartnett did Lucky Number Slevin, which was criminally ignored if you ask me.
  2. Blade2kxx

    Lockdown Talk

    Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, & Raisha Saeed vs. Sarah Stock, Taylor Wilde, ODB, Roxxi, & "The Governor". BOOK THIS~!
  3. Blade2kxx


    You've got to be fucking kidding me...
  4. Blade2kxx

    Best Live Show that you've attended

    It's recent... but RoH Final Battle 2008 was amazing live.
  5. Blade2kxx

    Most surprising addicting game

    Hot Shots Golf. Period.
  6. Blade2kxx


    Big bump, almost a necro, as I had to mention how awesome the show is getting. The myth-arc elements are really starting to filter in, and everyone is starting to find their groove. You should have HEARD my loud scream when I saw the Returning in April ad.
  7. Blade2kxx

    TNA Against All Odds 2009

    BMI could be Tag Champs forever and I wouldn't care. Ahh, the comedy spot. They love working it in with this group.
  8. Blade2kxx

    TNA Against All Odds 2009

    Lets just say Beer Money Inc. period is the highlight of all of TNA.
  9. Blade2kxx

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    Agreed, as long as it was like the original Doink and therefore, a stable of EVIL CLOWNS~!
  10. No chronological, or even logical order here for my Top 10 of the Decade. The Dark Knight Memento SAW Batman Begins 300 Requiem for a Dream The Incredibles The Departed Spider-Man 2 Battle Royale Notable Mentions for WALL-E, The Wrestler, Phantom of the Opera, No Country for Old Men, and the 3 LotR films.
  11. Blade2kxx

    WWE General Discussion - January 2009

    If an egotistical heel wins the MITB, I'd do what they seemed to have been grooming Kennedy for and have him flat out say he'll be cashing it in at WrestleMania, and build him up big for a whole year. That's one of the few other ways I see that case being used.
  12. Blade2kxx

    Finish Him!

    Steiner Screwdriver. Enough said.
  13. Blade2kxx

    FOX Sunday Night 08/09 - now in HD!

    Also, I know South Park is being redone in HD from the beginning, it might not be to improbable to believe that FOX will have them do the same thing with the Simpsons. They way South Park is produced makes it FAAAAAARRRRR easier to do in 16x9 than The Simpsons Marvin.
  14. Blade2kxx

    Royal Rumble 2009

    3 years, 7 time WHC. Huntor is jealous.
  15. Blade2kxx

    Royal Rumble 2009

    Just noticed that Matt Stryker is still out there but Todd is not... Who's commentating the actual Rumble?
  16. Blade2kxx

    Royal Rumble 2009

    That'd be something if two heels won the World Title matches tonight... it would all but guarantee Triple H a Rumble win. But what if HBK wins the Rumble then?
  17. Blade2kxx

    Royal Rumble 2009

    This scenario makes things even MORE unpredictable. They might actually pull the trigger on JBL tonight.
  18. Blade2kxx

    Oscar Nominations Thread

    I'm wondering how much money Harvey threw at the Academy this time. Seriously? THE READER? I mean, if they were gonna snub TDK, at least use a film that wasn't garbage. Hell, I would have preferred ANGRY CLINT over that sack of shit.
  19. Blade2kxx

    Oscar Nominations Thread

  20. Blade2kxx


    GAME~! Oh come on San Diego, just make it 4 for 4.
  21. Blade2kxx


    OH MAH GAWD~! This is absurd. I would have NEVER imagined Arizona actually making it to the NFC Championship... ... Come on Chargers and Eagles. Make the playoffs completely crazy, please?
  22. Blade2kxx


    Ugh, damn Trillian. Can't seem to find the chat.
  23. Blade2kxx


    This is NUTS~! Also, anyone in the chat anymore?
  24. Blade2kxx

    Wild Card Weekend

    That silence is the sound of me caring. Seriously. I wanted the Colts gone, doesn't matter who did it. Hell, I would have been rooting for Pittsburgh if Indy pulled it out. My hate for the Colts is stronger than my hate for the Steelers.
  25. Blade2kxx

    Wild Card Weekend

    I think I screamed for joy so loud I woke the neighbors... Three houses down. NO. FUCKING. MANNING. BOWL.