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  1. admin

    Clique B would like to buy TSM

    seriously stuff like this doesn't belong in site feedback, I am closing this.
  2. admin

    We Need A Leader.

  3. admin

    Clique B would like to buy TSM

    Seriously don't bother, your talking $100+ a month.
  4. admin

    Why are they still admins?

    We are going through a admin transition right now. More to come later.
  5. admin


    As of right now, we aren’t deleting them or things, but will not approve future multiple accounts. I have got several PMs and IMs on AIM on the issue and we will continue to look into this issue further. In the mean time, don’t bother turning your self in.  just enjoy your multiple accounts.
  6. admin


    I know several of you have gotten PMs so far, we are getting rid of multiple accounts for several reasons. So PM me them to save me time looking them up.
  7. admin

    Sooo who is Leena really?

    i saw her, or him, or whatever it was! 5' 6" @ approx 313Lbs. j/k I am lenna, ok... jokes out.
  8. admin


    If you guys don't mind, I can move this to a different folder, since its not site feedback related.
  9. admin

    Blog issues

    The only compatible skin for blogs, etc is the default one. Try that and let me know.
  10. admin

    Forums Tweak/Upgrades

    I did some more tweaks and upgrades last night to the server to squeeze as much from it as i can before i buy another CPU or another Gig of ram for it... Please don't hesitate to report problems you have, any small little error... Too many connections, PHP something, time out, etc. I am trying to pin point every problem I can to make these forums run as smooth as possible, especially under high traffic. Without your feedback, I can’t improve things. FYI, request for post counts or non-sense will be deleted.
  11. Later this afternoon/night, hopefully after midnight I will be pulling the server down for 15-45 minutes for maintenance. I am adding a second Xeon 2.66Ghz CPU to the server.
  12. admin

    Forums Tweak/Upgrades

    if you don't mind, please post or PM me a screen shot.
  13. admin

    Make me mod of Hardcore Discussion

    Yes, I see it. I have been really busy the past few weeks and haven’t had much time to visit here. If you all don't mind, stop PM'ing me asking for mod power, I don't just hand it out... If I did the board would already be in total chaos. I will make a list of the people asking for power to make sure they never get it while I own the site... I am human... 0101010101000001010010101010 & 's are my only language. I am no different then you guys.
  14. admin

    Let's do some spring cleaning on folder subtitles.

    Sounds like a plan, don't have any suggestions, but open to any, no reason they need to be the same all the time, so mods or admins are welcome to change it according to what’s happening.
  15. The datacenter apparently had some reason to unplug the server, the person I spoke to said the UPS on it probably went out and needed to be replaced. It caused the forums to do the famous session error stuff. All should be fine.
  16. Ok, so obviously you are saying the articles need some grammar made, do you have recommendations for new topics ideas, etc? Constructive criticism would help more.
  17. admin

    Make me a mod

    Just thought i would say, no one ever gets anywhere in life by asking, only by hard work and effort....
  18. admin

    IPB Casino and Lottery

    I have looked into it some, there is some updates I will be doing soon, and if they cause more issues with the games, chances are I will not bother adding the casino, as every upgrade it can cause problems since its an third party add-on. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  19. admin


    Honestly, I can not satisfy every board member here, even as much as I try. Every where in life you will run into circumstances which you don't like and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. As an admin-speaking on my part(everyone person and admin has their own views), If another member sets his avatar to one that says admin as well, it don't bother me one bit, he can’t change his member group as you he can’t change his member name to match someone else. I have avatars and sigs both turned off, as they just waste space on my screen, as I just want to read what people say. Unfortunately I don't have all the time in the world to go changing people’s names or modifying other user’s avatars because they choose to be childish and play the copycat game... I have a real life just like everyone else does and it involves making money to support this site, as well as paying the respect to the users of the forums, as they help make some money by coming here and seeing the ads as well as joining out poker program. This is the site feedback folder and I try to address most all needs and post personally, but lately most of them have all been complaints. Things like recommendations for additions are fine, but name changing and things like this get annoying and old, seriously it’s just a message board, it’s not like it determines your destination after death.  If you have issues which you disagree with me on, please PM me, I am reasonable, however I have my limits. *the above I hope does not come across rude to anyone, just stating my opinions on some things.  You are welcome to disagree with me, even admins, mods, or guest.
  20. Also, let me know what games you would like to see stay, go, or come.
  21. admin

    Name change please

    Ok, since the name changes has "re-opened" the new rule is one person per day... I will not start a query, its first come first server, whoever posts on or after midnight tonight. Fare enough?
  22. admin

    Name change please

    Lol, Hey guys sorry, the name change file was corrupt.... *** Access Denied ***
  23. admin

    Name change please

    Lol, you are funny..... The last thing we need is more symbols are options in your name, then you guys will be complaining you forgot how to login, because your keyboards don't have those keys visible...
  24. admin

    Forums Tweak/Upgrades

    If anyone else is having this issue, please let me know. Thanks,
  25. admin

    Forums Tweak/Upgrades

    Hmm, I am not sure where that would be coming from, if you don't mind take a screen shot of it so I can see exactly what you are talking about.