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    Looking into geting a new cell phone

    Papa Johns Pizza may still have the free blackberry with order of pizza, drinks, & a side. Its the latest color balckberry. The catch is you need to sign a 2 year contract.
  2. admin

    The Danger Zone is no more

    Really not much technology is needed, besides a decent mic. Hell you could have dialup, the shows would just be delayed a day or two due to uploading. We used TeamSpeak as the program to record interviews, which you can have as many people in that room that your want. As long as you got the enthusiastic radio voice & elaborate talking attitude, you could do it. I wouldn’t mind helping setup someone in the sports forum start it up, really we can do whatever we want with the show setup wise, its up to the host imagination.
  3. admin

    Board time is off an hour

    Lol, Sorry, I beleive the soon to come new version of the forums, has an automatic DLST built in so both me and the users don't have to mess with the time.
  4. admin

    Fucking AIM Virus

    http://txwes.info/forums/index.php?showforum=17/ That site has two articles, which give pretty good instructions on how to install and use ad-aware and spybot as well as virus protection, all free products.
  5. admin

    Board time is off an hour

  6. Database maintenance will occur from 2am-8am today. This doesn't mean @ 2am the site will go down, but if you experience problems between these times, you know what is going on.
  7. admin

    Other skins

    So is that a compliment on the default skin? Or a recommendation for more skins? If you find some attractive, let me know and I can look @ adding them. We are about to upgrade to IPB v2.1 so previous skins may not work.
  8. admin

    Danger Zone 9-30-2005

    The High Speed or not, simply means that it is "Optimized" for high speed users. Those other shows, we never had the original in very good quality, and there is no point in making a file larger to "upscale" the quality since you can't get quality from thin air.
  9. Over the next few days, I will be doing testing on the conversion of the forums from v2.0.4 to the latest IPB version v2.1.* This may cause slow downs on the site time to time or for it to be momentarily down.
  10. admin

    DVD Commentary Ripping

    I would use DVDShrink to first "BackUp" the DVD to your computer, from their you will have to convert the VOB files into a MP3 stream, which you will need a program like TMPmpeg (Don't think that’s the exact name, and can't find the website.) but that program will decompose the VOB's into 2 streams, audio & video. Which the audio I believe will be in WAV at that point, and then simply convert it to MP3.
  11. admin

    Sling Box

    The point of this box is, that you can watch whatever you want through your own cable (or maybe others latter on) anywhere you have an internet connection. Obviously they make TV cards which let you watch TV on computer.
  12. admin

    Sling Box

    Seems like a very niffy device. I just wonder how long until someone finds a way to hack it, co-locate it somewhere with a nice connection and allow many users all to watch TV freely.
  13. admin

    Free polyphonic ringtones..

    I know sprint and verizon are similar tower and signal wise. Sprint uses Java, Verizon uses C++. If you buy your phones data cable, assuming its like my Moto E815, you can hack it, enable bluetooth, and transfer FREE pictures, videos, and MP3s to use as your ring tones. On my old Samsung a530, I could hack it as well and put MIDI's as your ring tones. The hacking part is actually quite simple, and to some parts of your contract are not illegal. The phones have the feaures in the first place, its your provider who disables them. http://www.howardforums.com/ is a great community which I use to find new info on phones, mods, hacks, etc. But then again, none of the above applies to me, I am just passing it along for a friend.
  14. admin

    Subwoofers and Amps for cars

    I have 2 - JL10W6 v2's (dual Voice Coil) and a HiFonics Amp. The quality is amazing, I am not the kid on the block trying to set off car alarms though. I built the box my self, did the install my self, etc. I have 4Gauge wire directly from my battery. I wouldn't consider my self a pro @ this stuff, since I don't do it for a living, but I think I know more than your average teen @ Best Buy in the car department. They just know which stuff looks the coolest, not the internal facts about RMS ratings, quality, DB, Dual Voice Coils, Ohms, Watts, etc. BTW. Also installed my own Viper 791XV alarm w/ Remote start, etc
  15. admin

    Got enough crap pinned in the WWE folder?

    The reason the second dangerzone thread was left, was because the show was still a few days fresh and didn't want it to go unoticed since the next show had already come out.
  16. admin

    Danger Zone 9-30-2005

    I thought the show was really intresting....
  17. admin

    Brand New Danger Zone 9-24-2005

    Currently re-uploading both the Dialup and High-Speed version, they were tweaked a little more and should be a bit clearer and louder when HTQ is speaking. Mike - TSM Server Admin & Owner
  18. Monday Morning on September 26th, 2005 I will be performing database maintence for up to several hours, getting ready for the IPB 2.1 upgrade from 2.0.4. This upgrade was made possible by: Contributors & Important People Thanks!
  19. Just thought I would pop this question. I'd have to say I have never intentionally fasted, but I would be in the 12hr-24hr range due to some extensive hiking in Colorado.
  20. admin

    IMPORTANT: Concerning TSM's Future

    Guess I forgot to tell you guys about my 12,000 + song music collection which is over 45 gigs ... Out of that many, it covers my favorites
  21. admin

    IMPORTANT: Concerning TSM's Future

    on DVD-R's, I use verbatim 16X version 2 The cheap brands playback suck.
  22. admin

    IMPORTANT: Concerning TSM's Future

    Ok ok, first one to mail me a 100 pack of DVD-R's can be mod. Or pay this months server bill, how is that?
  23. admin

    IMPORTANT: Concerning TSM's Future

    No body just gets "Mod" for asking for it... So give it up.
  24. admin

    Danger Zone 8-22-2005

  25. admin

    Danger Zone 8-22-2005

    Give it about 6 more minutes