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  1. Below are currently known issues we are working on:

    • Logout and Login is causing a few issues with new cookie methods used on the new version
    • Blogs not opening correctly (Temp correction to some code, which allowed it to display)
    • Arcade is not opening (Unfortunately I was not able to restore previous high scores or data due to upgrade issues and differences)
    • Skins obviously have some problems
    • Names are being displayed in short...
    • Quick Edit issues with various browsers
    If there are other issues, please let us know. There are new features you will notice, if you think some should be disabled or closed by default, let us know about these as well.

  2. What was so good about GTG? Back in the days when posting was complicated, you could use it to test out how things work, no its simple. What use did it serve? Please list some valid reasons to keep it? VALID REASONS, not COMPLAINTS.

  3. I was not making it up, as I have no reason to lie, but it does prove a point, that some people take things more seriously than others do. We all know people like this, if its in your work environments, college, or high schools, you have to watch what you say. Yes, this is the internet and you don’t have to watch what you say as much or even think before you speak (type), but there is a line when it goes to far. These posts I had to remove went into details of methods to kill someone, that’s way to far… Police departments don’t take post, topics, or threads like that very kindly.

  4. This forum is on its way out unless a major change comes to it VERY soon. Things have become ridiculous here and will not be tolerated. Between the various phone calls I have received dealing with death threats, which have been reported to the police (yes, I have given IPs and sever logs to authorities, as I am required to). This needs to stop! We will no be tolerating death threats or racism, as if it is not legal or right to do it in person, you should not be doing it online. Obviously, we cannot and are not going to jump on post, calling other idiots or stupid, but anything being racist or considered threats, we will start cracking down on. If you have questions or comments, please post them in the feedback section in the designated topic.

  5. Things should be back up. Please contact me any way you want in the future when things are not working. :) E-mail, PM, IM, YahooIM, MSN, Skype, etc...

    I thought things were working after the sessions DB error, but never tried posting. I apologize as I should have verified all the tables were good, not just the ones which normally mess up. If you want to chew me out over it, here is the place to vent…


    Admin Mike,