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  1. You could always sound professional, ask the ISP for the billing address saying you are mailing a notification of infrigment or something and actual mail him something real scary. :) Wouldn't that be freaky? Probably scare the hell out of someone, because they are simply posting on a forum, hehe

  2. There are SEVERAL more skins to try out, let us know what you all think!?!


    On the blog side of things, most all skins are not blog compatible, however the CSS does transfer over to the blogs, just images alot of times will be left out. Depending on how much time I have and what people think about the blogs skin, I may create the missing images my self.

  3. To have your own blog, please send me a money order made out to (leave it blank), a copy of your drivers license, SS Card, Passport (If you have one), and a $5 bill, as well as any major credit card and I will have your blog up and ready in no time, once I have left the country. (Traveling under YOUR-NAME-HERE) :P

    We can't have just anyone creating blogs now days...












    Just kidding, it’s simple. Simply Click "My Controls" in the top right, and under the blog area, you should see "Create My Blog", following instructions from there and use the HELP if needed.

  4. As everyone can see, the forums now have many new skins. They are temporary, until we decide on which ones are used and wanted, and which should be trashed. Also the blog feature is now enabled. To use your blogs, Click "My Controls" > "Community Blog" > You should see a "Create My Blog" button and that’s it! You now have your own blog, which is accessible from: forums.thesmartmarks.com/blog/USER_NAME :) Have fun!

  5. I have taken care of it as well, by limiting members to sending a message to 5 people MAX, at a time.

    I also reported his offenses to his ISP and hosting provider, as well as providing the needed logs for proof.

    Sorry about this and please report anything, even if its one bit of advertisement from another member to us ASAP.


    Mike - TSM Server Admin

  6. Blogs will come after the search engine is back online, because without it, you can't search blogs or many other things.

    The "edit" feature is enabled and you can remove the edit line, but unchecking the box at the bottom when you are editing your post.



    Weren't blogs supposed to come with the upgrade?


    Why isn't there an option when you EDIT a post to get rid of the stupid little tag that says this post was "edited by..."


    I find it really annoying to see "This post has been edited by ___: Jun 1 2005, 04:49 PM" in almost every thread on the board. Bring back the little check box that was there before.



    For an example of what I'm talking about see below.


    This is bothering the hell out of me. Is there any way I could get rid of the "edited by...." portion. I don't have the option to uncheck the box when I go to edit anymore.

  7. Ok, this thread will be one, which ONLY I or other staff posts in concerning the forums and the site. When maintenance is performed or features being added I will try to keep everyone up to date by posting here.


    Also, below are the generous people, who donated their own money to make these forums a better place. (IPB v2 upgrade for a lifetime License)

    Contributors & Important People




    To start off with, tonight @ Midnight, I will be rebuilding indexes on the forums. This will last several hours and the forums could run slow during this process.