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  1. We do not support spammers, or members sending out mass PMs, or posting simply to promote their own site or forums.


    Please report activity like this immediately to me or another admin, so they can be banned immediately. I have seen several spikes in PMs, last being on the 31st, and want to cut down on this as much as possible.


    Other sites in Sigs or Profiles are ok, but not if you post nothing or little just to have your site seen here.

  2. Ok, as of right now there will not be a show tonight. Between testing now working exactly as it should and time conflicts. I will make sure to post the new time several days before the show. I may however post a testing link just to have some testing happening before the show.

  3. Ok, the first show depending on how the testing goes tommorow will go live on Wednesay, May 3rd from 8pm-10pm CST, if those hours should be extended, just let me know. I will post in here if the testing doesn't go well.


    Going on a week to week basis, we will see how things go. If there isn't much feedback, then obviously it won't continue.

  4. I don't think it will have thr word PIT in it, no offense to the PIT message board.

    I beleive the thing which makes Shoutcast Legal or whatever is the fact that you can't just sit there and record it easily.... :) Compared to the TSM Radio shows are downloads as well as streams, which means you could DL the music if we included it. its all kind of gray areas, but closer to white or black i guess you could say.

  5. I was just wondering if anyone here would be interested in a TSM Streaming Radio type thing. It would probably use something like Shout Cast, if you are familiar with that.

    Basically from time to time, we would stream music live, and have a dedicated topic for music request. I have a friend who has a DJ business and he or I would be the ones playing the music, but depending on how it goes, later on, we would let board members with experience stream on it from like 7pm-9pm whatever they want, talk, music, etc.




    http://www.shoutcast.com/ is the website for more info.

  6. I think the funniest thing is when i get e-mails from people complaining their sites have been shutdown or something because of too much bandwidth usage; because you all copied some avatars form other sites. My favorite by far was some bible website you guys hot linked a Jesus picture and shut them down for the month.

  7. To be honest on that part, I use too be all into it...

    The days of the Giant, Eric Bischoff, Hogan, and the other ones where my days.

    But when the NWO, WCW, WWF and all those started falling apart and merged is when I lost interest.

    Also, a buddy of mine does the indoor pyrotechnics, which we did several shows for wrestling, across southern Texas. The superdome in San Antonio is where we did most of the shows. The ones which WCW we were called only on occasion and partnered with their normal crews, since you have to be licensed by state now. Since the nightclub in New York and 9/11 though rules and licensing on who all can setup and fire the shows changed things and that's when I began to fade out of that. The one we did the most for was when Houston started a wrestling league, which I met Booker T and his brother & several other guys.

    He only does outdoor shows now, like the Lackland AFB in San Antonio is the only one I help him with now, which is 2 full days of setup.


    If you were to ask that question a few years ago, I could of written you several paragraphs on what I thought. One thing that's amazing is the stunt work that's involved in it. Doing those shows, we were there all the day many times and the wrestlers are there quite a bit too, acting and preparing for different moves and those stages are designed for maximum noise on impact.


    Those were my wrestling days/memories.

  8. That’s pretty correct, I am not sure what keeps me supporting this site, it may just have to do with something back in 99' or 98 whenever I started managing the servers for Scott Keith and then he didn't want the forums anymore so I took them on. It does look pretty nice on a resume as well saying you own a site which gets nearly 10 million hits a month too. Google ads help pay for the site and the poker thing is actually doing better than Google ads, however that requires extra money being fronted on my part, but better returns. I like to see a prospering online community of users, is why I am still here and I feel if I let the site go, that’s a lot of work, not only done by me, but hundreds others in the last few years all gone down the drain. Look @ our stats, over 2million post and counting by several thousand a day! If TSM was not here tomorrow, what would you guys do? j/w, its not going anywhere for @least another year according to contract.

    I think the question is why do I get “harassed” by the members? I know many of you guys think I am a “bot” or “computer” with automated answers, but in reality I am no different than all of you, the users. If anyone has a problem with me, address it with me, PM me or let me know, rather than jumping to conclusions and making rumors or such.

    How’s that for a computer generated response?