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  1. Just thought I would give you all a heads up, after tonight’s maintenance your personal file upload limit will be increased from 5Mb to 100Mb for personal attachments. Personal Message boxes will be increased to 1000!


    I know, I know, please no applause.


    I am also trying/working to buy another 1-2gb ram for the server and another Xeon CPU for it, providing I find some money. 

  2. As I stated before I will not name any names, I respect the privacy of the users on the board. You that have done this know who you are.

    He is a simple way to figure out how a score is fake. Say someone scores 394,394 on a game and you can roughly say, playing well constantly you score 10 points every second, such as a game like breakout. Now that person scored a high score somewhere else, only 19 minutes latter.... Can you play two games at once? No... Even if you could, you can't score certain scores in certain time frames, of which the server logs how long everyone plays each game, etc. Resetting scores is useless, because cheaters will cheat again, as they can't succeed in everyday life, and feel better cheating online, where they can appear to succeed.


    How do they cheat? I am not going into the details, there are a few ways from the research i have done and seen. Too complicated for the average computer person, so board users that are computer intelligent, may be your first suspects... Obviously, don't look @ me. :) I can simply login and pick my score, but I don't believe in cheating...

  3. The ones up there currently are at least making more than the others. This server cost nearly $100 a month to run, not including my time to maintain it. I will make another attempt to box them in, as the page shifting does get annoying.

  4. Unfortunately, I don't have a list, i am just searching the net for them. Try the below links for more games, and let me know what you find. So far I have downloaded about 20 more, but have to set them up.










  5. Anyone seriously wanting to write something, simply send me your info as stated in the first post of this topic and we can get you setup as a writer.


    *Current TSM writers, you can write on whatever you want, as you know, just let others in the TSM Writer folder know. Several views on things I think would be interesting to read.

  6. I found a neat add-on for the forums called IPbArcade and allows board users to play the arcade games in it. It records high scores to your board name, etc. It looks pretty neat and has the games we all grew up with such as pong, and Atari games and more. Just wondering who else thinks it would be worth the addition? There is also a Casio and poker type add-on for it as well, I would assume it uses your post counts or something for $$$$s




    *TSM is not responsible for lost wages or work hours due to game playing…