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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about Mics and such spending any money. Some which come with your computer are ok and will work. I would test it out before you spend any money on a new one... Simple way to test it out, is the below (assuming you are running WindowsXP home or Professional.

    Click START > RUN > type in "sndrec32" and hit "OK"

    This is Windows sound recorder, which i originally remember in Windows 95. Simply hit the record button (provided you think you have a mic already) and try talking, far from the mike, close, etc to find what works best, then hit play to listen to your self. The most common problem is clicks and wisp’s which I have found a simple paper towel draped in front of your Mic works pretty well.

    Topics, time can only tell what it will be on and in the past Dangerous A had no problem getting topics as he had numerous people recommend things they would like to hear about.


    I like listening to really anyone, provided they prove their points well and such. What a turn is off is someone which simple says things without proof, or anything to back it up (complainers without a spine). Even though I may not agree with a certain political or religious figure, if they make valid and well supported points, I still enjoy listening. Now religious and political issues, will probably not be topics of choice on the show for obvious reasons, but who knows.

  2. I don't think there are too many categories, it does leave some room to be filled in by writers and also allows us to expand in the number of articles and not be so cluttered. I.E Weekly DVD reviews and releases would swap out maybe an article about music, which was 2 weeks ago, but still a very good article.

    The gravel pit is a place for anything which doesn’t fit a category…  or just the writers writing about whatever they want no real form, rhyme or reason.

  3. As part of many things moving on this site, the "Danger Zone" will be making a comeback!

    Just as the main site now has many writers in many different categories, the Danger Zone will be back discussing topics from wrestling to pop culture, just as the main site and forums do. DangerousA dedicated many hours in the shows he did on wrestling, which the show couldn't have been possible without him. (Thanks DangerousA) Nice Guy Adam will be heading up v2 of the Danger Zone which will be discussing many topics. The way the show will work, is a few people will have segments on different topics which Nice Guy Adam will be the DJ of it, cutting and splicing the segments recorded by the other people involved, making the pieces (10+ minutes) in to a whole to form a 30-60 minute weekly show.

    Topics will be from any aspect of TSM. Wrestling, of course, but any sport, current events, pop culture (TV, Movies, Music, Comics, etc), or even Food. It could be anything! The point of this being, The DangerZone v2 will have something for everyone. Everyone can find an aspect of it that they can enjoy. You will either beable to download the whole show or stream it as before so you can fast forward to your favorite part.

    Its like McDonalds, they focus on Hamburgers, but hey, they have Chicken, they have Fish, salads, everything!

    they've made the menu into one where someone can walk in and find something that they are interested in

    thats what this DangerZone should be like.

    - Nice Guy Adam


    To help out and have your own spot on the show you will need to have the following as requirements.

    1. A microphone with decent recording quality and the knowledge of how to record yourself. (I know of several decent free software programs for editing and splicing, but you must be somewhat computer literate).

    2. High-speed internet is recommended, as you will be uploading your segments to a server and they will be over 1 meg a minute. Dialup will just take an hour or more.

    3. You have to have a decent voice… Obviously a monotone voice, which sounds like you are about to fall asleep or had too much to drink last night won't cut it.


    If you are interested please contact Nice Guy Adam via PM on the board, by CLICKING HERE, to send him a PM.

    Please include what you would be interested in discussing on the show and if you have any sound clips already as references.

  4. I am testing out a new little feature which seems pretty cool. basically all of you that are either writers or have your own websites can use the following tool, to make your website display articles from TSM!



    By Clicking the above link, you can create the code to add to your website to post the latest articles on your website.


    Comments? Questions? Let me know.

  5. Ok, new page now has a rating system on all articles and tracks publicly how many times the article has been viewed. Also, all the writers who have signed up so far, have been moved to “TSM Writers” group on the forums and you all should see a new section in “Forums Stuff” dedicated to you guys so you can all discuss amongst yourselves what you are planning on writing and such. In there, provided all the writers agree with it, I would like to post the writers staff list with contact info and such. If you can’t see the folder or if you are having any other issues, let me know.

    From now on I will be posting info in there. This topic will remain for more public feedback.


    Thanks everyone’s support!

  6. I am still trying out many companies for advertising as a way to help support the sites cost. The default skin is the only one, I believe with ads. :) For now that’s a solution. I may be able to create a DIV and set a static size to prevent that.

  7. I agree to folder specific mods as well. Its makes more sense, as everyone specializes in certain things. I may be a good technology forum mod, but that doesn't mean I can pop in the WWE folder and be mod. :) Oh, what kaos that would create...

  8. The site has launched, its looking ok, we just need to get a designer behind it now. We got a lot of writers and I hope that side of things work out. There are still a few of you which I need to setup in the system, but besides that, everyone else with an account is ready to write. :)


    *Still accepting applications, as I don't think we can have too many writers.

  9. Maybe creating a sub folder of WWE called "Quality" or something fancy, which has requirements such as intelligence, knowledge on the topic and like a 100 or 200+ word reply to post, none of this....



    "You suck, This guy rocks and could kill anyone..."


    type stuff. :)


    Obviously it would also be HEAVILY mod’d and if it doesn't fit, the topic will be moved back to WWE or trashed.

  10. Yes, sorry I am back in town after the New Year and back working on possibilities and such.


    I am still gathering the web designers out there, if anyone else can design for the new site. If no one has any objections, I say we consider it launched, change the old site to the new, and old topics and articles will be moved over mainly all into the wrestling category. Overtime, the sites design and look will change as it builds momentum, but I figured since it’s meant for reading and such the current sites look and navigation should be sufficient, besides a logo up top. Agree? or Disagree?


    The old sites categories will merge into the new sites categories as listed below. *adjustments may still be made


    News, TV Reports, Commentaries, Tape Reviews all will go into Wrestling on the new site...


    Pop Culture Will all will be dumped into Entertainment, or possibly movies?


    CrossFace will be dumped into wrestling and some articles may be dumped into sports or their appropriate category.