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  1. "Clicksor" was just added today, so I doubt its the cause. If you are still having problems, I would say its either the GoogleAds, which I don't think are causing it. I have not problems, with it, on any of the skins. However if you are seeing the 403 error, then thats your computer blocking the google ads, which is fine, but may be causing your own problem.

  2. I prefer IBM's drives; they tend to have a 3-5yr warranty, nice speeds, and cache. This server use to run off two 80 GB drives in a raid. I would also recommend getting the extra PCI-SATA card for the little extra cost, you should notice a difference. PM me if you have other questions. :) Nice to see you around.

  3. Spy Bot S&F and ad-aware is must haves. FireFox v1.5 is out so make sure you have that. I would set firefox as your default browser. Changing defult browsers will tell if its on your PC too. If it continues to pop stuff up, then its a bit worse.

    Also, when using spybot and ad aware, make sure you do the updates, reboot, hit F8 when computer is booting up BEFORE you see the windows XP Screen. and choose safemode. and do the scan in safemode, so that it can get rid of anything thats normally active in a normal boot.

  4. When you edit your post, its set to give you the option to "tell the world"... :)


    Merge member's concurrent posts

    When a member posts twice within n minutes, once after the other in a topic they will be merged into one post. Enter the number of minutes to capture concurrent posts.

    Is re-enabled @ 3 minutes. How is that? or is 1-2 better? I know some topics are rather quick, and don't want to merge the topic into grouped by posters.

  5. Ok, well the upgrade went pretty smoothly after doing a test with our very large database.

    However it seems that the blogs button in the top right isn't there, and there are a few other issues in the background currently still to be resolved.

    Skins aside from the v2.1 skin, may have problems as well. Try using the v2.1 skin to correct these, until the skins are updated.


    Mike - TSM Owner & Server Manager