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  1. The Kid

    Sensational Sherri passes away

    Wow, Sherri was always one of my very favourites. Such a shame for another member of the wrestling community pass away at a young age. RIP Sherri God Bless.
  2. The Kid

    Question About A Quote

    "WRESTLING.... In Canada, it's a Tradition... in Mexico, it's a Religion.... in Japan, it's a Sport... in America.... It's a Joke" Does anyone have a clue who this quote can be attributed to? I'm trying to finish up a report on professional wrestling and that quote would work perfectly. I've looked a lot of places and can't seem to find the origin. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. The Kid

    Kurt Angle agent releases statement

    TNA baby!
  4. This is the sort of thing that will make me watch wrestling again.
  5. The Kid

    4 years?!?!

    Wow...I've been here forever and a day.
  6. You've got nothing on that guy that asked Batista to marry him.
  7. The Kid

    Harry Smith signs with WWE

    Yes, Jack was dating Andrea Hart...or was engaged to her, still might be, I'm not sure. TJ Wilson has been dating Nattie Neidhart for years.
  8. The Kid

    Harry Smith signs with WWE

    Touche, well...he deserves the fame and money.
  9. The Kid

    Harry Smith signs with WWE

    Harry is an incredible talent, if anyone should be in WWE, it's him.
  10. The Kid

    Bret vs HBK vs Flair vs Austin

    As workers: 1. Bret 2. HBK 3. Austin 4. Flair As talkers: 1. Flair 2. HBK 3. Austin 4. Bret Overall: 1. Bret 2. HBK 3. Austin 4. Flair ...I'll think of the matches later, I'm tired and kinda drunk, so give me time.
  11. I meant to the original poster obviously. Har har.
  12. The real question is why does it matter?
  13. "We're going to use the buddy system, watch your buddy piss into the cup."