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  1. redbaron29

    Bash at the Beach 2000

    Where is the new one?
  2. redbaron29

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    Actually redbaron51 and I had a contest on this board years ago to change my name. After a huge contest we decided to keep our names.
  3. redbaron29


    CULT OF DAVE!!!!
  4. redbaron29

    Breaking News: The Tombstone is up

    Kelly Kelly is dunk!
  5. redbaron29

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    For some reason this picture reminds me of the last scene in fight club. I am Jack's no selling.
  6. Rob was asked in a interview recently if he would do a reunion show @ the arena. He said if it was run by Todd he'd say "good luck". If ran by Paul E he'd say "let's do lunch"
  7. redbaron29

    Ted Kennedy has malignant brain tumor

    I wish nothing bad on anyone, but Ted Kennedy is anything BUT a poor guy. That being said I wish him the best.
  8. redbaron29

    Worst indy show you've been to

    At a local Armory where there were literally 8 people for the show. The ring broke every match and the guys in the ring pretty much broke Kayfabe and where just like, fuck it lets go. There main event was Chris Chetti who refused to wrestle because the ring was to dirty.
  9. redbaron29

    Sherri Martel Passes Away

    Holy Shit! She wasn't that old. Wonder what Smackdown will do in regards to the ten bell thing they got planned for Vince. Do you splash a screen @ the beginning to RIP Sherri only to show the beginning of Smackdown with the ten bell angle? You really cant take a high road on this one (after all you faked a fucking death)
  10. redbaron29

    The 2007 Stanley Cup Finals

    Very disappointed in these two teams making it to the finals. Neither team really impresses me. Skill wise I think the ducks probably have the advantage, however I do think some of the refs and the league in general has hard-ons for Canadian teams. I also heard a statistic that ever since the Stanley cup inception in every year ending in "7" the Cup has been one by either a Canadian team or Detroit. As much as I think they are the inferior team, I will predict Ottawa in 6.
  11. redbaron29


    my prediction stays as it was before. Buffalo out of the east in 5 Detroit out of the west in 6
  12. redbaron29

    Angle named in federal steroid sting

    -If your WWE you simply say that he no longer works for this company due to your implementation of the "wellness program". -If your TNA you simply say that the transgression was prior to working with the company. Simple, easy, both company's give the run around, and it's left with Angle to explain his own actions.
  13. redbaron29

    NHL Thread

    Buffalo in the east....Wings out of the west
  14. redbaron29

    Hitting A Deer With Your Car

    I also had this happen five or six times. Had a Delta 88 that my friends dubbed "the Deer Killa" Hit Many deer in it and never got a single dent every (just lots of deer hair in the cracks, a couple scraches) minor things. My friends eventually put a skull with antlers to the grill of the car. Ive had other cars since then where I hardly touch the deer and it destroy's the car. I had a deer bump his head off my ford escort and did 300 dollars of damage.