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  1. BHK

    WWE RAW 6/8

    People moved to another site. The Real TSM. http://tsm.thelevel-x.net/
  2. BHK

    WWE Extreme Rules

    Kofi retained. That's it, I think.
  3. BHK

    No Raw Thread????

    Raw was taped earlier today in London. There were spoilers. That's the primary reason why there was no thread, I imagine.
  4. BHK

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    Has triple H now main evented the most Wrestlemanias? He's certainly had the most world title matches at one by now (I count 8)
  5. BHK

    WWE No Way Out 2009

    Elaborate please? ..the champion being eliminated first. Oh. I thought it was more elaborate that.
  6. BHK

    WWE No Way Out 2009

    Elaborate please?
  7. BHK

    WWE No Way Out 2009

    Could hardy possibly run the gauntlet one at a time?
  8. BHK

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Yes, it is. I hope they're now doing all future PPVs in both Blu-Ray and DVD.
  9. BHK

    X-MEN Cartoon on DVD, finally

    April 14th. http://www.amazon.com/o/ASIN/B001OD8E2I
  10. BHK

    WWE Raw - January 26, 2009

    I like it though. It gives more legitimacy to the angle.
  11. BHK

    WWE General Discussion - January 2009

    Are you counting the ECW Title? No. I'm not. Although I can understand why some people would.
  12. BHK

    WWE General Discussion - January 2009

    Is Kane the only notable long term person left in the company that hasn't gotten a world title reign that deserves one? I mean a real title reign. Not the one day reign back in 1998. Incidentally I attended that PPV.
  13. BHK

    Royal Rumble 2009

    Final 4: Triple H, Orton, HBK, JBL (Jericho if JBL isn't in the match)
  14. BHK

    Royal Rumble 2009

    I didn't count but that REALLY didn't seem like 90 between Kahli and Kozlov. It seems like they did it just for the spot.
  15. BHK

    Royal Rumble 2009

    How many people in the ring before we get an elimination?