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  1. hitman82

    Wrestling DVDs

    One more has sold.
  2. hitman82

    Wrestling DVDs

    these are still available.
  3. hitman82

    Wrestling DVDs

    3 more have sold.
  4. hitman82

    Wrestling DVDs

    2 more have sold.
  5. hitman82

    Wrestling Observers

  6. hitman82

    Wrestling Observers

    lowered priced.
  7. hitman82

    Wrestling DVDs

    Larvae restrictions have finally been removed. I have removed which DVDs have been sold from my orginal post. PM's should now be working.
  8. hitman82

    Google Chrome

    I'm sticking with Firefox until Adblock works with Chrome.
  9. hitman82

    Gas Price Check...

    according to the news gas prices will be dropping tomorrow.
  10. hitman82

    The Things That Anger You Thread.

    Impatient people!
  11. hitman82

    NHL Offseason Thread

    Montreal is no longer pursuing Mats Sundin.
  12. hitman82

    TSM Town Hall: Elimination Chamber

    1. What was your favorite EC match? First one. 2. What was your favorite spot from an EC match? None that stand out. 3. What spot have you thought of that would be great in the EC? No sure, but I would have a Tag Team Elimination Chamber. 4. Should this match be done less often, more often, or as is? Once a year. 5. Should the match be reserved for title matches/contender matches? Title matches only.
  13. hitman82

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    Anybody have Jericho/Michaels from Unforgiven?
  14. hitman82

    2008-09 NHL Preseason

    1. Who will win the Hart Trophy? Ovechkin 2. Who will win the Vezina Trophy? Nabokov 3. Who will win the Calder Trophy? Stamkos 4. Who will win the Art Ross Trophy? Crosby 5. Who will win the Richard Trophy? Ovechkin 6. What team had the best offseason? Chicago 7. What team had the worst offseason? Atlanta 8. Which team will be the most improved over last year? Tampa 9. Which team will be the biggest disappointment? New Jersey 10. What was the best offseason move? Jokinen to Phoenix 11. What was the worst offseason move? Jeff Finger 12. Who will make the playoffs that didn't last year? Edmonton 13. Who will not make the playoffs that did last year? New Jersey 14. Who would make your All-NHL first team? Crosby/Ovechkin/Malkin/Lidstrom/Campbell/Nabokov 15. Who will be the division winners? Detroit/Edmonton/San Jose/Montreal/Washington/Philadelphia 16. Eastern Conference Final: Philadelphia 17. Western Conference Final: San Jose 18. Stanley Cup Final (and winner): San Jose 19. Who will win the Conn Smythe Trophy? Nabokov 20. Make one bold prediction. Jason Blake will lead to the Maple Leafs in scoring.
  15. hitman82

    NHL Offseason Thread

    It looks like Radulov will play one year in Russia with Salavet Ufa for $4 million and return next season to play out the final year of his contract with the Nashville Predators and will likely get a rich extension once that contract is up.