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  1. Yes - It does go in cycles - Sebia currently has very promising young players emerging but who knows how many will make the next step? It's irrelevant in terms of euro club competition anyway these days, they'll all be gone west by 20-21 yrs old at the most if they're good enough.


    I've found the UEFA Cup to be pretty entertaining this year.

  2. Phil Thompson really pisses me off sometimes - 'IT'S WHERE THE MAJIC HAPPENS!'! Fuck off you boring big nose professional scouse twat. God i hate the modern CL - a big horrible cash cow that nobody can afford to not feed off. No need to worry though, you big clubs only need to finish 3rd or 4th domestically to qualify - as long as you're from England, Spain or Italy. We don't want any eastern european sides ruining our super grand slam euro giant wankfest matchups. UEFA Cup is completely fucked and has been for a long while - Villa waving the white flag the other week because it's worth endless millions more to them to finish 4th in the league was so depressing. Even worse, thanks to bloody sky, is the fact that the same logic applies to teams struggling at the bottom. The bottom of that particular barrel was scraped last year when that ginger cunt Megson put out a reserve side for Bolton. Gary fucking Megson telling the UEFA cup to kiss his arse, what a horrible moment.


    Yeah everybody knows all this already, i apologise. Just pisses me off that i might not see another side that has it's own national style or personality in it's play that's good enough to go up against the richest teams - Think Red Star Belgrade, Ajax and Dinamo Kiev in the early, mid and late 90's respectively.

  3. Don't you think Howard will grab a few goals in League one?


    He should do, we actually have wingers this season. He'll have to break into a slight trot at some point to get on the end of something though.



  4. I played my mate at PES 2008 the other day and tbh i still slightly prefer it to fifa. I just think it allows and rewards a better, more incisive passing game.


    Online play is wank though, and I think the passing is a bit too incisive and accurate at times. Its a good game, but each game has their flaws.


    Yeah, the online shambles was unforgiveable really. Good fun in normal 2 player though. At least fifa is improving, pes 5 was better than the last two games! Still, i hope they'll get more things right this time.

  5. Can't wait for this! I'd also like a bit more pace to it and maybe some tweaks to defending. Definately up for an online game when it comes out. The Be a Pro mode could, if done well, be this game's best feature for me.

  6. The mass exodus has begun....


    Hume to Barnsley

    Stearman to Wolves

    McCauley to Ipswich


    Mattock supposed to be off to Everton.


    Howard, Oakley and Clemence might be next. Barry Hayles we may be stuck with.

  7. A Bristol City win would do nicely.


    It's so fucking tight down there. We have the best goal difference of the sides in trouble at least. Sheff Utd away on saturday, never do that well there and Hendrie can't play.

  8. We had a new look team out yesterday and should have won by more by all accounts. Howard and Hume can be the big man/little man combo up front and for the first time in 3-4 years we have a proper midfield with REAL PROPER WINGERS in the Hungarian pair we've got on loan. Add Oakley in the middle and it looks promising. Couple of tough games coming up against Norwich and Palace but feeling more optimistic.


    Stupid boy, should have known better. We have Scunthorpe, Colchester and Sheff Wed at home but we'll probably manage about 2 points out of that knowing us. It's been coming for a few seasons now and at least if it does happen it'll be richly deserved.