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  1. algrim

    Kinds of matches you wish they'd bring back

    I miss the Iron Man matches, as well as Wargames.
  2. algrim

    Royal Rumble 2009

    I agree. Summerslam used to be proclaimed as the 2nd biggest PPV WWE has, but I feel it has lost some (if not all) of its luster, looking at the recent cards.
  3. algrim

    Final Crisis

    Part of me is still disappointed that Darkseid wasn't a part of Infinite Crisis. I guess they thought that he didn't fit in the story. Oh well.
  4. algrim

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    It's a real shame the Rock DVD set won't include his triple threat match against Angle and Taker at Vengeance '02. It was a real good match.
  5. algrim

    Lashley out with shoulder injury

    Didn't see it anywhere, so I thought you should know. How will this change the matches at Summerslam, I wonder?
  6. WWE.com reported Bobby Lashley suffered a torn rotator cuff in his Raw match with Mr. Kennedy. It's pretty clear that was the story of the match, so either he had suffered the injury over the past week and worked the match on RAW to explain it, or it's a late angle to cover for plans changing.
  7. algrim

    OAO Great American Bash Thread

    Looking at the GAB page, I've noticed that Vince added a CW Open for the title. It hs Chavo, Jaime Knoble, Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang on the picture.
  8. I'm saddened by the passing of thie man, this ICON in the eyes of many. His passion could often be seen and it would have the capacity to draw you in. He will be missed. R.I.P.
  9. algrim

    OAO Vengeance PPV Thread

    You guys might want to add a prediction formthe open challenge issued by Deucem and Domino for the WWE Tag Team Titles.
  10. algrim

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    I'm guessing the Wrestlemania MITB matches will also be included.
  11. algrim

    Marvel's Civil War

    By reading the latest Marvel Previews, everybody is thinking that Cap might be the one dying in battle with Tony. Quesada mentioned in his weekly Newsarama column that this won't be the case. A likely guess would be that Stark dies and somebody else (maybe Jim Rhodes) ends up wearing the armor.
  12. algrim

    Marvel's Civil War

    Source:Newsarama.com Bummer
  13. algrim

    Marvel's Civil War

    Dr. Faustus is an old enemy of Captain America, that relies on head games or using pawns. I was under the impression that Nomad blew his brains out.
  14. I just hope that he doesn't give Benoit a new gimmick when he comes back.