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  1. Pegasus Kid

    Leena's Victory Celebration.

    Who's Leena?
  2. Pegasus Kid

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    Apparently the CE sold out last night or early this morning.
  3. Pegasus Kid

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    For the people that are planning to pick this game up. Amazon.ca just put Street Fighter IV up for pre-order at $59.99 and $79.99 respectively. This is both $10 cheaper than any stores in Canada. Use the promotional code MAPNEWNCSAVE and get $10 off the Amazon.ca price. Shipping on the order is free since the order is over $40. You can only use the code once though. Not sure if this works for Amazon.com users. Also, if you use X-BOX Live or Playstation Network, please leave your name in this thread. This applies if you either play Super Turbo HD Remix or you plan to get Street Fighter IV. PSN = NagataLockII
  4. Pegasus Kid

    the most offensive two word combination

    I'm pregnant
  5. Pegasus Kid

    Pictures I Like

  6. Pegasus Kid

    2008 G1 Climax thread

    I watched 08/16 as it's linked from DVDVR. I hated all of it. WHatever didn't suck was underwhelming. The tag match, which I had serious hopes for turned out to be such a masterbation piece I don't know how anyone could have enjoyed it. Let's not forget the botched spots either. This is what happens when I randomly watch Puro.
  7. Pegasus Kid

    How many old timers are still around?

    I never bothered to get with the times and get on the whole DVD kick. Obsolete FTW I'm glad I got out of tape/DVD buying before this wave of streaming video. How the hell do any of the old tape dealers make money anymore?
  8. Pegasus Kid

    How many old timers are still around?

    Been around since before "faggot knee to the head" which was way before this version of the board. I think my membership number should tell the tale.
  9. Pegasus Kid

    The Youtube thread

  10. Pegasus Kid

    Well, look who came crawling back..

    Needs Jay Bower. I thought Sean Shannon had a nervous breakdown or something.
  11. Pegasus Kid

    Box Office Report...

    I called the massive drop in SATC last week. 65% is right where I figured that movie would end up after all the hardcore fans got their fix.
  12. Pegasus Kid

    Box Office Report...

    I'd beg to differ. I think that the audience that wanted to see this did so already (and in droves no less). All of my girl friends were pumped for this movie and made sure to see it the opening weekend out of fear their other girl friends would spoil it. I expect a massive drop next weekend (60%). They'll make a ton of money when the DVD/Blu-Ray hits but the bulk of it's done for now.
  13. Pegasus Kid

    Pictures I Like

    The Life Of Batista (in MS paint)
  14. Pegasus Kid

    WWE's Stock Music

    I was really impressed with the stock music used in the Orton vs HHH promo at Judgement Day. WWE's got a few pieces of stock music that I'd love to grab but haven't got a clue where to start looking. Can anyone lend any insight on this one? It'd be greatly appreciated.
  15. Pegasus Kid

    Pictures I Like