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    Add this to the never ending theories about Lost, but I have one for this. I think Jacob has visited everyone who has ever come to the island (Well, maybe not everyone, but the significant ones and then they probably brought some insignificant people along with them). When the man in black asks Jacob who were the people in the ship they saw off the coast and how they found the island, he answered himself saying it was Jacob who brought them here. Then he talks about how they'll do the same as everyone, come, fight, corrupt, destroy. Jacob declares this as progress and that it only "ends" once. What I think is happening here is that Jacob has brought all these people to the island, the black rock, the Dharma Initiative, Desmond, other possibly castaways and most importantly the Oceanic flight 815 survivors. He brings them to the island by visiting them at very significant points of their lives, and influencing there fate to come to the island. The only difference with the Oceanic 815 guys is that everyone before them that he has brought to the island was progress, but these castaways are going the lead the "end" that he talks about. I am also thinking that Not!Locke is like Ghost Christian. The real Locke and Christian are dead, but Not!Locke and Ghost Christian are manifestations of the island. However, Ghost Christian speaks on behalf of Jacob and I think Not!Locke speaks or acts on behalf of the evil part of the island. Whoever the man in black was, he got to possess Locke, while Jacob got Christian.
  2. The Electrifyer

    NBA Offseason chatter

    Kinda random question here, but who was named Most Improved Player this year? I don't remember it being announced, did they can the award or something?
  3. The Electrifyer

    Pictures I Like

    ^Ummm... explaination?
  4. The Electrifyer


    Speaking of bizarre powers from the castaways... what happened to Desmond's power to see the future? He's obviously not done it for a while now, but did they ever show how those powers ended?
  5. The Electrifyer


    I think there was something shady about that dude who said some condolences to Jack and also coincidentally sat near Hurley. I'm sure he'll be sent by Whidmore or something to get on the plane with these guys and find the island.
  6. The Electrifyer


    I HATE WAITING A WEEK FOR A NEW EPISODE OF LOST. Damnit, I don't know how I'm gonna occupy myself in the next 7 days in anticipation! [/loserness]
  7. The Electrifyer

    NBA All-Star Weekend

    Give Shaq the award for having the best All Star intros ever.
  8. The Electrifyer


    Plus in the earlier season, there were some filler episodes that were horrible. It's fun now also finally getting some answers to questions.
  9. The Electrifyer


    If we're talking about favourite moments, the Penny & Desmond phone call on the freighter takes the cake for me. I don't really care for love stories in TV shows too much, but that moment turned me into a total bitch.
  10. The Electrifyer


    So all along, I thought Rousseau's crew suffered from the same sickness that the freighter's crew suffered as a result of not going to the island on the proper course. Going into smokey's lair can make them go crazy too I guess.
  11. The Electrifyer

    Pictures I Like

    This went from an homage to handicap people to a Diddy caption contest. Awesome.
  12. The Electrifyer


    I think it's reasonable to assume he was. They knew he was special so they kidnapped him, but Ms Klugh did say he failed a few tests, so I guess he didn't make it.
  13. The Electrifyer


    Yes. This bit just kills me everytime I watch it: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=ce4fc1cQI2Q
  14. The Electrifyer


    When Elle showed up, I actually thought she was Rousseau and that was her team before they went crazy.
  15. The Electrifyer

    This week in the NBA

    I'm kind of surprised to see Danny Granger there. I think he totally deserves it, but was expecting him to be overlooked for some reason.