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  1. sluggo

    Your WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW Thread - 7/13/09

    Raw was weird. Big Show was suppose to be this monster that crushes anyone smaller than him then he busted out the comedy act. Jericho running from Mark Henry? I know people bitch about the brand split and I'm the first to defend it but why the hell was Jericho on Raw in the first place? I know the tag champs can float between shows but it wasn't a title defense last night.
  2. sluggo

    WWE General Discussion - July 2009

    With Edge gone for months with a torn ACL, I wonder what happens with the tag belts
  3. sluggo

    RAW Thread 6/29/09

    ok I marked out when Henry beat Orton Yeah I know Orton was beat down already and had his ass handed to him by Swagger and Evan, but that ending was fresh.
  4. sluggo

    Friday Night Smackdown! - 6/19/09

    I take back my Morrison/Jericho MotY comment from last week Edge/Morrison = MotY
  5. sluggo

    WWE Superstars 6/11

    Morrison/Jericho = match of the year seriously
  6. sluggo

    WWE Releases Mr. Kennedy

    Killed Eddie Hurt Cena Fucked up and got hurt before his shot at the title Fucked up a chance to be Vince Jr. Made a movie and didn't wrestle a lick while promoting it Had a huge push upon his return and got fired less than a week later yep...he had a great run! With that said.... He'll be back next year
  7. sluggo

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    it's a submission match...i assume it's no DQ. So he can beat Show the same way he beat Umaga a couple of years ago. He couldn't apply the STFU correctly on Umaga so he got a rope and wrapped it around Umaga's neck while doing the STFU. Umaga passed out after a minute. Cena wins and Show never taps. I can't see their story ending at the ppv. Cena isn't near the title picture at the moment and I don't know who he would work with since NoC coming up in a few weeks. Orton has Batista, Triple H, Kennedy, and Flair already in the picture. I'm guessing they're trying to save Batsta/Cena 2 for Mania.
  8. sluggo

    The OaO Monday Night Raw Thread!

    this Raw was a waste because it was written to get the casual fan into the storyline. We all know who The Miz is we know about Big Show but tonight Cole was telling us stuff we've known for years.
  9. sluggo

    Monday Night Raw Discussion

    Big Show also used the dragon sleeper for a while until Taker took it over.
  10. sluggo

    Judgment Day 2009 Thread

    don't fall for the Punk's hometown rumor. WWE loves to kill guys in their own town. Umaga will probably squash Punk like a bug but he'll still be over. Cena even jobbed in Boston to Edge a coule of years ago.
  11. sluggo

    The OaO Raw Thread For 5/11/2009~!

    yeah Raw didn't even go into it's usual 5-15 minute overrun
  12. sluggo

    Friday Night Smackdown for May 8, 2009

    Smackdown felt like Raw promo to open the show main event at the 9pm hour and to close the show weird
  13. sluggo

    WWE SmackDown!: The OaO thread for May 1!

    I like the PPV type intro the show got
  14. sluggo

    SD! Spoilers 4-17-09

    man this show has me confused Teddy Long just told Matt Hardy he has a I Quit match with Jeff, but isn't Matt a Raw guy now? Whoa Taker worked 2 matches that night?
  15. sluggo

    WWE 2009 Draft announced

    Remember how awesome Smackdown was vs Raw back in 02-03 when the first draft happened? It's a rebirth!