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  1. sluggo

    King of the Ring 2006

    SD uses the HIAC too
  2. sluggo

    The Super pre-SNME Thread

    we have a UPN HD station here and shows HD feeds and SD feeds. Smackdown looks the same on both feeds. It's kinda ugly because the station stretches the picture to fit 16:9.
  3. sluggo

    The Super pre-SNME Thread

    SNME will not be in HD. It'll be broadcast on the digital NBC channel but nothing special.
  4. sluggo

    Dates/Locations for '06 WWE PPV's

    bout time Richmond got a PPV again.
  5. I can see the whole WM match playing out last night. HHH doesn't take Cena seriously and just beats on him during their match at Mania. Being all cocky and thinking Cena is nothing, Cena explodes and pins HHH who's in shock. I'm a Cena fan so last night was tough to watch. I rather watch Cena as champ than Pimptista any day.
  6. Shelton's Mom Charlie Haas Paul London
  7. the Angle Slam through the table was awesome. This match will be my favorite match this year. We're still only 2 months in the year and I'm sure something will blow it from our minds. I didn't like the Face/Face ending with Taker helping Angle up. It reminded me of the Eddie/Batista ending and the Jeff Hardy/Taker ladder match.
  8. Well he hasn't wrestled in a couple of weeks because of him being sick. I don't expect him to do much Tuesday. I do however want to see if I can get him to sign a bottle of Nyquil
  9. the main event for SD is Angle/Taker/Henry/Orton for the title Oh..I'm not sure if it was mentioned, but Orton had the flu or something the past couple of weeks and still hasn't got over it.
  10. sluggo

    Smackdown Spoilers for the 2/17

    Not sure if this belongs in here, but I just saw an ad for SD coming here next week and the main even is Taker vs. Angle vs. Henry vs. Orton in a 4 way for the world title. Not sure if it's the dark match or the tv main event.
  11. sluggo

    Angle's Greatest Rivalries

    Taker? Taker and Angle have never really had a big feud. They had a couple of ppv matches in 2000 that weren't in-depth feuds at all and some very good tv matches in 2002/2003, but that's about it. I remember Biketaker getting attacked by Angle backstage at a PPV which lead to Biketaker creaming Angle in the ring. Best match Angle and Show had is when the Showster was born.
  12. sluggo

    Smackdown Spoilers for the 2/17

    WWE hates my fantasy team this week.
  13. sluggo

    One and Only RAW Thread 2-13-06

    I'll have the TSN feed going tonight. WWE should stream it on their site. The ratings are going to be screwed anyway.
  14. sluggo

    A different take on WrestleMania

    Am I the only one that DOESN'T want to see HHH and Cena in the ring? It seems like 2 different eras.
  15. sluggo

    Things That Annoy Us About John Cena

    nothing at all. That kid worked his way up from fighting on Velocity with American Dragon to winning the WWE Title. Can't hate on that. Sure he doesn't have the style of Benoit, but neither did Rock
  16. look back a couple of pages.....
  17. this might be fun to listen to... http://rapidshare.de/files/12653373/Microp...20-0-4.mp3.html
  18. I believe Vince green light this try out because WWE people drop by Howard's show in the past. Then again, on the Sirius display it says "Taz and Cole" and no one calls him Michael Cole. They do plug Smackdown so eh. I've recorded the last 2 shows and probably the next 2. Since it's on Sirius, it no way to really tell how many people are listening. Tonight's show wasn't anything special. They do have a crappy slot Sunday as they will be on during the Super Bowl.
  19. Someone called up and said Cole comes off like a pussy on tv, then Cole just went off on the guy. It was very funny. Interesting note, they'll be on Monday night 8-11 vs. Raw.
  20. for those who obtain today's show will hear a very interesting call from Buh Buh Ray Dudley.
  21. it was pretty good. They went all over the board as far as topics. http://rapidshare.de/files/12432671/Taz_and_Cole_P2.mp3.html that's the rest of the hour I did manage to hear. It's just a 1 time, 4 day deal Friday and Saturday @ 8pm and Sunday @ 3pm
  22. here's a piece I managed to record http://rapidshare.de/files/12430002/Taz_and_Cole_P1.mp3.html I think anymore would be illegal Right now they're talking about Todd Pettingill
  23. Hearing Cole go on a cursing spree is funny.