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  1. this Rey/Chavo match is damn good
  2. LOL...I would strip too if I was about be jumped
  3. that was one of the best Taker promos ever
  4. it's a laugh like Jadakiss does
  5. Are you referring to his goatee? nah, he got a haircut
  6. Dupree looks....different
  7. Bashams have kick ass music
  8. sluggo

    Triple H on Fox Sports Radio Now

    He was going to be on during the 8:25-8:40 segment, but apparently he did a no show.
  9. I was getting out of my car going to work when I heard Steve Czaban was going to have Triple H on as a guest after the commercial break. Check your AM sports radio station. Might can catch it here http://www.620wdae.com/listenlive.html
  10. I wonder who's going to trick who next week....maybe Luther turns on Kurt and joins the Cabinet
  11. Rock beat Austin for the IC title by forefit
  12. Joi's music sounds like a Sega dance game
  13. what happened to Kenzo being carried to the ring?
  14. drop it like it's hot...Teddy Long has run his course...
  15. Kenzo has the beard again!
  16. why didn't Rey get counted out....ugh
  17. sluggo

    OAO New Years Revolution Thread

    Triple H vs. JBL = $
  18. sluggo

    OAO New Years Revolution Thread

    I take JBL reign over HHH's anyday and twice on Sunday. I watched this PPV and was waiting for the turn too, but what happens at the Rumble? Orton/HHH ? Batista has to strike then cause it'll be no more Raw PPVs til Mania
  19. sluggo

    SMACKDOWN! Thread

    Best. Rap.EVER
  20. sluggo

    SMACKDOWN! Thread

    Kenzo shaved!