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  1. sluggo

    OAO Smackdown Thread: 9/16/04

    lol Cole being snatched and the Happy Dance!
  2. sluggo

    OAO Smackdown Thread: 9/16/04

    lol@ the tag champ's music
  3. sluggo

    OAO Smackdown Thread: 9/16/04

    guess Luna can't be far behind
  4. sluggo

    I think everyone is in agreement....

    He said having the ramp made everyone that walked down it seem more important. He was refering how WCW's set was with the tiny ramp and the big logo. With Raw's ramp, everyone has to look up and it gave the feel like every wrestler that walked down it was special. With that said, Smackdown doesn't have that feeling when wrestlers come out like Raw does. Remember how the Brood had that entrance? You were in awe when they came down the ramp. Rey has something like that but it's old and it's not the same when he walks down the isle.
  5. sluggo

    I think everyone is in agreement....

    I'm cool with Raw's set. I'm fine with SD's theme. I just miss the ramp on Smackdown. Vince Russo explained the whole ramp issue on WCW Live once and I see he's right.
  6. sluggo

    PPV schedule for 2004 and 2005

    they should give Smackdown that PR PPV. All the high flyers are on SD. It's too many PPVS and not enough time to build for each. That's why all the storylines drag. If Kane/Hardy had a good 2-3 month build up, then people would care, but Matt already beat Kane at the last PPV so why should I put down $40 to see that match again after I just saw it a month ago. Remember way back when WWF/E Had 5 PPVs a year and each storyline was good because you was building up story over a long period of time. That's why everyone thinks the writing team sucks. They're running out of idead because every month, you need to think of something fresh which is hard to do without looking rediculous (Katie Vick, Matt/Lita/Kane)
  7. sluggo

    7/22 Smackdown Thread..

    I was wondering why there wasn't a thread. I passed time by looking at the Benoit stuff on wwe.com. So far Angle has been great with his Vince role.
  8. sluggo

    OAO Smackdown 7/15 thread

    I liked it due to Cena punking out Angle. Reminds me of Austin and McMahon.
  9. sluggo

    WWE Vengeance extra matches money pool

  10. If PPVS are still streamed in WMP, you can use WM Recorder 9. Worked great before the big price jump.
  11. sluggo

    OAO Smackdown Thread

    The Yung Dragons!
  12. sluggo

    OAO Smackdown Thread

    It's the Higher Power
  13. sluggo

    OAO Smackdown Thread

    the Mexican belt looks alot like the Women's Title with stickers on it