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  1. Diablo_Dor

    Chikara Information Required

    Thanks for the link Now about the Promotion itself, am I too late? is it better to go back to previous years or is the most recent DVD releases the best option to start?? I'm toying with buying a few dvds and I see theres a best of 2008 option available, is it a promotion that lends itself to best ofs or is it necessary to get the whole show.... I'd like some help with the promotions aesthetic, is it all comedy, or is it WWE wrestling comedy i.e. unfunny if you had to describe the promotion using WWE ROH or TNA examples (the companies I'm most familiar with) what would you use? I'm Guessing lots of Delirious in a high school, which could be sort of enjoyable but would get old quickly if it wasn't associated with some actually great wrestling; but I'd like someone knowledgeable to give me a heads up before I buy the Trios tournament and the best of 2008
  2. Diablo_Dor

    Chikara Information Required

    Ok, I've been collecting the ROH dvd releases but I've heard a lot about Chikara, though strangely that went quietwhen the trios tournament ACTUALLY happened. Could some one give me a quick guide to what is worth buying, what you need to GET to understand the company and basically as the topic describes, an idiots guide. Thanks in advance
  3. Diablo_Dor

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    If you don't count last year of course
  4. Diablo_Dor

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    MITB CM punk kickingoff
  5. Diablo_Dor

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    SO, am i the only one who still doesn't believe HHH will give Orton the clean pin fall he needs? I actually watched RAW again tonite and I thought they might be fore-shadowing the WCWification of the title match IE: Orton brings the Sledgehammer into play during a REF knock out, HHH wins WITHOUT needing to utilise said weapon, then as HHH celebrates the REF sees the sledghammer and DQ's trip. This gave HHH the WIN showed that Orton wasn't in his league but still dumps a title into raw. However the only way this would work would be if Big show won the other title, leading to HHH getting ANOTHER reign next month, and I really can't see two heels being victorious at WM. I also realised this didn't use the Mcmahons and we all know they HAVE to be involved, so maybe Vince accidently causes HHH to lose by DQ, leading to the heel turn next month?
  6. Ok so I was watching "seeing Red" last night Buffy series 6 spike Rape episode and a thought occured. With the way that Spike ends that episode should Series 7 have been Evil Spike finally becoming the Big Bad ? Now admittedly I was a total mark for the end sequence of the series 7 opener, but they never really played with the concept in the way it could have been utilised. I know Buffy ex love turning evil had been done before, but so had Vampire with a soul. I think series 7 just was a missed opportunity and I haven't been collecting series 8. Any thoughts??
  7. 1. I gave up on Greys in season 4, the characters are all annoying and unlikeable...except for George 2. She's always been a character on the show I've been able to ignore, never liked her. But now with this whole I'm a badass and crybaby at the same time deal...very very bad. 3. Glad they ignored books 2 AND 3. The TV series has gone in a much better direction on its own 4. Prison Break? Yeah, it's just getting silly now, seasons 1 and 2 were a lot of fun, time to end it before it gets Nip/Tuck bad And Now if you believe the gossip George is on his way out.... one more nail Heroes desperately needs to sit down and work out which characters make internal sense and what need to be removed EVEN if they were a part of the first season, this belief that series 1 characters need to be kept so important is killing the show Book 2 of Dexter wasn't that bad, book 3 is the drizzling shit (though I will still pick up book 4 hoping he can go back to the original excellence)
  8. Ok couple of stupid points about this season Who else is close to giving up on Grey's Anatomy?? I just wonder how much longer ghost sex can go and the desicion to push Alex makes me seriously close to saying goodbye. I take it that Amanda is currently running with Lindsay Lohans storyline on Ugly Betty as it just don't think it really works in the storyline that a bitchy co-worker would all of a suden becopme your room mate. Does anyone else think that Heroes is worringly close to making Claire Bennett into this generations Wesley Crusher?? How glad are we that Dexter has ignored the third book for this year?? Am I the only person who is gonna miss Boston Legal? William Shatner is now Denny Crane to me not James T Kirk!! Please let this be the final series of Prison Break, I don't think I could take much more and for the UK crowd Is there a more consistently funny show than Harry Hills TV Burp??
  9. Diablo_Dor

    Prison Break

    I may be completely out of the loop but isn't Wyatt the black "Super Soldier" torturing Bruce Bennett played by Miranda's husband in Grey's anatomy Cress Williams, not the generic annoying asian computer hacker. Though I loved how linc has now mellowed to Fichtner just cos they killed his son, though I truely am starting to get pissed of at how T-Bag keeps getting away with every thing, how many jobs do not at least arrange for some kind of photographic id before offering employment??
  10. Diablo_Dor

    Rated PG Superstar?

    There's only so many violent things you can do to somebody while remaining in the "Parental Guidance" section of the ratings. Personally, I want storylines that are in-depth, complex, etc.; that isn't something that targets kids. Kids programming is a lot of the same stuff we saw with Warrior & Hogan in their days at the top; good guy does the right things, smites the bad guys, poses after the squash & everybody's happy. All I'm saying is that many of the parents who think wrestling is too racy/on too late for their kids to be watching are still going to think that regardless of what programming changes the company actually makes, so catering to them is useless. It didn't work in the early 90s and they had Superstars on FOX on Saturday afternoons; how is it going to work when the earliest a kid they're actively targeting could watch wrestling is 8pm on Friday on MyNetworkTV, and if they can't find that channel/don't get it in their area (I had to fuck with the antenna every time I wanted to watch Smackdown on UPN in the old days, for example) then their options are cable/satellite shows at 9pm Monday and 10pm Tuesday? You're targeting a group you're going to have trouble winning over based on irreversible stigmas and your own programming's station & timeslot, and forsaking the 18-35 male group that decided the Monday night war, ushered in the most profitable years from a in-the-ring standpoint (WWE has several other outside investments such as DVD sales and WWE Films to inflate their overall profits in the present day), and pretty much kept your company from going under in the mid-90s. That just doesn't seem like a good business decision. If you can target everybody at once by all means do so, but to more or less turn your back on the group that's made you what you are today in favor of "targeting children", especially when targeting them is what you did at your lowest point in the last 20 years (as well as being a major reason you were in danger of going under in the first place)... In a weird way I believe they are actuaully trying to target the 18-35 bracket that was so important during the Monday Night War Hear me out: I'm 30, I am a wrestling fan since Sky started showing it, around WM6 and had to hunt through late night ITV for sindicated WCW shows, I fell out of love around 93 but got back into it around 96-97 when I started realising it was being aimed towards my age bracket. My wife sort-of enjoyed it when she was growing up but got into it when we started dating around 98, I remember we wouldn't go out on a friday night cos we watched Nitro on TNT, then taped Raw on the late repeat around 1am and watched it before going out on the Saturday night. About 2002 she grew tired of the absolute shite that was being served up and I had to start watching it alone, she slags me off constantly cos I watch Raw in about 30mins on a tuesday Morning, getting up before 6am, but I shocked her by showing the Vickie wedding a couple of days ago. Now this is a convaluted way of telling you I have a 4yr old daughter and a 8month old son, the WWE are trying to tell me it will be alright to allow my kids to watch the show, as by being PG they won't be shown anything inappropriate so they are trying to get the next generation of the fans who stayed after the Monday night Wars. If I let my girl watch Dr Who, or even Kung Fu Panda, is a PG WWE really much different?? (Ps I don't believe I will let her watch it, but that is because of the writing not the rating)
  11. Diablo_Dor

    Dr Horrible

    I don't see anything about this on the Forum, so go here http://www.drhorrible.com/ then go back on the 15th, 17th & 19th. Nathan Fillion Neil Patrick Harris Joss Whedon it's a musical what else is needed?? Oh then come back and talk about it here cos thats what we do.
  12. Diablo_Dor

    Random Thoughts

    Actually hasn't this last year been the most financially successful? I can't quite work out what specifically you are complaining about, Cena & HHH are trying to find out who is the better wrestler, that is the most basic storyline going, I'd even have the first match be HHH winning via small package or a roll-up (with or without ropes either works) giving them each a victory setting up Summerslam to be a violent end to the feud over who is TRUELY the better. Also "Undead Super-powered Undertaker" comes back every now and then but really who cares its shit. What we need is some change in the top of the card, I'd love them to go with a Friday Night Lights Matt Saracen storyline, where they push someone new and allow they're friends, and possibly family, come along for the ride Without turning Heel automatically E.g. have Spanky or London get a few "Fluke" wins leading to a title shot, bringing the OTHER with them. I can't think of any other teams who could work but It's something Different
  13. Diablo_Dor

    One Night Stand Roundtable

    I thought, and still believe that TNA could be described in a variation of that old cliche: Lions led by lambs i.e lions led by fuckwits were by the matches Ultimate X, terror dome and hell even the JOE vs Angle match are at least SOMETHING DIFFERENT but you can't blame the wrestlers for the awful, awful booking. the matches themselves have at least been some interesting attempts at revolutionising the industry, I just find "first blood" to be a cop-out, and stretcher & LMS to be too full of unbelieveable, crowd killing, rest periods... Am I wrong??
  14. Diablo_Dor

    One Night Stand Roundtable

    Am I the only one who wishes they would hurry up and update the gimmick mathes? I really hate the first Blood stipulation, I believe a "blood First" would be a better option Ie pinfall only but ONLY when each man is bleeding, that way you could have the heel make the face bleed early but not be beatable until the face makes the heel finally bleed. I just think that the last few years of the WWE have been reliving past glories and itstime to make a new generation able to call matches they're own, kind of like how Hell in a Cell and TLC are older matches. I jut wish this was the PPV were the opportunity to take a chance, hell the last "original" match is the elimination chamber at 5-odd years old.
  15. Diablo_Dor

    Random Thoughts 3-27-08 to 5-28-08

    I've never understood how they seem to pick the worst possible matches for this, the fact that the show can now be finished in about 25mins under Sky+ ff is indicative to how mind numbingly bad the shows are. The from the vault is an opportunity to promote th best of WWF/WWE instead they show matches that end in a Fecking DQ or involve Hardcore Holly!!!