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  1. UZI Suicide

    Spring Training 2009

  2. UZI Suicide

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Terrell Owens is a dumbass. I wonder if he will realize how good he had it in Dallas when he's in the freezing cold in Buffalo trying to catch passes from Trent Edwards. I sense another "accidental overdose" on the horizon.
  3. UZI Suicide

    NBA: Is Pushing Stars Over Teams Right?

    You can hype the star players, just don't do it every chance you get when covering the league. Don't throw their accomplishments at me everytime you mention the NBA. I prefer that the games be on and then the games reported on. You can report on the players, just don't act like 2 or 3 are the greatest thing ever and everyone else is just playing second fiddle to them in the league. That's what a lot of the hype feels like to me. "Well anything Kobe and Lebron does is infinitely more important than anything the rest of these bums do." Also stupid nicknames like "Bron Bron" really drive me over the edge when I'm already tired of hearing about how Lebron James is the best player ever, despite the fact the Cavs aren't playing on that night. That's what I want. Not to have them shoved in my face anytime anything relating to the NBA is mentioned. The lead story for any NBA telecast or game night is whatever these two did. Even if someone else scores 50 and looks amazing it's "OMG~! Lebron lost and scored 23 points. Story at 11!" This is all ridiculous hyperbole. Not one single media member has ever actually said any of this. What the fuck is wrong with you?
  4. UZI Suicide

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    Uh oh. I hope he isn't at home "taking care" of his sick wife and children. EDIT: Damn, didn't realize someone already made a Benoit joke. I should read the entire page of posts next time.
  5. UZI Suicide


    The much-hyped Walt appearance was a dud. Jesus, why are they not doing anything with this kid? They have a perfect explanation for him looking so old now. Get his ass back on there and explain all the shit he did in the first season.
  6. UZI Suicide


    So that is him? I saw the commercial the other day and I could have SWORN it was him. I tried to rewind it on my TV but I accidently changed the channel, so when I changed it back I couldn't rewind anymore. He looks a lot different, but you can still tell it's him.
  7. UZI Suicide

    Chris Brown

    He might be able to enjoy modest success if he gets a hit single out, but he's never going to be as popular as he already was/was going to be. There's just no way the mainstream media will accept him after this.
  8. UZI Suicide


    I think that Locke will not rise from the dead (at least not next week). They never give that much away and it looked way to obvious, so I think this is swerve city. No rising from the dead for Locke. I would believe that if it wasn't for the fact that they showed him apparently on the island, talking to the air marshall and saying how he remembered dying. If they can show THAT and have it somehow end up being a swerve where he is still dead, I'll be impressed. I think so too. Air Marshall, arabian guy and a few others. Maybe they all end up with Locke somewhere else on the island he becomes the de facto leader of the group. Would explain the scene in the preview that shows him talking to the air marshall.
  9. UZI Suicide


    I was thinking that too. That whole scene, really. "They came up with a series of equations that tell us where the island will be at a given time". Oh really? That's it? Just some random equations? No explanation about what they are, how they came up with them, etc. If it's true that this episode and next week's were considered "interchangeable" and Carlton Cuse decided he wanted '316' to air first, I think it was a mistake. Given all the unexplained shit that happened here, it would make sense that first we see how Locke got off the island, and then we see how the rest got back. Of course, if it ends up that he isn't really dead, then maybe it does make more sense this way.
  10. UZI Suicide

    WWE SmackDown - February 20, 2009

    Giving away Matt vs. Jeff already on free TV? Brilliant.
  11. UZI Suicide


    LOST has too many characters. Where the hell are Rose and Bernard and the rest of the people on the island?
  12. UZI Suicide

    Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003

    Never doubt Jose Canseco.
  13. UZI Suicide

    This week in the NBA

    The Lakers just acquired the next Larry Bird. This is almost as big as getting Pau Gasol last year.
  14. UZI Suicide

    This week in the NBA

    The Lakers just acquired the next Larry Bird. This is almost as big as getting Pau Gasol last year.
  15. UZI Suicide

    WWE SmackDown - February 6, 2009

    So no Jeff Hardy on the two Smackdown's following the Royal Rumble? That's a bit odd.