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    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 11

    THURSDAY Virginia Tech TCU SATURDAY Ohio State Georgia Tech Colorado Kansas Alabama Penn State Wake Forest N.C. State West Virginia Texas Tech USC Notre Dame Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Oklahoma State/Texas Tech game? 71 Tiebreak #2: How many rushing yards will Iowa's Shonn Greene have against Penn State? 89
  2. UZI Suicide

    kkk Bowl VI: Week 10

  3. UZI Suicide

    Campaign 2008

    It's not official yet but it's looking like Prop 8 will pass.
  4. UZI Suicide

    Campaign 2008

    Game, blouses.
  5. UZI Suicide

    Campaign 2008

    Fox News calls Ohio for Obama.
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    kkk Bowl: Week 9

    Buffalo Chicago Jacksonville Cleveland Tampa Bay Minnesota Arizona Tennessee Denver Dallas Atlanta Philadelphia New England Pittsburgh Seattle - 17
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    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 10

    THURSDAY South Florida SATURDAY Michigan State Purdue Central Michigan Miami West Virginia Mississippi Texas A&M Pittsburgh Florida Iowa Florida State Oregon Texas Tech Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Texas/Texas Tech game? 69 Tiebreak #2: How many rushing yards will Connecticut's Donald Brown have against West Virginia? 115
  8. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    See, I think the riff on Slither is awesome. It's catchy as fuck, the kind of riff I could listen to over and over without tiring, but the lyrics make no fucking sense. I find that to be the case for many of Velvet Revolver's songs, while I find it to be the opposite for many of the NuGNR songs (some decent songwriting, structure, but the musicianship just isn't there). I shouldn't have bought into the hype. If Bach says something is good, that means it probably sucks. If he says it's great, it's probably average. He says its amazing, then it's probably just good. But he made it sound like the mind blowing, earth-shattering song ever so I was at least expecting a good-to-great song. I just don't like it though.
  9. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    Yeah, I guess that really wasn't too hard to explain.
  10. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    Catcher isn't the same. Brian May's guitar solo has been replaced with a shitty one by one of other guitarists. "The Blues" now has guitar in the beginning of the song, somewhat like it had on the 2002 tour, but also...not really like it all. Hard to explain. I think "Scraped" is decent enough, a little better than Rhiad but not as good as Better on the scale of NuGNR rockers. "Sorry" is an appropriate title since the song fucking sucks. I got all hyped after hearing Sebastian Bach describe it, but it's really awful. "This I Love" is a good ballad. Compared to past GNR ballads, it is definitely no Estranged or November Rain, it's probably a few notches below Don't Cry.
  11. UZI Suicide

    Campaign 2008

    What's the deal with this 30 minute timeslot that Barack Obama bought for tonight? Anyone have any idea what exactly he plans to do? I have a feeling if he just sits there in front of an american flag and talks for the entire half hour it could end up backfiring.
  12. UZI Suicide

    Campaign 2008

    Here in Los Angeles, if McCain wins, I expect a bunch of black people to riot, loot stores, turn over cars and light shit on fire. If Obama wins, I expect a bunch of black people to riot, loot stores, turn over cars and light shit on fire.
  13. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    And you've heard the final mix? The version that is going to be on the album? Or are you talking about the one that leaked? Because if you are, that isn't a very good song. I think most people who are creaming over the leaks even admit that it blows.
  14. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    This is just so stupid. So so so stupid. I mean, I don't know where we can really go from here. You would obviously rather listen to shitty guitarists like Robin Finck and Bumblefoot, so I think this part of the discussion is pretty much over. Please enlighten me on what makes Axl's new songs SO much better than Velvet Revolver. I realize you think they are mind-blowing, earth shattering stuff, but please understand that the only people who really think that are you and posters on MyGNRForum. I don't particularly like Fall to Pieces either, but I was just talking strictly about commercial success. Axl won't have that kind of success with whatever singles he releases. I mean, Chinese Democracy was a fucking god awful single choice. One of the worst new songs they've got. Velvet Revolver's worst songs aren't anywhere near as bad as nuGNR's worst songs (Silkworms, Oh My God, Rhiad, etc.) Thankfully, we'll probably never hear it because of the revolving door of shitty musicians that Axl has had in there. Although, someone shittier like Robin Finck or something probably took his place so it's a lose-lose situation for the listeners.
  15. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    He's a guitarist. He plays guitar with people. What is he supposed to do, sit in his bedroom for 15 years like Axl Rose? Why is it anyone's business? He's playing music and expanding his brand name. How is it any more "whorish" than Axl slapping the GNR name on fucking shot glasses and keychains and coffee mugs and cigarette lighters like he's fucking Gene Simmons or something? It's a much more subtle way of "whoring yourself out"...or, as I prefer to call it, MAKING MONEY. Find me a Slash solo that sounds like November Rain. Or Sweet Child O'Mine. Or Don't Cry. Or Rocket Queen. Or Coma. Or Street Child. Want to get more recent? How about American Man? Or Gravedancer? You can't find other Slash solos like them, because they don't exist. You're talking out of your ass here. What does that have to do with the original GNR? It's a record the original group could never make because they would have never put out something so unbearably shitty. Why didn't you paste the quote from that MTV interview with Kurt Loder where Axl says Chinese Democracy started out as an attempt to make another Appetite-style album, but he had to scrap that because he couldn't find anyone like Slash. What does that tell you about how much he meant to the band? Snakepit was a decent band. I don't really take it for anymore than what it was. Slash wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, he was just having fun playing music with his friends. Most Velvet Revolver songs are better than the Chinese Democracy songs I've heard. In fact, I'd wager that Chinese Democracy won't even have the commercial success Contraband had. I doubt it will sell as well nor will it have two No. 1 singles like Contraband did. And frankly, I thought Contraband sucked compared to Libertad, despite the lack of sales for the latter. Slash has never been associated with anything as bad as the pieces of shit like "Silkworms" or "Oh My God" that Axl has squeezed out in the last decade. Working with Paul Huge is as bad as working with anyone you can whine about Slash working with.
  16. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    If you're "bothered by the criticism," you're an idiot. You didn't make the album. Perhaps, sure. But I'm such a big fan it irritates me that no one is even going to give it a chance. Lots of people are going to give it a chance. And then there are a lot who will assume it sucks just because Slash isn't in the band. And that's unfortunate, but how often has there been a successful band where the singer dumped all his bandmates (or they left, whatever, I'm not going to put all the blame on Axl but I think most should fall on him) and the band was still just as artistically and commercially viable? And especially when one of those bandmates is someone as renowned as Slash, who is identified with GNR just as much as Axl is, it's not surprising that people would be skeptical. And on top of that, when the album has taken so long to come out, isn't it natural that people will have high expectations? Granted, those expectations are mostly the product of media hype since Axl has usually reminded fans in his rare comments on it that "it's just an album." But when you take that long, people are going to expect something on par with the band's most celebrated works. And while I really like the song "Chinese Democracy", do you think it will be a classic rock mainstay in twenty years the way the three hit singles from Appetite are now? I highly doubt it. Plus, it's Axl Rose. People have been loving to hate him for the past twenty years. All that combined is going to lead to a large dose of negativity for whatever he does in the future short of reuniting the old band. I just have to say, "renowned as Slash"? Just cause he's not as big a dick as Axl doesn't mean that the Snakepit and Velvet Revolver haven't absolutely sucked balls....since when are nice guys supposed to win in rock n roll anyways? Are you arguing that Slash is not a popular figure in rock? That most fans of Guns N' Roses (putting aside the Axl loyalists on certain message boards) do not hold him in high regard? That he did not have a great deal of influence on he band's sound? Come on now. He's popular, but I have no idea why. Most of his playing and solos are exactly the same, and his attempts at music since GNR...well I've already gone over them. It was Axl's voice, attitude and lyrics that made GNR. Slash is a cartoon character sure, but it's like Axl said.... "Basically, to me, it was because I am watching this guy and I don't understand it. Playing with everyone from Space Ghost to Michael Jackson. I don't get it. I wanted the world to love and respect him. I just watched him throw it away.''" Slash is a whore. A.) If you really have no idea why he's popular, you're a fucking moron. B.) His playing and solos are not all the same at all. You're just throwing out random idiotic statements that have absolutely no merit to them. C.) GNR was not made by Axl's voice, attitude and lyrics. If that were the case, it wouldn't have taken him more than a decade to come out with such a poor attempt at re-creating it. GNR would have never been nearly as big as they were without Slash. That is a fact. D.) Most of the songs Slash has done without Axl are better than the songs Axl has done without Slash. E.) I don't believe that is an actual quote from Axl. I'd like to see a source on that. If it is real, well.. Axl just appeared on three songs on fucking Sebastian Bach's album, and supposedly has him singing on Chinese Democracy. He had SHAQUILLE FUCKING O'NEAL in the studio recording with the band. So he's not really one to talk. You need to ease off his nuts.
  17. UZI Suicide

    Cyber Sunday - October 26 2008

    Haha, Vickie just fucked up.
  18. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    Snakepit and Velvet Revolver didn't suck balls though.
  19. UZI Suicide

    kkk Bowl: Week 8

    Baltimore Carolina Dallas Washington Buffalo New England San Diego N.Y. Jets Atlanta Jacksonville N.Y. Giants San Francisco Houston Tennessee Seattle - 17
  20. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    His voice isn't shot, but it's getting there. I saw them twice on the last tour, the first time I saw them his voice was basically awful for the whole show, the nasily 2002 voice. The second time, he had the raspy voice for about the first half of the concert but it was gone by the second half. There's a reason he's putting so many effects and shit on his vocals in the songs now.
  21. UZI Suicide

    WWE General Discussion - October 2008

    I wonder why John Morrison and The Miz don't seem to get over with the live TV crowds as well as they do with the internet crowd.
  22. UZI Suicide

    Bored's College Football Pick 'Em - Week 9

    THURSDAY West Virginia SATURDAY Texas Tech Illinois Wake Forest North Carolina Cincinnati Georgia Michigan State Florida State Texas Texas A&M Penn State Oregon USC Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Oklahoma State/Texas game? 57 Tiebreak #2: How many passing yards will Texas Tech's Graham Harrell have against Kansas? 370
  24. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    Well, here it is.. http://www.q1043.com/pages/news/gunsnroses/
  25. UZI Suicide

    Chinese Democracy Leaks

    Well, here it is.. http://www.q1043.com/pages/news/gunsnroses/