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  1. MikeJordan23

    Monday Night Wars

    Ummm...they are still continuing with the Raw and Nitros they are up to. The RAW and Nitro's from 12/29/97 will be updated on May 5th. They are going to be showing the beginning ones, and the ones they are all ready up to.
  2. MikeJordan23

    Tazz has left WWE?

  3. http://pwtorch.com/artman2/publish/WWE_New...cle_30939.shtml
  4. MikeJordan23

    Worst Year Ever for Pro Wrestling

    1999. WCW was hideous, and WWF was just as bad. I mean, what an awful year. The wrestling was bad across the board, the PPVs were snoozefest, most of the booking was atrocious, and the weekly shows were downright insulting.
  5. MikeJordan23

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    And then you have Steiner, who couldn't be bothered to shower and change in the next 45 minutes. and because of that simply put a jacket over top of his wrestling gear while Angle chastised Christian for not wearing a suit. Seriously, did nobody think to tell Scott "Change into your suit so the angle might make sense"? Chastising Scott Steiner isn't gonna work. I think it's more of "Scott Steiner does whatever the F he wants, and we deal with it". Christian can't do what Steiner can do.
  6. MikeJordan23

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Mr. Perfect DVD, by the way, is the highest selling Sports DVD out currently. It's selling so good, I wonder if they will do another. Hopefully.
  7. MikeJordan23

    WWF Royal Rumble 1992

    2004 Rumble was cool, didn't think it was as fun as the 1992 Rumble, though. The Taker/Shawn Rumble I thought was right behind RR 1992.
  8. MikeJordan23

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    This is a very good point. What you said about Hennig can apply to a lot of the top heels during this era, like Ted Dibease and Rick Rude. They were great wrestlers but because they were heels, they had very few high profile wins. Rude's only major WWF win was his title victory against Warrior. Not to mention that great wrestling matches wasn't exaclty a WWF priority during that era. Entertainment ruled. Hennig's big singles matches were his Summerslam 91 and KOTR 93 against Bret (both losses) and his Raw match against Ric Flair. So picking his top matches for a DVD is difficult. If you look at his IC and US title victories they came against Tito Santana (still a good worker but one step above a jobber at this point), a past-his-prime Kerry Von Erich, and Steve McMichael. Curt deserved better. Still though, matches the WWF could have put on this DVD... -The complete version of his Raw match with Ric Flair. -I appreciate them wanting to avoid repeats but Hennig vs Hart at KOTR should have been there instead of their terrible WCW match. -Hennig and Savage vs Flair and Ramon at Survivor Series 92. Hennig's big return as a face and the only time he was in a PPV main event (not couting Royal Rumble). -Hennig's very entertaining title defense against Roddy Piper at MSG, a match that came about after Piper refereed that match between Hennig and Von Erich the previous month -Hennig's IC title rematch against Tito Santana was supposed to be very good. -Hennig and Barry Windham winning the WCW World Tag Team Championship from Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. Obviously, because of Benoit, this wasn't going to be on the DVD. Hennig vs. Santana from SNME, and verse Doink KOTR should have been added. Take off the Bret match from Uncensored. The Flair Havoc match was better than that and it was his only rea singlesl feud in WCW besides DDP.
  9. MikeJordan23

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Very strange match selection. A lot of random stuff. Bret/Hening Souled Out? What? No Survivor Series 1992 match, not the KOTR qualifying match with Doink, not the match with Flair from RAW. Very strange selection. Also thought their new selection for Flair's recent DVD left a lot to be desired.
  10. MikeJordan23

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    I thought the WWE did a bad job on a lot of their recent DVD releases. Not that they're not good, but just that they could've been so much better.
  11. MikeJordan23

    Primetime Disscussion Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDVXH5iUUpo That one, right?
  12. MikeJordan23

    SummerSlam 1999

    Yeah, I agree. Though, even though it gets bad reviews, I always enjoyed Royal Rumble 1999.
  13. MikeJordan23

    Just refusing to job

    I know the Steiner Brothers refused to job numerous times through the years.
  14. MikeJordan23

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    Hennig's WCW run was very forgettable. I would've just put some of his WCW highlights on there. (The Wargames with Flair, winning the US title, the Hennigplex to the Giant, some of the Flair feud highlights). His best match in WCW, imo, was the tag match with him and Windham vs. Malenko and Benoit for the Tag Titles, and obviously that's not gonna make the DVD. They missed some really good matches, but WWE hasn't been good with match selection on DVDs, as a whole. I do have to say I'm glad the Shawn Michaels SS 1993 match is on there, because while it's not up to expectations, I think it's very good. I would've added the Doink KOTR qualifier match, the Survivor Series 1992 return, his match with Jerry Lawler, and taken off the Uncensored Bret Hart Match.
  15. MikeJordan23

    Webster Hall Show

    It's in the Observer.