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    The Youtube Thread

    What a weirdo. Who knew Jeff was the more normal one? The difference is that this was a build up to his new charachter on the independent wrestling scene. Jeff is a weird in charachter or out of charachter (at least from the reports we have seen on the net)
  2. TheInsane

    A few new pictures of Tammy "Sunny" Sytch

    When a female gains in weight their breasts often gets bigger as well. That is probably what this is. Thats my guess anyway. Sunny looks more healthy now than she has in the past few years. Good for her.
  3. TheInsane

    What's with WWE and undefeated streaks?

    You would be correct. Luger was hyped as Mr All America and didn't lose until his bout against then Champ Yokozuna. I normally don't have a problem with these undefeated streaks, but in Umaga's case, I have a problem with it. Usually the undefeated streak is done with a new guy in the company, whether it be a home grown fresh rookie or someone who recently signed up with the company. With Umaga though, we have a guy who has been in the WWE, and who didn't particularly have a good run of it the first time around. Now that would be fine if, he had been somone who everyone quickly forgot about, but he was in tag team that got a semi-push for a while. I know the casual fan doesn't know that he was Jamal of Three Minute Warning, but to me it's just hard to fathom that a guy goes from that to being the pride of the company. Well according to WWE Umaga has never been in their federation ever before. He got a makeover. Just like Kane when he debuted WWE didnt say tat he acually had been with them before under another name. To be honest in both cases (Umaga and Kane) I don t really tink alot of people remember or even know they are the same wrestlers as Isaac Yankeem DDS and Jamal.
  4. TheInsane

    What's with WWE and undefeated streaks?

    I dont have a problem with undefeated streaks. I do have a problem with WWE hyping it as a "undefeated streak" to fast. I think they hyped Kennedy as undefeated after about 2 or 3 matches on SD. With such short exposure of a charachter it doesnt mean much. After maybe 7 tv matches you could do a small hype and then as time passes by you can do it more and more.
  5. TheInsane

    The Next Big Wrestling Move?

    I remember back in 1993 when people used loads or irish whips in every match. Today lots of people do chops and that seems more common. Maybe a new move like this will come along soon? I have no idea as to what that might be. Its not as easy to predict since it wont be something flashy just something to carry the story in the ring.
  6. TheInsane


    This is my favorite as well. It sounded so sincere and real. Another one is the Swedish commentary during Nasty Boys vs Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne (Spring Stampede 1994). It was the first WCW PPV they did the commentary for (and that was aired in Sweden). We came right from WWF 1994 to this. During the whole match you can hear the chock and joy in the commentators voices since they hadnt seen anything like it before. It had that feeling of genuine emotion.
  7. TheInsane

    What would you do

    At the very least HHH grew up as a fan and knows what he used to like. Steph seems numb and only seem to like the soap opera stuff. I dread the day she takes over. It will be awful.
  8. TheInsane

    What would you do

    * WRESTLING - Like it or not but the name of the game is WRESTLING! I would focus more on an in-ring product. Sure wrestling is entertainment but for me the entertainment is mostly consisiting of watching a good match. There are hundereds of ways to do storylines based on matches and run-ins, cheating etc. I dont need alot of stupid backstage segments or 20 minute promos all the time. * Differentiate the product(s) - Im all for the brand extension. Can you believe the pain it would be for the big stars to hog the spotlight on both RAW and SD (and maybe even ECW), well that kind of hapens now too. I would create way more distance between the shows. Make them all look unique. They managed with ECW but RAW and SD are just two sides of the same coin really. I do think that 3 brands might be a little bit to much though. I might put and end to ECW. * Titles - I would have a world champ on each show. RAW and SD should have a secondary title as well (IC and US). Im not sure about if they should have one tag title or two though. However with WWE not having a crusierweight title the lightweights could be put in tag teams instead. If I had total control I'd make a lightweight division worth the name though and then RAW could have the tag team titles and SD have the crusierweight title. * Managers - I would bring back real managers. I dont care if they are male or female as long as they actually have a purpose beyond being eye candy. Most Divas would be fired and only those that matter would stay (like Melina). * Listen more to the audience. Like it or not but most of the time its the people who decide whos getting over and who's not. Orton was pushed down out throats and he still isnt as over as Vince wants. * Use more stables. I dont want a stable everywhere on the show but make something. Its a good way to create stars and maintain interest in older stars. Just give it time. * New announcers - Man JR and Lawler are both so boring and Michael Cole is awful as is Tazz. Styles is alright and JBL can be funny but overall the announcing pretty much suck. Why not give Josh a shot at the "big time"? * Dont overdo the stupid and/or over the top charachters. Once in a while a Goldust is ok but not all the time. We dont want no Boogeyman or a japanese guy who acts like a cowboy. Enough with the stupidity. * Hire a better roster of wrestlers. By this I want them to pretty much drop OVW because most guys are pretty darn bland when they get up from there. Why not let guys do the independent, japanese and mexican thing? That serves as more of a developmental than anything WWE could do. Most of them would sign with WWE anyway if they approached them since they offer the best contracts (money wise). * Fire the writers - I would hire people with great knowledge in WRESTLING, not soap operas or reality tv-shows or alike. Why not make Cornette the head of RAW writing and Heyman the head of SD writing. That would go hand in hand with me wanting to differentiate the products. Both these guys are great but vastly different and it would make the shows stand on their own and be somewhat unique. The people to assist Heyman and Cornette would be people who are also deeply involved in the business. * I'd like to see some special attraction matches once in a while. Maybe they could hire a few luchadores from CMLL for a one PPV only thing to show of what they know. They could do the same with some puro guys and then also some joshi stuff (like WCW did on a Clash of the Champions). It would be a nice addition that might not work fulltime in a WWE enviroment but could serve a good purpose every once in a while. * I wouldnt be so paranoid with trademarketing names and then sue wrestlers if they used it outside of my organisation. I fthey do good outside of WWE then the name they have will be strengthened and if they dont perform well it wont effect WWE anyway since they wont resign them (well I wouldnt if I was the head of WWE). * I'd make sure that the entrance themes were more personal. WWE has gotten alot better at this since 2003 or so. The theme should reflect the charachter. Good examples are Daivariand Finlays themes. * Cut the number of PPV's - This might be a bad move since the PPV's bring in the money for WWE but I do belive that they will mean less and less with time because there are so many of them. I'd keep the 4 big ones and then put KOTR on PPV again. Thats five PPV's. Then I'd give each brand 3 PPV's (this is if I let ECW die and go up in SD). That way WWE would still have 11 PPV's but also the time to build them up and make then somewhat special.
  9. TheInsane

    If you could only watch one wrestler

    Personally I was never a huge Flair fan even though I recognize him as a great wrestler. To me he always felt a little bit repetative and I was never the biggest fan of his style. As I wrote above my choice is Kobashi and thats because his style connects more with me and his matches feel more timeless to me. But thats just my opinion.
  10. TheInsane

    If you could only watch one wrestler

    Kenta Kobashi
  11. TheInsane

    New Sting look

    I like the green version best jusding from those small hype video packages TNA has made. I dont want him to go back to anything he used to be before though. THat power and paint thing wont work today (but then again I have been wrong before).
  12. TheInsane

    TNA Is Going To Mexico on 11/25

    It should be really interesting to see if they can draw a huge crowd with this show. If so I think they should consider doing some PPV's there. However I doubt they will do well even with Kurt Angle. But then again I dont know much about Mexican wrestling and what draws etc.
  13. TheInsane

    WON TNA News + Notes

    Ok so they know the audience shit all over the Jackass stuff. Why do they think the television audience is ay different? I havent heard anyone who thinks this stuff is a good idea. Doing it in backstage segments will reduce the negative attention but why even stick with it if most people dislike it? Or do they have to do it because they have some contract with jackass for promoting the new movie?
  14. TheInsane

    WWE Sign 2 Cold Scorpio.

    If we look at his work in NOAH he really isnt that much of a high flyer anymore. He uses the high risk offence as a finisher and in certain spots but I wouldnt call him an actual high flyer. I think his current style of wrestling cane asily adapt to WWE standards and then maybe he can use the 460 splash to finish off his matches. I'd like to see him as an upper mid-carder on SD so give that roster some more depth. He would be lost in the shuffle on RAW inbetween Vince McMahon and John Cena and i think ECW fills out their programming nicely right now and even trying to build new stars. SD needs Scorpio
  15. TheInsane

    Most disappointing matches you've seen

    Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero - especially the one from ONS. I never thought these two had great chemistry together but they should have been capable of doing better than that. Edge vs Matt Hardy - SummerSlam - I LOVED this match, or should I say fight. The way this was done was awesome... but then it ended after 5 minutes. WTF? I loved the streetfight aspect to it. Just hard hitting fists and kicks but they should have given them at least 15 minutes. It was different and very good and then they decide to do a ref-stoppage. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  16. TheInsane

    WWE Sign 2 Cold Scorpio.

    Scorpio was alright as a mid-carder in NOAH for several years. I wonder if WWE will use him the right way though. I hope so. I think he could be valuable working WWE style.
  17. TheInsane

    Has the Raw main event scene ever been this stale?

    This is where they are heading if the rumors are true. Im not really opposing this. Hes got size and pretty good ring work. His gimmick may suck but he has an entertaining manager. I think he could bring something new and interesting to the main event scene.
  18. TheInsane

    Kurt Angle agent releases statement

    That would be hilarious. I'd prefer them to do it MMA-wrestlings tyle though so that you wouldnt know for sure it was all "fake". It would be awesome with the simultaneous snapping.
  19. TheInsane

    Kurt Angle agent releases statement

    Angle is worth alot in UFC or Pride for a one or two shot deal. Not agains a MMA'er (except maybe Daniel Puder) but against a guy like Brock Lesnar. I dont think Angle would stand a chance against a professional fighter. That way it would be better to book pro-wrestler vs pro-wrestler in Angle vs Brock. I think it would draw as well. However Kurt shouldnt really consider doing MMA or wrestling. I think the good health reports are untrue as well. He might be feeling better but after all his problems he cant be even 85%. And 85% of what really?
  20. ^^ See I told you I wouldnt manage to predict it as easy as I thought Overall I liked the PPV. I thought it was better than SummerSlam. Good opening and a good main event. Alright big man match and a nice farewell to Trish.
  21. IMO this PPV is so easy to predic. And I havent even watched that much WWE without skippig through large parts (like the AWFUL DX vs McMahons feud). However the booking for this PPV is very clear to me. Just ebcause IM saying this I will probably be wrong with the majority of my predictions However I believe I know that this is what the results will be: WWE Title, "If Cena loses, he goes to Smackdown", T.L.C. Match Edge (with Lita) .VS. John Cena. Winner: Cena Im basing this on all the reports. Cena wont loose. WWE will book this so that everyone will leave the arena pissed off. I dont agree with the booking however. Cena is much better when he chases the titel and should get out of the title-picture for a little while. Hell In A Cell, Handicap Match ECW World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Show, Vince McMahon, & Shane McMahon .VS. DX. Winners: DX DX are pushed as unstoppable monsters och bad toilet humour. I hate to see HHH like this but they will win and overcome all the odds... again Singles Match Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada) .VS. Kane. Winner: Umaga Umaga is getting the monster push and he will beat Kane quite easily I think. WWE Intercontinental Title Match Johnny Nitro (with Melina) .VS. Jeff Hardy. Winner: Hardy This is the match Im not sure about. Usually WWE likes to give returning stars och highly pushed rookies a title way to fast upon their (re)debut. I think this will be the case here as well. Especially since Nitro hasnt been pushed all that good since he won the title. Singles Match Randy Orton .VS. Carlito Caribbean Cool. Winner: CCC CCC is up for a push and Orton is in the doghouse. CCC wins. World Tag Team Titles Match The Spirit Squad .VS. The Highlanders. Winners: Highlanders SS is about to break up (thank you for that - the gimmick is horrible) and the Highlanders are getting a small push with the Piper thing. WWE Women's Title, Trish's Farewell Match Lita .VS. Trish Stratus. Winner: Trish She will get a last win before she leaves and she will bring the belt with her. WWE will then kill womens wrestling and will only to T&A matches.
  22. TheInsane

    Most underrated Summerslam matches of all time

    I totally agree. In my world I could see Val Venis as a main event player actually. He has or had that potential. Now he isnt even on tv anymore. Its really a shame. What he needs is to get out of WWE and do something else. I would love to see him as a gajin in NOAH for example.
  23. TheInsane

    Ultimate Put Over.....

    On the same note, HHH did a pretty good job at putting Shelton benjamin over. Shelton just came over from SD. It was his forst singles run in WWE and also his first time as a face in said company. He got new music and some pyro for his entrance and within the first month I believe he beat HHH. And he didnt beat him once but 3 times. I cant remember how clean the wins were but I remember Shelton getting over with the audience after that. However WWE couldnt capitalize on it and we all know what happened after that.
  24. TheInsane

    Kurt Angle released!

    AWM, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Alex Shelley, Petey Williams all say hello. How many of those mentioned are really stars though (as in people whoa ctually draw the crowds/buyrates)? I dont think they have many self-created stars at all. But this is a topic not suitable for this thread. They can't be *stars* because they don't as much media coverage as WWE. And I think Samoa Joe IS draw in TNA now. Yeah, Joe is probably the closest they have to a self-made star. Some would argue about AJ but I dont think so even though they have pushed him as their home-grown star. AMW is probably the most well known and established tag team of the 00 era of american wrestling though.