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  1. cynicalprofit

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Current rating on Rotten Tomatoes.com http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/wolverine/ 36% Told y'all it was gonna suck.
  2. cynicalprofit

    Obama Sides with RIAA

    I had a friend get 2 years fed time for napster sharing. He had like a million something songs he was sharing. Idiot was right back at it day he got released. He said something like, "I got two years of catching up to do." Funny thing was he was using napster to expand is djing business. On a strange and disgusting side note, he gave another friend the clap.
  3. What can be cured, what can not? Anyone care to share?
  4. cynicalprofit

    WWE General Discussion - October 2008

    As opposed to any of the other junkies who've gotten championship runs.... I'd like to think, in a way more happy world, Vince and Bret will come out together, hug, say it's all a work, Owen walks out, and while it's messed up they did it, I'd be happy Owen was still with us. Of course Eddie then appears on the Titan Tron and says, "Ha-ha, you fools, we're really all just in hell together." Most of these "junkies" aren't one bad urine away from being fired. And in the words of Scott Steiner, "tell them to get me and HHH a limo and we'll go down and do it (drug test) together." They selective drug test. And in the 80's they never did any. As long as Hogan never got busted with cocaine, he could have snorted a pound a day and they wouldn't have given a shit. Same story today. So long as you don't fuck up in public, you can slide.
  5. cynicalprofit

    Raven files a lawsuit against the WWE

    According to Raven, Sanders got fired because he didn't say hello to HHH. No I'm not making that up. He said it in a shoot interview or one of those secrets of the ring, I forget which.
  6. cynicalprofit

    WWE General Discussion - October 2008

    As opposed to any of the other junkies who've gotten championship runs....
  7. cynicalprofit

    ITT: talk about how much weddings fucking blow

    Y'all need to get on my plan of never going to a wedding unless you're getting paid. So far it has worked.
  8. cynicalprofit

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    I think its called a vocalizer....check T-Pain on wiki, I think it says it there.
  9. cynicalprofit

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    The Wolverine movie is gonna suck. Call it trolling, but I have this awful fear that Wolvie can't carry a movie on his own. He works great against a team of "normal" mutants, but stick him alone....will it hold up? A loner can't be a good loner unless he has a group to seperate himself from. So I expect it to suck. I'm sure it will bank because 13 year olds, and 30 year olds remembering their childhood, think Wolvie is still cool, but it will still suck.
  10. cynicalprofit


    What are you people smoking? From Spiderman 1, they missed the mark. Spiderman was who Peter Parker wished he could be. The hero, the guy who gets the girl, the winner, in short, everything Peter wasn't. They never made Peter look weak enough to make Spiderman stronger in contrast. Yeah Parker is smart, but that was his only positive aspect, and no one cared! It was a fantastic contrast. I just never saw that Spiderman was Parkers release from himself in the movies. Spiderman 2 was good for the last 45 minutes or so only, but when you rip off the story of Jesus and general conflict resolution, it's hard to screw it up. Thats the only nice thing I can say about all 3 movies. Now as for three....unless you're a 14 year old girl, crying in a corner cause your "boyfriend" dumped you, cutting yourself listening to Hawthorne Heights, you would realize that movie SUCKED BALLS, cause that's who that movie was made for. Everyone freaking cried but Venom. Fuck that. That movie was a god damn emo fest top to bottom. I was never in awe of Venom, which the comics did numerous times. Sandman was a pussy, and Peter going "black" with an emo hair cut and eye liner, was just retarded. Yes the symbiote makes him more aggressive, but making him look emo was not needed. And how freaking hard would it have been to make Harry the Hobgoblin over that ugly, whatever he was. To me, the movies didn't do a good job in making me believe that these people were playing characters I've spent years reading about. I know it's hard to condense 30 plus years of comics into a 2 hour movie, but if you can't properly portray who these characters are, then you've failed in your job as a film maker to capture the essence of what something is. Peter Parker is a loser of the highest caliber, and I never felt that in when Toby was playing him. And since he screwed that up, he could never portray Spiderman as who Parker wished he could be. And I know I'm completely in the minority here because those movies made umteen millions of dollars, but whatever.
  11. cynicalprofit


    In order to make Spiderman 4 not suck they need to do one simple thing; not hire anyone involved with the previous films. See, super easy.
  12. cynicalprofit

    Finals, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    Did I win by not winning?
  13. cynicalprofit

    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    This would so be awesome, with Hogan as the mouth piece, cheating so Hornswaggle wins matches, till Vince puts a stop to Hogan misleading his son. Leading to a Mania match of Vince vs Hornswaggle, where they reunite as father and sun against the evil Hogan. Bet y'all thought/hoped I was legit dead.
  14. cynicalprofit

    Cthulhu is real.

    My prayers have been answered.
  15. cynicalprofit

    The Worst Band On The Planet

    Spelling it sux, sucks. Wow no mention of ICP, glad to know they've gotten better, or the rest of the music world has gotten worse.