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  1. My favorite part was when he was talking about hearing Obama speak.... "That Tiger woods guy...when he speaks it's like Shakespeare fucking a bottle of Courvasier"
  2. St. Gabe

    Yahoo NCAA Tourney Pick 'em

  3. St. Gabe

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Rounding Out Team Jefferson D'Arcy... SP, Kevin Millwood
  4. St. Gabe

    Pictures I Like

    Baby Cthulhu will eat your soul
  5. St. Gabe


    Yeah, pretty obvious that that's what's going on here. Chuck's Dad=Orion. I really wanted to hate the superspy, but he was so damn nice to Chuck. Would have been good to keep him around. Any suggestions for who should play Mr. Bartowski? My vote goes to ...a nice homage to sci-fi past and present....
  6. St. Gabe

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    OF, Michael Cuddyer
  7. St. Gabe

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    On a wing and a prayer... SP, Jose Contreras
  8. St. Gabe

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Hard Throwiin' Matt Thornton, RP
  9. St. Gabe

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Brandon Inge, C, 3B WILL KILL YOU.
  10. St. Gabe

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    fucking marvin. shmeh.
  11. St. Gabe

    BNL doesn't break up

    The band has a cult following, I'm among them. Most of the music that was put out commercially is uber-bubblegum pop dross, but as song writers Robertson and Page are incredible wordsmiths. If anyone cares to check out the album "Maroon" which is probably their best studio album. Their live shows are what made them popular, though. High energy and entertaining to an insane degree. There will be a significant difference without Page's vocal stylings, but the band will certainly keep its fan base. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall though, you just know this has to do with drugs and ego...Page was arrested in July for a cocaine posession charge shortly after divorcing from his wife and dating someone less that half his age or so....
  12. St. Gabe

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    SP, Jeff Suppan
  13. St. Gabe

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Aren't the White Sox the ones that decided not to renew his contract? You can't hate a guy for wanting to be employed and get on a team where there is a major hole at his position. Good luck with Buchholz. I was about to grab him with my next pick. I had him the past 2 seasons and he was an utter disaster last year. He looked a lot better in the fall leagues though. oh yeah, absolutely, but...its the twins that are the problem here...not Joe Crede.. at least I hope not. i cant root for the twins...its just sad.
  14. St. Gabe

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    It pains me to do this, as my loyalties can no longer lie with him but, 3b, Joe Crede, Minnesota Twins (ugh...sigh)
  15. St. Gabe

    Let's predict 2009's won-lost records.

    American League East 1 - Tampa Bay 96 3 - New York Yankees 93 2 - Boston 91 4 - Toronto Blue Jays 75 5 - Baltimore Orioles 68 American League Central 1 - White Sox 90 2 - Cleveland 88 3 - Minnesota 78 4 - Detroit Tigers 74 5 - Kansas City Royals 69 American League West 1 - Los Angeles Angels 93 2 - Oakland A's 85 3 - Texas Rangers 72 4 - Seattle Mariners 69 National League East 1 - Mets 97 2 - Phillies 94 3 - Florida Marlins 88 4 - Atlanta Braves 78 5 - Washington Nationals 71 National League Central 1 - Chicago Cubs 94 2 - Brewers 82 3 - St Louis 80 4 - Houston Astros 73 5 - Cincinatti Reds 70 6 - Pittsburgh Pirates 70 National League West 1 - Los Angeles Dodgers 89 2 - Diamondbacks 87 3 - Rockies 81 4 - San Fransisco Giants 74 5 - San Diego Padres 70