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  1. death_by_burrito

    South Park Season 13

    I have a brother who loves Kanye and swears that he is the genius that he thinks he is, so I kinda got the hate that he got this ep. Otherwise yeah, kinda meh besides Cartman thinking back on how he made the joke.
  2. death_by_burrito

    TNA Genesis 2009

    The ending was kinda lame, but it doesn't take away home great the match was. Really good stuff.
  3. death_by_burrito

    TNA Genesis 2009

    Angle slam off the stage through the table. Sweet.
  4. death_by_burrito

    TNA Genesis 2009

    Jarrett eats the mat after going over the top, then eats the bell too! Ouch.
  5. death_by_burrito

    Xbox 360

    Thanks, I knew it had to be in the My Xbox space.
  6. death_by_burrito

    Xbox 360

    Stupid question for something I might have glossed over, but does anyone know how to change from a premium theme to a regular one? My brother downloaded the premium Christmas theme just to see what it looked like, but now he cant change back to his previous one. I remembered it being in the system settings blade, but when we looked there it didn't have the "themes" option.
  7. death_by_burrito

    Chazz just sent me a private message.

    I was hoping I didn't sound like I was going against the establishment ala Grungy Punk. That's what happens with booze and boarding. Oh yeah and "You want to threaten me, little cunt" made me lol.
  8. death_by_burrito

    Chazz just sent me a private message.

    So when does the "Chazz, justify your existence" thread open?
  9. death_by_burrito

    The bodyguard angle

    The most recent one that I remember being pulled off well was Batista turning on HHH/Evolution. HHH's "but you should've won that match" line is what started it for me, and Batista played his role of "not taking this shit anymore" really well.
  10. death_by_burrito

    Fallout 3

    Was I the only one that had a hard time finding The Family? I swear, I was walking around for an hour and a half looking. Sorta paid off in the end. When I there were mercs looking for me, and I blasted two of their heads off with VATS. Awesome.
  11. death_by_burrito

    Comments that which don't warrant a thread

    I've been watching and thinks it's hilarious, but I also fully believe HBO will cancel it after this season. The old man boxing episode is probably the best of them so far. Trying to type it out one liners will do it no justice.
  12. death_by_burrito

    Zero Punctuation Reviews

    I got that he just played it for Wii. I guess my post is just worded badly. I guess now that I see how badly I put it, does anyone else that played it for Wii agree that it is that bad?
  13. death_by_burrito

    Zero Punctuation Reviews

    Mercenaries 2 was last weeks. This weeks is The Force Unleashed for the Wii. Having played it on 360, is it really as bad as he makes it seem? He is right about the light saber being useless once your force lightning and force push are strong enough. It's still cool to hoist people into the air, throw your light saber through them, and then throw them into space.
  14. death_by_burrito

    O.J. Simpson found guilty of all charges in Nevada

    I'm hearing on ESPN that the max. sentence is life. Don't know if it's a possibility, but it would be fitting for him.
  15. death_by_burrito

    Xbox 360

    That sucks Matt. I'm starting to think mine will red ring again. When I first got it back, you could barely hear the fans. Now it sounds like it's going to blow up every time I turn it on. Oh well, hopefully you get a quick turnaround.