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  1. Jingus

    Mark-Lynn Baker aka Cousin Larry

    I'm amazed at the number of people still around seven years later. Half the folks in this thread were at least hanging around somewhat recently. Perhaps more, if someone like BaldFish is just a different old name for someone else we know. Whatever happened to Rant and Tritec?
  2. Jingus

    Mitsuharu Misawa Dead

    Now some preliminary reports are saying that it might've been a heart attack. Which is creepy in itself, since the movie The Wrestler opened in Japan that day.
  3. Jingus

    100 Posts of Solitude

    DUDE. You have NO idea. Fucking horrible offensive worthless movie. And I say that as a big fan of the original. This one literally has building-bombing terrorists who trained in Afghanistan as its heroes and the big mean ol' United States as the villain. Somehow surrounding a story about the Japanese government killing teenagers. It makes zero sense, craps all over the first film, and literally praises 9/11.
  4. Jingus

    Leena's Victory Celebration.

    What 8% warning level? I don' see no 8% warning level.
  5. Jingus

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Why do you find horror movies pointless? If you don't like them, you won't like Alien, because its single primary goal is to scare the audience shitless. I think it's one of the more tense and claustrophobic things I've ever seen, one of the few films that have legitimately scared me. Plus, bonus points for being the rare sci-fi movie which even attempts to flirt with realism, instead of the usual Star Wars/Star Trek shiny silver spaceships and aliens and lasers and shit.
  6. Jingus

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Aw, fuck you. I haven't felt strongly enough about much else you've posted recently to bother replying, but I will fite U poser over this motherfucking cinematic masterpiece. Almost as good as its sequel Aliens. Almost.
  7. Jingus

    Monday Night Raw Discussion

    Wrong. There's only one main eventer in the company who is under 30, Randy Orton, and he's 29. Unless you count a guy like CM Punk as a "main eventer", who did a clean job in his hometown in the opening match, or Jack Swagger, who didn't even defend his "world championship" on PPV half the time. The top echelon of main eventers have an older average age now than they did in the Attitude era or the early Hulkamania era, that's just fact.
  8. Jingus

    Monday Night Raw Discussion

    My mistake... forgot about that and remembered the stat going into that match. There's a few other examples which kinda sorta apply. Like, if the Elimination Chamber counts as a cage, there have been multiple title changes inside that. Edge's second MITB title win happened inside a cage. One of the three matches where HHH beat Shawn Michaels for the title at Armageddon '02 was a cage match. Jericho/Batista is the only time that the world championship has changed hands in a cage which was an ordinary match in a traditional cage under standard rules.
  9. Jingus

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    I keep seeing that rumor mentioned, but I don't think I've actually heard from anyone who saw it themselves.
  10. Jingus

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    He does, but it was an ability that was Frankensteined onto him, he's not a natural mutant. If anyone wants to see an example of a screen-adapted Deadpool done absolutely right, check out the Hulk vs. Wolverine cartoon. That's the character's comic personality done to a T.
  11. Jingus

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Star Trek. Next week. I don't understand how anyone could not have problems with Deadpool in this movie, unless you're just not a fan of the comic character. Because the guy in this movie isn't Deadpool at all, he's a completely different person with completely different powers, look, and origin who just happens to have that name slapped onto him. He's nothing like the comic character. He's not even the only one, several of the others in the movie are fucked up just as badly, but Deadpool is easily the most popular and obviously the one they stuck in there the most just to suck up to the fanboys crowd. It's kinda like how Batman and Robin gave us that godawful thing which claimed to be Bane, or how Spider-Man 3 fucked over everyone who was a Venom fan. The studio forced those characters into the movie for no reason other than they heard "hey, those comic kids sure love Deadpool/Bane/Venom a lot, so make sure he's in our next film!" and then the filmmakers either didn't know or didn't care who the fuck those characters were or what their defining attributes consisted of. In the comics, Deadpool is not a mutant, he's got cancer, he's a gleeful motormouthed sociopath, and he knows he's in a comic book. The guy in the movie is... none of that.
  12. Jingus

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Dude, no. What they did to that guy was total character assassination. They should've called him by a completely different name, since it in no way was the character who goes by that name in the comics.
  13. Jingus

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Having played both those games a million times in my youth, I'm almost ready to call Shenaniganz~! on those videos. -The Maniac Mansion one seemed to have several moments where you ran into various people who should've stopped, captured, and/or killed you (Nurse Edna, both Tentacles, and the Meteor) yet you just walked right past them and nothing happened. How the hell does that work? Was it a glitch? Taking advantage of glitches doesn't seem like a fair way to do a speed run. -Meanwhile, there were several moments when I outright gasped at the crazy John Woo shit you were pulling in Ghosts and Goblins. That's one of the hardest games ever made. I mean, HARD. Whoever designed I Wanna Be The Guy probably jerks off at night to Ghosts and Goblins. Yet you just calmly traipsed through it like it ain't no thang, dodging shit with the casual attitude of a martial arts master beating up a room full of white belts. And doing half of it with the goddamned TORCH as your weapon, no less. However, there were a few moments where it looked like you totally ran right into a monster, and it either passed right through you or exploded on contact. I especially remember the Dragon boss as requiring a hell of a lot more than just four hits to defeat. Wassupwidat?
  14. Jingus

    Tupac Shakur is ALIVE!

    Never used Photoshop in my life, but I've seen plenty of totally real-looking pictures that I knew for a fact to be fake. It's apparently not that impossible.
  15. Jingus

    Tupac Shakur is ALIVE!

    Or, y'know, Photoshop. Your average 14-year-old computer nerd could whip up these photos in half an hour.