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    Amalgamated EHME vs. Battlenuts

    Someone explain the whole board-crossover drama, please.
  2. Jingus

    Advertising and stuff

    Put it in General Wrestling, that's fine.
  3. Jingus

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  4. Jingus

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    I've seen it. It's not very good.
  5. Jingus

    Have you ever visited a foreign country?

    Sadly, no. I'd like to visit several, but never gotten the chance. I'd imagine the majority of Americans haven't been to another country. Even a trip to Canada or Mexico can be somewhat expensive, unless you're doing it Greyhound-stylez like Matt did.
  6. Jingus

    woah we got a bleeder here...

    In terms of just one cut (that is, non-deathmatch stuff), the Mass Transit incident is the worst I've ever seen. But I guess it shouldn't count, since it was a shoot. New Jack intentionally sliced that kid open across his entire forehead right down to the bone. Another famous one was . (Sorry for the shitty video quality, that seems to be the only copy Youtube has.) This was from Jim Cornette's old promotion Smokey Mountain Wrestling, where the very young team of Chris Jericho and Lance Storm were called the Thrillseekers. Early in the day before the match, Jericho was trying to practice a shooting star press and broke his arm pretty badly. The show that night was Smokey Mountain's equivalent to Wrestlemania, so they literally snuck Jericho out of the hospital to go work the match. He was pumped full of various drugs while at the hospital, so when he cut himself here his blood spewed everywhere as a result.
  7. Jingus


    Hi there, SWFers. Nice place you got here. Anyway, some of you may have noticed that this board has gone from having 12943e28362 moderators to now just having negative two and a half. Yeah, some shit went down. ANYWAY: we need new mods. Specifically, we kinda think that one of the new ones should come from this sub-community. For one thing, your folder mods here all have experience and know how to work a lot of the board software. For another, in these chaotic times I'm sure it couldn't hurt for you guys to have an inside man in the staff folder, on the off chance that someone in power eventually goes "why do we have these stupid e-feds? get rid o' that shit". I've been informed that, unlike the foresighted OAOAST, you guys have not backed up your archives, so I thought it might provide some peace of mind to have one of your hometown boys in charge. I'll let you guys decide whichever one of you will be called up from developmental. Remember that a TSM Mod needs to be sharp of intellect, humane of spirit, and possessing a truly gargantuan penis size tolerance for whining from ungrateful posters. So yeah, get to it.
  8. Jingus

    Battlenuts and his dad *picture inside*

    "My brother!" ::SLAP:: "My father!" ::SLAP:: "My brother!" ::SLAP:: "My father!" ::SLAP:: "He's my brother AND my father!!!" ::incoherent sobbing breakdown::
  9. We're probably doing this next week, but still haven't nailed down a couple details. It will be on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday; that's still being decided. We're gonna be watching a Nitro from spring of '99, we're narrowed it down to two or three choices. Hopefully this will all be specified in the next day or two.
  10. The lunatic is on the grass.
  11. Jingus

    Wrestling Forum Draft

    The Pit. What did you expect?
  12. Jingus

    Leena's Resignation

    TOO SOON. I mean, dude, nobody likes a good laugh more than I do... except for Brutesquad Brody, and Leena, all the Boardum regulars and most of the Maff Clique... okay, most people like a good laugh more than I do. But some jokes just cross the line, maaaaan.
  13. Jingus


    The kind that has no power to ban anyone. What do you think I am, some kind of super-moderator? That's just crazy talk!
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    Okay. Apparently this was like utterly unnecessary. Let us watch this topic drift down to the bottom of this page as a reminder of my shame.
  15. Jingus

    Amalgamated EHME vs. Battlenuts

    So yeah! You see how your message was arbitrarily changed, in a manner which makes you to appear as a homosexual? And I even left in the humorously misspelled message just to make clear my satirical intent! Take that! You are the ones who are the ball-lickers!
  16. Jingus

    Amalgamated EHME vs. Battlenuts

    So yeah! You see how your message was arbitrarily changed, in a manner which makes you to appear as a homosexual? And I even left in the humorously misspelled message just to make clear my satirical intent! Take that! You are the ones who are the ball-lickers!
  17. Jingus

    Amalgamated EHME vs. Battlenuts

    I'm trying to figure out a way to work in a Ban Agnes joke here, but the smell of lasagna cooking in the oven downstairs is distracting me too much to be clever at the moment. This is how hard I board, even when I'm hungry and there's food available, I stay on-duty dammit!
  18. Jingus


    Oh. Erm. Right. Well, pick out another one anyway.
  19. Jingus

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Hey goddammit I'm just big-boned! Aside from that, why do I have to be the one who dies.
  20. Jingus

    South Park Season 13

    All of the above. Plus a dig at how television networks tend to abruptly cancel old shows just to bring in basically identical new ones. And some snark about how some guys just can't handle non-sexy stuff involving female anatomy. Matt and Trey have gotten damned good at mixing half a dozen subtexts at once.
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  22. Jingus

    Randy Orton on dating site?

    What the hell do you mean, you "fooled" us? There have been countless websites and accounts of people pretending to be wrestlers online. On Livejournal there was once an entire ring of folks keeping fake blogs which claimed to be basically the entire WWE roster.
  23. I liked Bower, we used to write articles for the same obscure old website called ProWrestlingColumns back in our pre-TSM days.
  24. Jingus

    Not Deleting Peoples PMs

    We were specifically promised hope and change! (And socialized medicine!)
  25. Jingus

    DECLASSIFIED: Changes made by Leelee and Xavier

    You know as much as me. This here thread is literally all the communication we on the new regime had in the Staff folder.