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    Well, I'm speechless.....
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    This Week in Baseball 5/14 - 5/20

    Big win by the Mets "B" squad today going into the series with the Yankees
  3. fairtoflair7

    The road to the Stanley Cup begins.

    Garth Snow showed the video evidence after the game to all the reporters. There is clear video that Witt put the puck into the net before the whistle was blown and clearly Miller's was not pushed into the net by either Witt or Satan. Isles can't catch a break.
  4. fairtoflair7

    The road to the Stanley Cup begins.

    Yea but that still does not change the fact that the same thing happened to the Isles earlier in the season against the Rangers. It's absurd how they could not count that goal.
  5. fairtoflair7

    The road to the Stanley Cup begins.

    And the Isles get screwed again....How was that not a goal?? it was clearly in from the front, the refs whistle blew late, What's the justification there that was better then Vanek's goal from Game 3???
  6. fairtoflair7

    The road to the Stanley Cup begins.

    On That call, alone, should preclude Denny Larue from officiating another NHL game. Ridiculous and after he did not call 3 penalties on the Sabres he calls this in the LAST 2 MIN of the game. I don't blame the Isles fans for throwing bottles on the ice as long as its not during gameplay.
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    The road to the Stanley Cup begins.

    The days of MM are long gone. Nolan is running the show now. I love it how he doesn't give a shit about Yashin and will put him on the 4th line if he is playing bad. Happened tonight. Hail Ryan Smyth
  8. fairtoflair7

    The road to the Stanley Cup begins.

    I told you guys that if Rick plays for the Isles, they have a chance. He showed that tonight with 2 ridiculous saves , one on Vanek and the other on Campbell at point blank range. Big win by the Isles and now the advantage is at the Barn. Lets Go Islanders
  9. fairtoflair7

    The road to the Stanley Cup begins.

    Jack Adams is probably going to Ruff with Nolan not too far behind. How many of you guys predicted the Isles to finish dead last? Every expert did as well....Nolan deserves tons of credit. BTW, as an Isles fan, I do think Buffalo will win the series, but if DiPietro comes back, it will be a lot closer then some of you think. For the past 2 months before he got hurt, he was one of the Top goalies in the league with the Islanders getting points in 14 straight games or something to that extent. I'll go Buffalo in 6 (def could see 7) w/Dipietro.....if he's not there, Buffalo in 5 Pens in 7 in one of the best series you will ever see Rangers unfortunately in 6 Lightning in 6, Can't stand to watch the Devils system in the playoffs Detroit in 7 or Babcock gets fired Nashville in 6...great series Canucks in 6...should be a great series Ducks in 5 Every series should be fun to watch except the Devils. The Islanders could be game for the Sabres but they need Rick.
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    NHL Thread

    This is ridiculous. The Leafs clearly blew it in other games, and now your blaming them not making the playoffs on the shootout rule???? You guys blew a 5-2 3rd period lead against Buffalo You got spanked by the Rangers 7-2 You lost to the Isles who were on life-support without their top goalie .....We got in b/c our guys came to play and never gave up. I did not see us winning after blowing the lead. Kudos to Nolan I hear Don Cherry crying
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    NHL Thread

    Wah, Wah, go cry...fact is if you would have beaten us last weak with our 3rd string goalie in net, you would be in the playoffs
  12. fairtoflair7

    NHL Thread

    As an Islanders fan right now, I'm fvucking nervous as hell
  13. fairtoflair7

    NHL Thread

    I'd also like to add that there is no way Brodeur is sitting on Sunday against the Isles.
  14. fairtoflair7

    NHL Thread

    Isles are half-way there and I DO NOT expect the Leafs to lay an egg against the Habs on Saturday at home when they are fighting for their lives.
  15. fairtoflair7

    NHL Thread

    Big games tonight as Islander fans will be rooting for Ranger fans and vice versa. Doesn't happen to often If the Islanders can win their next 3 games, Toronto, At Philly, At NJ, and the Rangers beat the Habs tonight to clinch and Toronto, who would still be alive for the playoffs, beat the Habs at home on Saturday, the Islanders will get in. Unlikely but def possible
  16. fairtoflair7

    Bam Bam Bigelow passes away

  17. fairtoflair7

    2006 top 10

    Wow... No Borat??!?!
  18. fairtoflair7

    NHL Thread: January

    Satan definitely knew what he was doing when he shot that puck at the buzzer. Overtime was great with the end-to-end rushes with Ricky D making a few unbelievable saves, the point blank one on Murray being the best by far. That one Tukoinen (sp) made in the 2nd with his glove was pretty sweet too. B's had the 1 goal lead 3 times and blew it each time. You are not going to win by doing that. Kozlov had a nice game for the Isles. He's shooting the puck a lot more and had lots of skill.
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    Best part....in a quiet whisper... "How do you stop an exploding man?"
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    NHL Thread: November Edition

    No one mentioned this but Alexei Yashin is out for 2-4 weeks after a knee-to-knee collision against the Caps. Sucks becuase him and Blake been on fire together leading the Isles to a tie atop of the Atlantic. Someone (paging Miro Satan and Trent Hunter) is going have step up in scoring goals.
  21. fairtoflair7

    NHL Thread: November Edition

    Isles are hot...Rick is playing very well and Dunham played unbelievable last night. #1 star of the night on NHL.com. Nolan has got this team on the right track.
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    "British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's controversial new comedy movie has been cut from more than half the 2,000 US cinemas it was supposed to debut in this weekend over fears film fans won't get the comic's Borat character. In the film, Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Great Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan, Cohen plays an offensive Kazakhstan TV journalist trying to get to grips with life in America. The movie has already upset politicians in Kazakhstan, who insist the comedian's character paints a terrible picture of their country, and now film distributors in the US fear cinemagoers will find the movie more offensive than funny. The film was scheduled to open in 2,000 cinemas across America on Friday, but it will now bow in only 700. Movie executives at Twentieth Century Fox pulled the plug on the wide opening after the film tested poorly. Distribution official Bruce Snyder tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "Our research showed it was soft in awareness." Fox bosses hope to add cinemas a week after the film opens." Whoever made this decision at Fox should lose thier job immedietly. Only 837 theatres are showing the movie. Guess Fox did not want to take in 40 mil based on test screenings. Idiots.
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    NFL Week 8

    That call to end the JET game was the worst call this year. He was in bounds by fucking 2 feet right in front of the ref...and they refuse to review it????? This might cost the Jets a playoff birth
  24. fairtoflair7

    The NHL Thread - October

    Anyone get the memo yet that Mr. Malkin is kinda good? Made Brodeur look like a rookie..Jeez
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    My WCW Theme Library

    Does anyone have the original Four Horseman track that they recently played on Raw? Would be extremly helpful.....