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  1. fairtoflair7

    MLB Thread

    8 HR's tonight at Yankee Stadium. I don't think its a fluke.
  2. fairtoflair7


    Jeez, this stuff is crazy. It's just a message board. It's a place to talk and discuss. Some people are way to serious with this place.
  3. fairtoflair7


    I really don't pay attention to the politics of the board as I like to just post on a wide array of issues but obviously posters have left. Where have they gone?
  4. fairtoflair7

    American Idol Season 8

    Good move saving Matt tonight. That song was not good for him but in past weeks, he's been solid. At this point it didn't hurt to keep him for another week as he's much better then Lil. I don't think there's any way she gets past next week. Matt obviously also has got to step it up to be safe for next week. On another note, they need to have Simon judge everyone regardless of time. He obviously has the strongest influence on the viewers and is pretty much right. For him to judge every other time makes this competition not fair.
  5. fairtoflair7

    24 -- Season 7

    Well that ending pretty much changed a lot. Wow
  6. fairtoflair7

    Favorite Twitter Pages

    Being that Twitter is taking over the world and is the fastest growing social media application, I'd just like to know what everyone's favorite Twitter pages are , in regard to a different array of topics? Technology, News, Information, Sports, Movies, Books, Personalities, Music, etc. Like a Top 5/10.
  7. fairtoflair7

    24 -- Season 7

    It would have been cool had they done a George Mason flashback.
  8. fairtoflair7

    SNL Reviews: January edition

    I agree, Wiig has been dropping the ball lately. A lot of suck pretty much. A good amount of NPH skits especially the Doogie homage were just plain awesome.
  9. fairtoflair7

    Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

    I don't know what was so special about the past episode. I mean it was a step up and sure, there were a few twists but what made it so special to you guys? The fact there was actual plot development with the overall picture and not an Echo individual story? I don't get the hype of how this is the "game-changing" episode of the series.
  10. fairtoflair7


    Some solid homage to The Karate Kid this past week. I read something a while back from the creator where he says that viewers will be pretty satisfied with this season's finale.
  11. fairtoflair7

    American Idol Season 8

    Holy Cow, did Kelly Clarkson get large!
  12. fairtoflair7


    Obviously, the best and most meaningful character is Noah and he was great but was it me or was Parkman's acting really bad that episode? Also I don't know why they couldn't think of something else for the plot. Are they trying to copy 24 which had the exact same thing as it's lead for next week?
  13. fairtoflair7

    Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003

    I don't recommend hiring Outside Eyes for your PR necessities after this display today.
  14. fairtoflair7

    The Amazing Race: Season 14

    Good episode. I'm saddened by that in the opening credits, they got rid of each team turning their heads towards the camera. Always thought that was hilarious.
  15. fairtoflair7


    Anna Torv probably didn't have to sleep with anyone to get the role, family connections is a more likely scenario - she is Rupert Murdoch's niece. Well I was half right. Anna Torv just does nothing for me.