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  1. Atticus Chaos

    Fact or a myth?

    Mick was always so open about his friendship with Melina I figured it had to be platonic, otherwise he woudn't be telling everyone about it all the time. Was there ever any truth to the Stephanie/Rodimer rumours? Or the rumours about Stephanie and HHH having an "open" marriage? I remember someone on here mentioned something about that.
  2. Atticus Chaos

    Who was the biggest Ring Rat?

    Wasn't there that news story going around a few years ago that the reason WWE kept holding the diva search was because they wanted the guys to have "fresh meat?" and management also enjoyed the "perks" of the competition? Mark Madden also wrote a piece for wrestlezone where he hinted a few of the divas on the roster were mainly around "for the guys" rather than contributing to the product. Basically, Missy Hyatt and Lita probably have nothing on some of the new girls. At least they weren't brought in solely for the purposes of screwing. I agree with the people saying most of the stuff about Lita is just rumours, though. I think Missy has confirmed herself she's slept around. So, out of the two of them, probably her.
  3. Atticus Chaos

    Jeff Hardy leaving?

    WWE had been trying to sign Jeff Hardy to a new contract. His contract expires in 2- 4 months.The last 2 weeks they've tried to sign him but he's turned down all attempts at a extention and a new deal. WWE has offered him a 1 year extention on his current deal but so far Jeff hardy is saying no. He wants to look at his options outside of wrestling and just take some time off to find his head. WWE is trying to desperately to lock him in . Since he has not signed a deal WWE he been booking Matt stronger and rushing through the feud. If Jeff doesnt sign they look to shoot Matt up to the next level. PWInsider So, if Jeff quit, then returned at some point, would that mean he'd have no strikes again?
  4. Atticus Chaos

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    Didn't Helms fail the wellness policy recently? That might have explained his dissapearance for about a month.
  5. Atticus Chaos

    Box Office Report 4-19-09

    Crank 2 didn't cost very much to make ($12 million according to wikipedia) so it's virtually guaranteed to make a profit, if not in theatres then on dvd. Ideally, WWE movies would be churning out films like Crank: big, dumb, ridiculous action films full of violence and gratuity. Okay, they're never going to make art movies, but you can still make low budget action films well. Maybe WWE could get a screenwriter who isn't ripping off plots from other movies (the condemned was basically battle royale, and 12 rounds was a combination of Die hard 3 and The Marine.)
  6. Atticus Chaos

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Dixie Carter is making her first on air appearance at the ppv Sunday. So, how many tapings before her "shocking" heel turn? 2 or 3?
  7. Atticus Chaos

    Who has made WWE more money over the years

    There's this great quote, not sure where it came from, might have been Meltzer: Hogan made Vince a millionaire. Austin made Vince a Billionaire. Stephanie and HHH made him a millionaire again.
  8. Atticus Chaos

    Dead Like Me Cancelled?

    I always wondered what happened to Ellen Muth. She's done practically nothing, apart from the tv movie , since it went off the air. Was she not interested in acting anymore?
  9. Atticus Chaos

    Phil Spector found guilty of murder

    Phil Spector is likely to die in prison after the legendary music producer was convicted of murder for shooting the actor Lana Clarkson in a drunken and "sadistic" bout of Russian roulette. The Los Angeles jury spent nearly nine days deliberating over the case in which the prosecution portrayed Spector, 68, as a misogynist with a history of pulling guns and "playing Russian roulette with the lives of women" while drunk. Prosecutors said it was only by a miracle that Clarkson, star of the cult film Barbarian Queen, was the first to die. Spector was taken to prison to await sentencing next month – he faces a minimum of 18 years in prison following his conviction for second-degree murder at his mansion six years ago. His lawyer said he planned to appeal. The trial has destroyed the reputation of one of the most influential music producers of the 1960s, who pioneered the "wall of sound" with groups such as the Ronettes. He went on to work closely with some of the most renowned musicians of the next two decades, from the Beatles to the Ramones. Spector's wife, Rachelle, sobbed as the decision was announced. Clarkson's relatives were "pleased" with the verdict, their spokesman told reporters. With the actor's mother Donna standing by him, lawyer John Taylor said: "The family is pleased the jury rejected the distortion and trashing of Lana Clarkson's life." The defence contended that Clarkson, 40, killed herself because she was depressed over her failing career and financial worries. But the jury at Spector's second trial – the first ended in deadlock – was persuaded by the prosecution's claim that the killing was malicious and that the music producer was a "demonic maniac" who, on other occasions, had pointed loaded guns at five women and pulled the trigger, although the hammer hit an empty chamber every time. "By the grace of God, five other women got the empty chamber and lived to tell," said the prosecutor, Truc Do. "Lana just happened to be the sixth woman who got the bullet." Do told the court that Spector was used to tormenting women without suffering any consequences because he existed "in a world where money and fame buys you the VIP treatment". "Behind the VIP was a very dangerous man, a man who believed that all women ... deserve a bullet in their head. In every single one of these incidents, Mr Spector demonstrates conscious disregard for human life. Her death was a death waiting to happen in his world." For the final prosecution statement, the deputy district attorney, Alan Jackson, repeated a theme he had struck in the first trial, taking jurors back to the night of Clarkson's death and asking them to imagine what they might have said to her before she got in Spector's car. "You are all thinking the same thing," Jackson said. "You'd say, 'Lana, whatever you do, don't go'." In his closing statement, Spector's lawyer, Doron Weinberg, attempted to dispel the notion of the "demonic maniac", focusing on the forensic evidence which he said demonstrated that Clarkson had been holding the gun. Weinberg even showed jurors the gun that killed Clarkson, pointing it toward his own head as he argued that the bloodstains on the handle proved it had been in her hands when it was fired. "Phil Spector's DNA was nowhere on that gun," Weinberg said. "Every single fact says this is a self-inflicted gunshot wound. How do you ignore it? How do you say this could have been a homicide?" Wienberg also attacked the testimony of Spector's chauffeur, who alleged that the producer came out of his house and said: "I think I killed somebody." The driver, Weinberg said, was tired and hungry, his English was not great and a fountain was running next to the car. "How do you know [what he said] wasn't 'Call somebody'?" http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/apr/1...nviction-appeal I think at this point Spector probably doesn't even know what the hell happened.
  10. Atticus Chaos

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    It's harder for the divas to stay in the shape they're in, than it is for Cena or Batista to look the way they do, supposedly. Sunny said in one of her shoots she had to be on steroids to look the way she did in 1996. I don't know what's going on with Mickie. Maybe she's unmotivated, and doesn't want to starve herself, just do she can lose to McCool and be used sparingly on raw. Or maybe it was the wellness policy.
  11. Atticus Chaos

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Any ideas? I don't remember hearing of anyone coming soon... Ayako Hamada is debuting soon. It could be her.
  12. Atticus Chaos

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    I've heard people throw around the theory that the sexual abuse by his mom never actually happened, and is just all in Vince's mind. I don't know why he would buy her a $3 million tennis court for her nursing home, if she was abusive, and that's quite inconsisent behaviour if we believe Vince's story. When the Savage issue is brought up, people often note it's not about what happened, if anything, between Stephanie and Savage; it's about what Vince thinks happened, and he's convinced himself it did. Maybe this is similar. He claims his stepdad beat the crap out of him and his mother, and an irate Vince would love to have risen to the defense of his beloved mother (the same one he claims was abusive btw) and killed the man if he had ever got the chance. Did that really happen or is this just part of Vince's story about the self made billionaire who came out of a trailer park, and rose above shitty parenting, to become a success?
  13. Atticus Chaos


    I agree it has tough competition, but you don't lose 2/3 of your audience, just because you're going against AI. I can't think it's a coincidence Lost lost so many viewers as soon as it got a lot more complicated. I think it's safe because it makes a lot of money in other ways, dvds and merchandise, but it's unfortunate how far it's fallen. It's still great television, and the stuff with Locke and Ben is great, but it's lost a lot of the mainstream appeal it had and is now just another overtly complicated sci fi show.
  14. Atticus Chaos


    I'm glad Lost have a guaranteed final season because the latest ratings would put it in serious danger of cancellation (8 million) which is amazing to think considering two or three seasons ago it was getting 20-25 million viewers I think it was the time travel element. It just got too confusing for people. Time travel absolutely ruined heroes for me, even though Lost isn't as bad as that, I think people have just given up trying to follow it.
  15. Atticus Chaos

    Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

    It's a bit more complicated that that, Jingus. Omega is the series finale. Epitah One is actually an extra episode (set in the dollhouse universe, but way, way ahead in the future, and likely not with any regular characters.) I agree it doesn't look good, because you'd think if Fox had any faith in the show they'd find some way to show it. I mean the show is probably screwed, but not showing the final episode has nothing to do with it one way or another since they never intented to. As for blaming Fox for Dollhouse. ..I think you can blame them for firefly but Dollhouse had plenty of flaws on it's own. You even had die hard Whedon fans being quite heavily critical of the format, premise..etc. And it has has been pointed out the first 5 episodes weren't very good at all. I thought pairing it with terminator was a good move on Fox's part, and they gave it more of a chance than they've given other shows.