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    When TNA closes...

    I think this discussion begs the question: who exactly is TNA's audience? I think it's a safe bet to say that anyone who watches TNA already is a wrestling fan, and that chances are TNA hasn't brought non-wrestling fans into the fold the way WWF and WCW did. Yeah, TNA's audience seems to be just pure wrestling fans, and nothing more. Thats pretty much why TNA has had basically the same rating on Spike TV ever since they've been on the network, because its the same wrestling fans that tune in every week to watch.
  2. No way you're dissing Joss Ackland's awesome South African accent... And clearly, the best line/scene in Lethal Weapon 2 is Danny Glover & Joe Pesci going into the Consulate, using the diversion of 'My friend wants to emigrate to South Africa' schtick! Well, I did think some of the comedy in that movie was pretty good, but I just don't find the movie enjoyable as a whole at all. Still, I always wondered what the hell was up with that one scene where Riggs says "You guys better get outta here, cause I'm gonna fuck your ass!" I always thought that line was so awkward, and I end up laughing at it every time.
  3. DarKnight

    TNA sets record with 1.9 million viewers

    You gotta love how Joe has been made to look like a fool since his return rather than being scary and making the MEM afraid of him. I love that Nash made fun of him last week too, as I thought he looked like a goof too when I saw his new look.
  4. DarKnight

    Does/should WWE care about TNA?

    Well, it isn't always bad when TNA mentions WWE, like in that Steiners/Dudleys feud, where both teams said how many titles they won from other promotions, it came off like both these teams were important and it was leading to a dream match. However, Foley's debut in TNA was a BAD example of talking about WWE, since he did nothing but put over a lot of his classic matches like Hell in a Cell, and the match with Edge, and even talked about matches he wasn't a part of, like the ones from last year with Michaels/Jericho, and yet it seemed like he didn't talk about any classic TNA matches. That was also that episode of Impact where it seemed like TNA talked about WWE in every talk segment, and didn't talk about themselves at all.
  5. I actually find Lethal Weapon 2 to be very overrated. Most people think its the best sequel, but I disagree, I thought both 3 and 4 were better. I guess its because I thought the villains sucked in that movie, and it also does something I HATE in movies by changing a character's backstory in the sequel (having it turn out the South African killed Rigg's wife). The only thing I liked about Lethal Weapon 2 was the "It's just been revoked!" one-liner.
  6. DarKnight

    Does/should WWE care about TNA?

    I think TNA sabotages themselves big time by talking about WWE all the time on their shows. Its almost like they admit they're not important by talking about WWE's classic matches, yet they seem to never put over themselves.
  7. DarKnight

    When TNA closes...

    The sad thing about TNA is that it doesn't matter who the hell they get in the company, they will still draw that same 1.2 rating. Heyman would make a better product, but it wouldn't draw anything, and if TNA got RVD or somebody, it would be a good addition to the roster, but ultimately it wouldn't make people care. There are only certain people that know TNA even exists, and some people might know they exist, but don't care anyway.
  8. DarKnight

    When TNA closes...

    Apparently, they must not have expected much from TNA.
  9. DarKnight

    Street Fighter is the best movie ever.

    My favorite lines from the Street Fighter movie: Zangief: Wait, General Bison is a bad guy? If so, why do you work for him? Dee-Jay: Because mon, he paid me a freaking fortune! Zangief: You got.............PAID??? That is too damn funny! Well, if you want my honest opinion, I don't think Super Mario Bros. would get trashed that much if the movie had not been based off the Mario games. The very fact its based on the Mario characters made everyone automatically hate it. Dennis Hopper also had one of the weirdest performances ever, as it seemed like he was phoning it in, but he was overacting at the same time.
  10. Yeah, it pretty much became a running joke throughout the series that Murtaugh was ready to retire in every film. And I had no idea Mel Gibson was going to be in another movie, since I thought he quit acting.
  11. DarKnight

    When TNA closes...

    I think that was the worst episode of TNA I've ever seen. That whole show was full of that horrible shit, as it seemed like there were no matches, and it was only that stuff. Not only was that stuff a bad attempt at comedy, but it couldn't draw a dime, as it couldn't lead to a match or anything, it was simply Brother Ray telling Angle about D-Von's weird hangouts and nothing more.
  12. DarKnight

    Worst Year Ever for Pro Wrestling

    I didn't watch wrestling back in 1995, but the stuff I've seen from it over the years wasn't very good, but yeah, its like what Kahran said, some of that stuff was so bad it was funny. As for the worst full year that I actually saw all of, 2007 is a pretty good pick. There is a HUGE laundry list I could make of what was bad that year like: -The McMahon nonsense that year like the Trump WM angle, the limo stuff, and bastard son Hornswoggle -Benoit -WM being a forgotten show within the next month due to many people getting injured or there was unspectacular storylines -The Smackdown title curse-it seemed like whoever had the title just got injured right after it -This is my personal opinion, but Orton winning the title again. I really hoped that WWE would never, ever, put it back on him And the list goes on and on, and there's no telling what TNA did that year, since I can't remember it off the top of my head.
  13. DarKnight

    TNA Impact - February 12, 2009

    Did anyone think that show where the MEM took over everything got A LOT WORSE once things went back to "normal." I thought the Chet Lemon and Black Snow joke commentary was way better than having to hear Tenay and West, and Steiner's rant on wanting to build a wall around Canada was hilarious! That isn't a good sign for TNA as I enjoyed that bizarre show a lot better than their normal crap. As for the empty arena match, I always enjoy those, so I hope the one with Angle/Sting is good.
  14. DarKnight

    When TNA closes...

    You hit the nail right on the head. If someone has never seen TNA and they were channel surfing, and came upon it, they would immediately change the channel within the next 10 seconds due to the over-produced look of the impact zone, Tenay and West's horrible loud commentary, and maybe even the six-sided ring. 2nd rate indeed. I don't really think TNA is going to suffer financially for the time being though, as I think the past 2 years, they finally have turned a profit. That idea of the mock DVD of TNA would be quite funny, with WWE making fun of all of Russo's horrible shit the past 2 years like that Sting/Abyss feud, the reverse battle royal, and the rat-on-a-pole match. Oh, and anyone remember that horrible show where Angle went around at bars picking up those weird chicks? Yeah, that was bad.
  15. DarKnight

    Friday The 13th (2009)

    I know this isn't saying much, but on RottenTomatoes.com, its actually getting like 28%, which is actually higher than what I expected it to be, given the way everyone reacts to previews of the movie, like "another Jason movie, why?" I still think Friday the 13th is the best of the slasher movies to be remade, as there really was no definitive movie in that series, meanwhile with Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, the originals are hailed as classics, so there was no reason for those to be remade.
  16. DarKnight

    TNA Against All Odds 2009

    Its funny that you mention this, because I don't think I've even seen a TNA PPV after Bound for Glory last year, which was about the time the MEM angle started. I guess its because the faces are unbelievable going against those guys, so the PPVs don't sound very interesting. At least this show doesn't sound bad, but Abyss going over Matt Morgan sounds stupid. Abyss has been a joke for about 2 years now, so no way in hell should they have put him over in that match. Its also scary that on TNA's PPVs the past few months, that they have had a good undercard, but unspectacular main event. That almost sounds like WCW.
  17. DarKnight


    Hmm. After hearing about what the new ending is, I don't understand how that will work at all.
  18. DarKnight


    I read the Watchmen graphic novel over the weekend too, and if they adapt the movie exactly from the comic, frame for frame, word for word like I heard they did, then this movie will blow people away. I'm really curious about what the changed ending is though. Does anyone know what they did with it?
  19. DarKnight

    The Dark Knight

    Yeah, I thought the IMAX scenes were the best that my TV has looked also. I wish they had just filmed the whole movie in IMAX.
  20. DarKnight

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Amen to that. As much as R rated horror movies get shit on by critics who claim that its a bunch of gore and nothing else, well, what else would they expect? PG-13 horror on the other hand is very lame, and nothing really happens, like no one gets killed in horrific ways, and sometimes it turns out the monster may not be real, or something stupid.
  21. DarKnight

    The Dark Knight

    Downey's most likely mad because he revived his career with Iron Man, and he was back in the spotlight, but then The Dark Knight comes out and becomes huge. I guess he feels Iron Man is ignored now or something?
  22. DarKnight

    The WWE PG 13 Philosophy

    Oh, I agree, 2004 looked like a very promising year from the start, with Eddie and Benoit having the titles, but I thought about the summer or so, it went to absolute shit. Thats when the JBL push began, and Orton's horrible face run. I also thought RVD was really underused on SD as well. They could have done a lot with him. If it wasn't for Benoit and Eddie being pushed earlier in the year, I might consider it the worst year the WWE has had in a long time.
  23. DarKnight

    Let's talk about: Randy Orton's face run

    I don't want to go into my usual "I've always hated Orton and will never like him" rant, but he would have never ever worked as a face. Like someone else in this thread said, he just seems too much like a jock scumbag to ever be believable as a face. Then of course there was the bad booking. I must have been one of the only people who ever thought the angle sucked from the start with HHH turning on him. I don't think we should feel sorry for a heel who gets kicked out of his own heel faction, since Orton never turned on HHH like Batista did to get the crowd on his side.
  24. And that show also has the infamous SKINS MATCH!!! That show was the lowest point WCW ever hit, as that show did a .10 buyrate I believe.
  25. Yeah, Steiner is a guy people need to be careful with on the mic, as you never have a clue what he might say.