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    BRUTHA YAMZ at Indyplanet.com

    I hope that this area is the BEST place to place this FYI! There is a new, incredible comic book hero for wrestling fans. Much like Tiger Mask anime,Santo and Blue Demon films, the action does not stop or always start in the ring. Plus the concepts here are cultural fantasy with pure sci fi action for the intellectual. IT IS BUILT FOR THE SMART MARKs! The New Art Order Proudly Presents: BRUTHA YAMZ!!! BRUTHA YAMZ has been added to IndyPlanet's Digital Comics Shop! Here is the web address to the Indyplanet.com listing for this GREAT SEQUENTIAL ART COLLECTOR'S ITEM: http://www.indyplanet.com/catalog/product_...roducts_id=1393 36 pages - ONLY $4.99 plus S&H. The story in issue #1! In a distant yet relative future, a mysterious pro wrestler going by the title of The Conquering Lion Menelik has redefined the hardcore independent scene. He is ruthless in the ring against all who stand in the way of him retaining his heavyweight title! Outside the ring he grapples with a tougher opponent, within. Will CL be victorious, defending his title against his archenemy Yellow Dan, while defying the company that holds his current contract? Can CL face his ultimate inner challenge and return to his true self? All this and more will be settled inside and out of the squared circle of LIFE! Brutha YAMZ!!!!!!!!!! BUY YOUR COPY TODAY!