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  1. hbkhhhmark4life

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    yeah i hung out a lot down here no superstar sightings although locals are talking about the event and how there are a lot of visitors in town for the weekend but there are definetely a lot of fans down here already though
  2. hbkhhhmark4life

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    yup, hall of fame and 2 axxess sessions
  3. hbkhhhmark4life

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    sooooo.....i just arrived in houston from washington dc, its lots of people here, its a lot of energy and hype here as well, very exciting atmosphere.
  4. hbkhhhmark4life

    WWE Raw - February 23, 2009

    and are from texas too and former wwe champs
  5. hbkhhhmark4life

    WWE Raw - February 23, 2009

    nope, thank goodness for presales, got my floor seats through that and will be in houston in 39 days (leaving that friday)
  6. hbkhhhmark4life

    WWE Raw - February 23, 2009

    and how ironic is "hey this is dwayne johnson, watch the preview to my new movie after monday night raw"
  7. hbkhhhmark4life

    WWE Raw - February 23, 2009

    I mentioned it last week oh ok cool
  8. hbkhhhmark4life

    WWE Raw - February 23, 2009

    is it me or does anyone else notice beth phoenix has an italian flag on her headband?
  9. hbkhhhmark4life

    WWE Raw - February 23, 2009

    didnt that segment of the camera panning the parking lot waiting for hhh look like the first couple smackdown games on playstation one??
  10. hbkhhhmark4life

    The Youtube Thread

    WOW..... I guess you DO NOT own WWF the Music Volume 2!!!! That song is the last track on the cd and is ABSOLUTELY NOT the original version. Its a remake of HBK's Sexy Boy theme, the original version is the Sherri Martel version of Sexy Boy, followed by the current version Shawn sings. That song on Volume 2 was always funny to me because it sounds like Vince McMahon singing it :-)
  11. hbkhhhmark4life

    WWE Raw (5/19/2008)

    http://channelsurfing.net/ Thanks a lot
  12. hbkhhhmark4life

    WWE Raw (5/19/2008)

    anyone know of a good stream for raw?? thanks a lot :-)
  13. hbkhhhmark4life

    Moments where titles were buried

    well i was at the royal rumble in new york city and might i say that ECW was raped and their title lost all the credibility it had when chavo entered that ring as a participant, i remember me and all the people in my section were like ( why in the world is chavo in there) then i chimed in "when chavo wins the rumble he is gonna defend against himself at mania, got a few laughs too
  14. hbkhhhmark4life

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    hey i am going to the rumble, is anyone else gonna be there?
  15. hbkhhhmark4life

    The Royal Rumble Prediction Game

    1. Who will win the 2008 Royal Rumble? (2 pts.)- Batista 2. Who will be the runner-up? (3 pts.)- Big Daddy V 3. Who will be the iron-man? (5 pts.)- Kennedy 4. Who will have the shortest time? (5 pts.)- The Miz 5. Who will have the most eliminated opponents? (3 pts.)-Big Daddy V 6. Who will draw #1 and #2 (3 pts each, 3 bonus for accurately naming both)-Shelton Benjamin and Hardcore Holly 7. Who will draw the most successful winning entry of #27? (5 pts.)-Triple H 8. Who will draw the #30 spot? (5 pts.)- Kane 9. What will be the eventual winning #? (5 pts)-23 10. Will there be any surprise/unannounced entrants? (No point value), If yes, who will they be? (3 pts. each) Bobby Lashley 11. Will the endurance record of 62:12 set by Mysterio be broken? (No point value), If so, what will the new record be? (Closest to the supposed new record gets 10 pts).- No 12. The final six men eliminated will compete in the second chance Elimination Chamber next month, who will those people be? (3 pts. each, 10 pts bonus for accurately naming all)Umaga, Undertaker, Triple H, HBK, Big Daddy V, Kennedy 13. How many instances of interference by non-active competitors will we see? (3 pts.)-2 14. How many people will Hornswoggle eliminate? (3 pts.)-2 15. Will anyone bleed? (no point value), if so, who? (2 pts)-No