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  1. Jobber of the Week

    Jeff Hardy leaving?

    If Jeff doesn't re-sign, then I expect him to be back by the Rumble and stick around on a short enough basis to collect a WM26 paycheck before disappearing again. He wouldn't be the first to pull that one.
  2. Jobber of the Week

    Covering Coverage

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnbsvUpUsdw#t=05m20s Video isn't embedded in this post because it has to start at around the 60% mark and there's no way you can do that in an embed. British comedian goes off on a tear about US networks.
  3. Jobber of the Week

    Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

    It was mediocre television for five episodes, the sixth was okay, and then it's back to bleh again. I really don't know why anyone would watch it if they didn't get sucked in early.
  4. Jobber of the Week

    The Republican "Budget"

    Democrats propose nearly $1 trillion in new spending on health care reform as a mere “down payment” for additional spending to come. The prime focus of their agenda is the establishment of a government-run health insurance plan, designed to “compete” against private health insurance. Uh, okay. Already, states and the federal government pay nearly However, independent analysis confirms that the government-run “option” would quickly become a de facto single-payer system. Actuaries at the Lewin Group estimated that nearly three in four Americans—119 million individuals—with employer-sponsored health insurance would lose their current coverage. Ooh, lowering business costs that allow for greater flexibility in pricing! These individuals would lose their coverage not because they made a voluntary choice to accept the government plan, but because their employers would save billions of dollars by ending their current coverage and dumping their employees into the government-run plan. They'll always have the individual market if they need it. Over time, the Democrat plan would result in a government-run health system. Those who like the health insurance they have now likely will not be able to keep it because their employers will stop providing coverage. Or they could, you know, buy individual coverage. Which was what the Republicans told the uninsured until UHC started polling well. In a government-run health care system, bureaucrats would exercise increasing control over all health care decision-making and would resort to rationing of care as the sole means to control skyrocketing costs. Or they could,buy private insurance individually to get care faster or get care approved when the government plan says no (because you know it sometimes will.) Ian Dobbin, a patient in Yorkshire, England, who faced a similar dilemma because a government bureaucrat refused to approve his life-saving cancer treatment. year, excluding fraudulent activity never detected. Gosh, if only the UK had a private system complimenting the public care to provide treatments the taxpayer run system doesn't want to afford. Sounds like the Democrats have a great plan, thanks Republicans for helping me figure this out!
  5. Jobber of the Week

    YO! TSM raps: John Cena in 2009

    This. Just this. In case you forget, some rap celebrity types failed to show at WM19 for a Cena bit and so they just had him run them down. The crowd was rocked, many drunken marks were concerned he might actually get legitimately shot at for this diss. Stadium heat doesn't come across well on TV, unfortunately, and the spot on Heat before anyone had really come out and many were still finding seats didn't help much.
  6. Jobber of the Week

    YO! TSM raps: John Cena in 2009

    Regarding all the Counter-Hate. "He busts his ass" "he puts on watchable matches and wrestles a lot, what's not to love?" etc etc etc It's not that Cena is a bad wrestler. When he's not just Five Moves of Dooming his way through, he can put on a good match. The thing is that the wrestling would be as good or as bad regardless of how it's presented. Cena from 2005 or so onwards has just been a living action figure. "Attitude" struck a tone with a lot of people by going out there and admitting that even good guys have their dark sides. This was deemed more true to life than the Hogan model, though Russoing it up with unbelievably stupid angles caused the final product to stop feeling at all "real" sometime in 1998. It's not about what his wrestling is like, it's that he's a flawless puritan being of good and that is BORING. Is this what you truly find interesting? Why not just buy wind-up action figures, wind them up, and them on a march toward each other and see which one falls over first? Just pretend that Cena is GI Joe, Edge is Cobra Commander, HBK is that doll you borrowed from your sister, Big Show is your old broken Megazord that can barely move, etc. I like characters to have a little depth. The most interesting Cena match in the past year on booking was Batista. There was a lot of word that Cena VS Batista had WM main event written on it. Why? Not because of any kind of long term booking or chemistry, but because even the guys with the book know that they're so highly protected that simply putting their crowd heat on the line might draw a buyrate. I want Cena around, I just want the higher-ups to stop playing it so damn safe with him. It doesn't help that we know from the old "spoken rap entrance" days that Cena can do so much more than what he's doing.
  7. Jobber of the Week

    NHL Discussion

    That's almost as good as , which is less funny but more enjoyable since it happened to the Habs, and fuck them.
  8. Jobber of the Week

    Global Warming: the Thread

    What's this? GREEN energy!? NOT IN MY BACKYARD!~
  9. Jobber of the Week

    Global Warming: the Thread

    Energy Environmentalists VS Conservation Environmentalists... FIGHT! http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2009/mar/2...om-desert-land/ Considering the shape California is in financially, not building solar panels for some turtles that are available all over the desert and throughout Southern Nevada (we have statues of the damn things at the base our major freeway interchange), this is stupid.
  10. Jobber of the Week

    Obama wishes Iran a happy Nowruz

    "Traditionally, the U.S. president and secretary of state release statements for Nowruz." --USA TODAY Iran's leaders responded with a "bah humbug", but it probably didn't help that Israel tried the same tactic.
  11. Jobber of the Week

    Covering Coverage

    That means you need more NPR and BBC.
  12. Jobber of the Week

    YO! TSM raps: John Cena in 2009

    That the street is gone from his character is the problem, if you ask me. Cena is only over because he has very good heels to work with, because without it he'd turn into a 2001-2002 Rock. He's had that character turn where all the unique shit about him is basically sold out: the gimmick wardrobe (throwback jerseys, Rock's flashy shirts, whatever) are thrown out for WWE Shopzone shit now available at the counter in the lobby. The catchphrase list is devastated. Our character goes from being an anti-hero to a role model. The problem is, childrens' entertainment sucks if you're old. There's a reason Sesame Street has Oscar the Grouch: Because if the whole show was nothing but saccharine and goodness, adults would hate it.
  13. Jobber of the Week

    Changes made by Barack Obama

    I hate to reply to a month-old post, but I gotta fight ignorance... http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/02/12/gre...tion/index.html There's somethings Democrats and Republicans fundamentally disagree on. How they thought you could fit a conservative commerce department into a liberal administration is beyond me. Commerce is one of the most important-sounding, low-priority jobs around. It sure as fuck isn't Treasury. Running Commerce, your job is basically to make sure that 12 inches equals a foot for ten years. It's not terribly interesting, and Gregg left probably because the mothership called him back home, and the mothership probably called him back home because they wanted to saturate the media with more bad news. "He can't get any traction on stimulus! And now this happens! At the same time! This is doomsday for Hulk Ho- I mean, Barack Obama!"
  14. Jobber of the Week

    Covering Coverage

    Socialism in it's true form includes state ownership of industry and almost no wealth inequality. What is constantly shot at here as "socialism" is Social Democracy. We are so married to Reagan that "the government does something" is now considered socialism. To be fair, most of these sales are being done now under the assumption that the "Assault Weapons" Ban is going to be reinstated. However, when you read the news and see "sales of guns have multiplied since the appearance of Barack Obama on the campaign trail," you can't help but tease the thought that it's the nation's racists arming themselves to the teeth.
  15. Jobber of the Week

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    I think when you refer to Chicago floor traders as part of a majority you're a douche to begin with.