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  1. the max

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    I'm there, yes. BTW, your team is a bunch of highlight hair tipped fruity cheaters.
  2. the max

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    I'm outta here too. The place has been dead for days. Was a nice board for 7 years.
  3. the max

    Worst commissioner in sports?

    If you give away free puppies, you don't keep half the puppy. Teams should be able to negotiate trades where one picks up some of the cash if that's what it takes to get a deal done, but if a player is claimed off waivers, the waiving team should have no contractual obligations left once the player is claimed. That's common sense. It's not a "great way" to do anything. Except these aren't puppies, they're multi-million dollar contracts. I've explained it to you before. Only on reentry waivers does the waiving team pick up half the salary. If tomorrow, the Bruins decided to send down Zdeno Chara, he would have to clear waivers. If the Islanders claimed him, they are stuck with his entire price-tag. But if Chara cleared waivers and the Bruins called him back up, he would have to clear reentry waivers. If the Islanders claimed him then, they get him at half price. I don't see a problem with it, but then again, my team hasn't been crippled with waiver obligations. No team really has been. And the trades where teams throw in cash? I thought you hated big market teams. What's to stop the Rags from getting rid of a shitty contract by giving the player and the cash to pay for it for another team's good young prospect that they know they won't be able to afford? That's ok to you but not reentry waiver cost? Bullshit.
  4. the max

    Worst commissioner in sports?

    Yup, Bettman and Bettman alone is responsible for this. If he instituted a "WOODEN STICKS ONLY: FOR THE GOOD OF THE GAME" most players would have a big problem with it as they prefer composite sticks now. The guy (Petiot) that the Leafs sent to Tampa has played for them. As for why the Leafs traded for an injured Kolzig and Heward? Who the fuck knows? I thought Burke always knows what he's doing. Actually there is insurance if they are permanently injured. The Bruins ran into this with Alexei Zhamnov when he destroyed his ankle. The contract appears on the cap but has no effect on it, since once Zhamnov was medically examined at the start of the 07-08 season, he was deemed unfit to play and his contract was paid by an insurance company. And you can still release players with buyouts and waivers. The DiPietro contract WAS stupid. Look who gave it out though. Wang couldn't find his dick in the dark. But compare that 15 year deal with Ovechkin's 15 year deal and tell me if Washington isn't happy they locked him up for his career? Only to send a player signed to a one-way contract to the minors do you have to place him on waivers. And that's to the player's advantage. If a guy isn't playing well for a team and the team tries to send him to the minors, he gets a chance to catch on with another team. If he does get sent down and the team is obviously desparate enough to try to get rid of him, they should be responsible for half his salary. If he's not worth the contract, don't sign him to it. It's a great way to stop big market teams from sending away their expensive but useless players to small teams without having to pay a penalty. Bettman and the BOG aren't doing anything to increase scoring? They've been talking about making the nets bigger for years. They added the new faceoff rule following a penalty this year. They eliminated the two-line pass. Not really for me. I'm guessing the #'s in parentheses are the OT record? Add another column to the standings? Look, I'm not some kind of Bettman apologist. But people act like he literally sits in his office and draws up ways to ruin the league. Any rule changes are done by the Board of Governors. Bettman is hired by the owners of all 30 teams to make them money. Not to make the league more enjoyable. Not to make sure every fan is happy. He's hired to make the league owners more money.
  5. the max

    FS: XBOX 360 - Halo 3 Special Edition

    Those look like component cables, not HDMI.
  6. the max

    Take the skinheads bowling

    The fiance was/is an avid bowler, being on a team when she was 11 with her brother and his friends. She still has about five personal bowling balls. We went out when I was still courting her early in our relationship and she fucking rolled me. Bad. Something like 213-75. I was actually proud that I got a 75. My lifetime high score was a 115 and it was on a night that everything went well. I stopped to get gas and in the middle of it, the station lost power so I got a tank of gas for free. The restaurant had a special on the food I wanted. We went bowling and I got a 115 and I ended up getting head because her parents were preoccupied with a waterbed leak.
  7. the max

    NHL Discussion

    I enjoyed seeing him have passion. He's kinda wooden normally, so I side with him on those goals. What's mind boggling is that they don't have replays in the AHL. You have to rely on their officiating which is worse than the NHL's.
  8. the max


    We were raised in Massachusetts.
  9. the max


    My cousin jumped on the Bulls bandwagon in the 90's and is now a self-proclaimed "die-hard" Celtics fan. But he also kind of likes the Cavs. And the Heat.
  10. the max

    TSM Death Pool -- 2009

    I honestly still don't know who she is and I just read an article about her.
  11. the max

    NHL Discussion

    Hey the Bruins showed up today and clinched the division title.
  12. the max

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    I don't talk to half of my mom's family for things that were said/done when my grandmother died. Haven't talked to my dad in almost 9 years. Not sure if he's still alive. But the worst is my cousin who has had various substance abuse issues and lost more jobs than I've had in my life. The problem is that we were practically like brothers when we were younger and his mom (my aunt, obviously) still remembers all this. She tries to keep me in his life and vice versa despite that we are completely different now. I can't even have a ten minute conversation with him now but my aunt caused a big fucking to-do when she suggested that he come live with me when the better half and I move into our house next week. I politely declined, citing that we already have a roommate. She flipped her lid about how our roommate is a friend and my cousin is family, etc. Somehow I ended up the asshole to that side of the family because he's going to be stuck living with my aunt and uncle more. It's just fucking retarded.
  13. the max

    NHL Discussion

    The difference is that the Devils are getting hot, the Bruins have been ice cold since February. They definitely took advantage of their cupcake schedule earlier this year. Now that they're playing good/hungry teams, they can't win games. It's concerning.
  14. the max

    NHL Discussion

    Compared to the Scabs, the Bruins are the fucking Soviets. But all that gritty, sandpaper hearty grit gets nowhere when you can't score goals. Krejci has been doing a great Kovalev impression the last month or so. The scoring from the defensemen not named Chara has disappeared. They come out firing and just seem to lose interest as the game goes on. Lucic has been hurt for the last 3 months and can no longer assert himself in the games like he used to. It's a different team. I'm just too tired to break the team down. I'm going to bed.
  15. the max

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Looks like the Korea Mets blew this one.