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  1. dropkickguy

    JBL Says Goodbye

    The APA was the best thing to happen to his career. Nobody remembers the Acolytes.
  2. dropkickguy

    Does Rourke Being at WM Cheapen "The Wrestler"?

    IIRC... the working idea was for Jericho to face Rourke because Jericho is one of the select few that can work a match with just about anyone. I think that WWE has been holding out hope that Rourke may decide to wrestle but it doesn't look likely. This angle reminds me of Orton circa 2004 taking out the legends. It worked well in establishing Orton. What I can foresee is Jericho will likely wrestle someone other than Rourke and Rourke gets involved in the match causing Jericho to lose the match.
  3. dropkickguy

    Jericho mobbed by fans, hits woman

    I don't think that the situation would have escalated this far if Jericho had Rufus and the Jericholic Ninja from his WCW days.
  4. dropkickguy

    Does Rourke Being at WM Cheapen "The Wrestler"?

    I think it's a win-win. It's a way of cross promoting and it makes smart business sense. Funny how Vince did an about face. For all those saying this is stupid, it's not anymore stupid than Mayweather beating Big Show last year. Did Rourke really say he's going to "toss him around like salad"?
  5. dropkickguy

    Broadway Brett beats retirement!

    With all do respect to Brett Favre, has overextended his stay in the NFL. Brett had a phenomenal season. If you go back and watch the playoff game where they were eliminated by the Giants, you can see that he doesn't even want to be on the field anymore. The Age of Rodgers.