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  1. krease

    Pictures I Like

    too soon?
  2. krease

    Matt Young and Leena's Road Trip

    Especially since "The Most Disgusting Slutty Cunt On Earth" is still live:
  3. krease

    Pictures I Like

  4. krease

    Pictures I Like

  5. Story here: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=421617 [EDIT] Can a mod update the title to reflect that they might be moving? [/EDIT]
  6. krease

    Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Both AO and Crosby got hat tricks in that game. The Caps may be up 2-0, but both games were by one goal - if Malkin & co can just step it up a bit, then the Pens have a very good chance to catch up...
  7. krease

    House Season 5

    Well that episode was like something out of a fanfic... Cuddy: "I've had a crush on you for the past 20 years" House: *looks around* "We're all alone" Cuddy: "Let's do it" House: "oh yeah baby" ...and they begin groping each other
  8. krease

    Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Haha, I was saying the exact same thing to my wife recently! The only team left in the East that I don't particularly like is Carolina - the Bruins should make quick work of them though.
  9. krease

    Joss Whedon's Dollhouse

    I actually quite enjoyed all the episodes... except for the first one. Also, hooray for finding ways to incorporate other Firefly actors -
  10. krease

    The WWE Caption Game!

  11. krease

    The WWE Caption Game!

  12. krease

    Pictures I Like

  13. krease

    Pictures I Like

  14. krease

    Food Porn

    Fast Food - Reality
  15. krease

    Pictures I Like

    CAMELTOE~! Was waiting for someone else to notice... How could anyone miss that?