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  1. Star Ocean 3

    The State of TSM Address

    Something Awful costs money, and DVD doesn't seem to accept new members, you bad boy.
  2. Star Ocean 3

    TNA Sacrifice

    So Daniels is defending it now?
  3. Star Ocean 3

    What happened to DrVenkman?

    Yes, all of that discussion belongs in the new No Homers Board.
  4. Star Ocean 3

    FOX Sunday Night 08/09 - now in HD!

    American Dad was the best of the night again, but the joke with Homer thinking Lovejoy was a pizza delivery boy was great.
  5. Star Ocean 3

    DECLASSIFIED: Let's have a going-away party thread for Kotz

    Ah, I figured there would be something like that from him. His obsession with me was very strange.
  6. Star Ocean 3

    DECLASSIFIED: Let's have a going-away party thread for Kotz

    Oooh, did they talk about me in any secret threads?
  7. Star Ocean 3

    ROH vs. CHIKARA: Would it Work?

    PWG and ROH are pretty far from each other so it'd be hard to contrive a reason for them to feud. Maybe say that ROH stole talent after PWG made them stars. Steen and Generico have both been PWG champs, but the former doesn't even wrestle there anymore.
  8. Star Ocean 3

    ROH vs. CHIKARA: Would it Work?

    Super Dragon is super fat and super not wrestling anymore.
  9. Star Ocean 3

    Pictures I Like

    I started this before your GTG even existed, son. Picture I like knows no silly constraints like "folders."
  10. Star Ocean 3

    NHL Discussion

    I don't understand that. Finishing ninth won't do them better than a first round exit will. It'd be good to get a guy like Bobby Ryan playoff experience now, because he could end up being the best guy on the team.
  11. Star Ocean 3

    NHL Discussion

    In remembrance: You see, because he was a Leaf, and the piece I linked to is called Feuilles Mortes, which means Dead Leaves in French. Plus, it was written by the greatest piano composer, Debussy.
  12. Star Ocean 3

    Convinient Thread Alignment

    I've been meaning to bump this thread, but I don't see those topics anywhere!
  13. Star Ocean 3

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    I sat next to Consequences Creed for a 3 hour NWA TV taping in Hollywood. That's all.
  14. Star Ocean 3

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    As dumb as TNA can be I can't stand to support Vince McMahon anymore. At least TNA has people I can like, WWE is just awful.
  15. Star Ocean 3

    Worst commissioner in sports?

    Behind-the-scenes talk never really interested me much, so I can't say that any commissioner can ruin a sport for me. The NHL threads are regularly the most active threads on the board, but Bettman ruined it for everyone? I know it's in bad shape with TV and everything, but at the core all I care about are the standings and if the games are still watchable.