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  1. I always wanted to start in 1985 and build my own number one superstar, and make Hogan just another midcarder. But the problem with the scenario is as the years go by, the wrestlers that debuted then won't debut in the scenario, so no Tazz and Rob Van Dam etc...and there were pretty shitty wrestlers back then.


    You can do TNA from the start of the promotion.

  2. Get well soon Angle. Thats all i can say


    It only adds to the already established idea that TNA can't make its own stars and has to steal them from WWE.


    AWM, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Alex Shelley, Petey Williams all say hello.


    How many of those mentioned are really stars though (as in people whoa ctually draw the crowds/buyrates)? I dont think they have many self-created stars at all. But this is a topic not suitable for this thread.


    They can't be *stars* because they don't as much media coverage as WWE. And I think Samoa Joe IS draw in TNA now.

  3. Okay who's that really fat guy in the pink, that fat guy doing an elbow drop and that guy who's wearing Ric Flair merchandise? Also, I don't see the One Legged Wonder aka Tenacious Z aka Zach Gowen on one of those pictures. I didn't even know he was still wrestling...


    and why is Rosey wearing his superhero outfit? Rosey, you're not in the WWE anymore, get a new gimmick...

  4. Why would they want to fuck a 5 year old? Because of the "Yum-yum" ofcourse. They're probably better at it than adults....okay eww what am I saying. Well anyways, it's sick but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do....


    wait, what?

  5. To the people who are saying he'll sign with TNA: lol. The report says the WWE will sign him back the moment he has his life back on track. Angle is way too loyal to the WWE, couple that with the fact that TNA doesn't have enough money to sign Angle (even with Spike TV's help) and you'll never see Angle in a TNA ring. He asked for a release or he got released for his own well being, one of the two, so he'll sign with the WWE immediately when he's ready again.


    Its sad to see Angle go because he's such a great wrestler but like everybody else is saying, it's sometimes just creepy to watch him bump and stuff like that because you know the man has loads of injuries but he just won't stop.

  6. Ok lets be realistic, does anyone think Hogan is going to let Randy Orton go over? I mean you can say its a "passing of the torch" kinda thing all you want, but this is fucking Randy Orton. If Hogan didn't let HBK go over, I will be surprised if Orton goes over.


    Still can't believe HBK didn't win....he was awesome as a Heel again. I'll never forget and delete that HBK promo in Montreal, LOVE IT!

  7. This might be bullshit, it was credited to the Wrestling Observer:


    WWE has been thinking about bringing back the Too Cool stable with Brian Lawler (Grandmaster Sexay) & Rikishi as well as adding Ron "The Truth" Killings to the team if at all possible. Brian Lawler was backstage recently at the show in Memphis, TN and talked to John Laurinaitis about coming back, though nothing more has been mentioned involving his name. WWE did express interest in Killings, but due to his current contract, nothing has happened. With Killings being visibly upset and asking for his release now, a return to WWE is very likely.


    Hey guys, happy millenium, its 2000!

  8. Card and predictions:


    WWE Title, "Championship changes hands on a DQ" Match

    Edge (with Lita) .VS. John Cena.

    Winner: John Cena.


    World Heavyweight Title Match

    King Booker (with Queen Sharmell) .VS. Batista.

    Winner: King Booker.


    ECW World Heavyweight Title Match

    The Big Show .VS. Sabu.

    Winner: The Big Show.


    "Legend .VS. Legend Killer" Match

    Hulk Hogan .VS. Randy Orton.

    Winner: Hulk Hogan.


    Tag Team Match

    DX .VS. Vince & Shane McMahon.

    Winners: DX.


    "I Quit" Match

    Mick Foley .VS. Ric Flair.

    Winner: Mick Foley.


    Singles Match

    Rey Mysterio .VS. Chavo Guerrero.

    Winner: Rey Mysterio.


    I'm most looking forward to Foley/Flair, I guess. Hogan/Orton for the carwreck possibility with Hogan's knee. Hopefully Mysterio/Guerrero can pull out something like their Great American Bash 2004 match.



    I agree with all your predictions, although I wouldn't be surprised if Ric Flair won.