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  1. His gimmick needs to die now but that doesn't have to mean his career is over too because good writers can make anyone get over. Hell, they can even joke about his size but just let him squash a couple of guys to get his credibility back. I'm not going to lie, I have a soft spot for the guy.

  2. Hmm, they can have Brooke come out and "give the fans what they want". Hulk comes out and tells her "no", Orton comes out and he tells Hulk that Brooke isn't a little girl anymore and Brooke agrees. Hulk attacks Orton and drags Brooke out of the arena. I wonder how the fans would react, Hulk semi-heel turn? Yay.

  3. Fidel Sierra

    Hardcore Holly - Why? Oh Why? He was not over at all for a World Title programme.


    Holly IS very over, just listen to the pops he gets. You just hate him because of his personality and that he's boring in the ring but don't say he wasn't over enough because he got and still gets main event pops.