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  1. Heyman's company has turned into WrestleCrap. Or worse...a one hour extended Raw.


    "Turned" into Wrestlecrap? ECW has had ONE SHOW so far. One Night Stand was great, their first show on Sci-Fi wasn't anything "innovative" but that can be explained. They wanted to get good ratings for the first show so they made Cena and Edge show up to get the ratings up, it's logic. Give the new ECW a couple of months to really get off the ground. Don't say it's shit after one show.... :bonk:

  2. - After Summerslam '97, Steve Austin didn't have a good match until 2001.


    Yeah, the main event of WM14 was horrible, and that Over the Edge 98 match with Dude Love was one of the worst matches of all time. Let's not forget those horrible matches with The Rock at WM15 and Backlash 99, those guys don't know how to work at all. Oh and how can I forget that sloppy and dreadful Summerslam 98 main event with The Undertaker, why was Vince doing booking those 2 clowns in the main event!


    WM 14 I'll buy. Even with Shawn's messed up back they still managed to have a pretty good match. The Dude Love and and Undertaker matches were solid, but they were hardly great. And no, I don't care for either of those matches against the Rock. As far as the "punch-kick-brawl into the crowd-break the announce table-overdo finishers" style that oversaturated every main event for most of '98 and '99 (and into 2000) the Rock matches were okay, but given the formula, that's not saying much. That terrible brawling formula killed a lot of those matches for me. There was just nothing to it.


    The Dude Love match was more then just a wrestling match, it was the best booked wrestling match problay the WWE has ever done. The fued leading up to it and the match it self was amazing. It was more then just a wrestling match, it was why the WWF peaked. And the ending was just perfect. That was WWE at it's best.


    To me, WWF at its best was stuff like the Bret/Owen saga.


    I'm not going to argue that the Dude Love match was well booked and a good enough match. Best booked match ever is definitely stretching it. I might call it appropriate over-booking. I don't think it's necessarily WHY the WWF peaked, but it served its purpose. I'm not going to bash the match. But even you admit the best part about the match is the storyline and the booking. That's fine, but it doesn't exactly make me say, "Wow that Austin just had a killer match."


    I just don't have a whole lot of love for much of the in-ring product from that era. The main events were the only matches that ever got any time at all but 95% of them just didn't interest me. Mostly it's the brawling and predictable formula that I mentioned earlier. I'm sorry, Austin/Kane, Austin/Rock (in 99), Austin/Vince, Austin/Undertaker (though I will admit Summerslam is their best match against each other), Austin/HHH (in 99) just didn't do it for me at all. Every match felt exactly the same. It was like they were just stalling for the finish and the first 15 minutes meant nothing. It was just mindless brawling with the predictable and pointless crowd/aisle brawling and announce table spots thrown in. Austin certainly used it the most, but Rock and HHH fell back on this at times too after Austin got hurt. Main events were just very underwhelming to me for a long time in between Bret's departure and the hot HHH/Foley series.


    In hindsight, I should have said "After WM 14, Austin didn't have a good match until 2001." And from there, I'll give you this: the Dude Love match is good, and the Undertaker Summerslam match is pretty good. But other than that I can't think of another match I liked.


    My point is this: for the better part of three years (late 97-early 01... and I know he missed some time with injuries in there), I really think he had three matches that can be considered good- Michaels, Dude Love, and Undertaker. 3 good matches in 3 years isn't very impressive. So while I admit my original statement may have been a little inaccurate, I completely stand by its sentiment.


    Yeah but there is also arguement that the overall wrestling in that time period was horrible, but very entertaining and popular. When Vince Russo was in charge, his idea wasn't "We can build great ratings by great wrestling", he idea was more of making Pro Wrestling a normal "TV Show", granted it was entertaining, I grew up through that time period, and that was IMO as popular if not more then then Hulk Hogan era.


    Steve Austin was still a capable wrestler then, but he didn't have the chance to wrestle againest Benoit, Angle, Jericho, RVD, and improved wrestlers in Rock and HHH.


    That's what I'm trying to say. In your post you downside the legacy of Stone Cold, you're problay an older guy who grew up in the Hulkamania era who doesn't realize how popular wrestling was from 1998-2001.


    If he grew up during the Hulkamania era, he had even more sucky wrestling and even more underwhelming Main Events. Watching Hogan during the Hulkamania is way more boring than watching Austin beat the crap out of The Rock. The dude has a point in that during the Attitude era the wrestling wasn't good even though they were really popular. I guess he started watching wrestling during Bret Hart's time on top with HBK and Austin fighting for the belt, 'cause they did put on great matches (that's because of Hart ofcourse).

  3. I liked Muhammed Hassan


    I like the Spirit Squad


    I mark for Ken Kennedy


    I like JBL because of his mic skills


    I don't like Rey Mysterio, I think he does deserve to be the World Champion once but he needs to drop it fast


    I don't mind Mark Henry


    I watch wrestling for the promos, not only for the wrestling. I'd rather see a Chris Jericho promo any day over London/Kendrick vs. The Mexicools or something



    A crazy win at Judgment Day lands the Cruiserweight Champion back on teh POWER 25.





    I thought that was a typo on your part, but it actually says it like that on the WWE.com site.


    I know :P Next thing you know they'll say things like: Mark Henry owned Chris Benoit with his l33tness which brings him back in teh Power 25, rofl.

  5. Spirit Squad hands down. Umaga sucks ass, accomplishes nothing, and wastes time. Estrada had potential as the Cuban Nature Boy, but he's being completely wasted and is nothing special now.


    The Spirit Squad are at least pushing Kenny hard, plus the crowd hates them, and they have the gimmicks, cheating tactics and overall douchebag personas that make people want to see them get their asses kicked.

    No that would be Masters, Snitsky, Maven heat of WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY IN THE MAIN EVENT!


    Maven heat? When Maven was a Heel he got legit heat, I think he was a good Heel. No Heel Maven dissing here.

  6. I love when people talk about Smackdown! being so poor they say: 'soon Batista and Ken Kennedy will return so SD! will have more stars and options for feuds again'. I mean, Kennedy is seen as a saviour of the brand. I understand people mention Batista because he's a draw and a former World Champion who never lost the World Title but Ken Kennedy was part of the brand for around 4 months and he's already seen as a SD! Main Eventer. I do it myself too, I guess he just made a big impact on everybody.

  7. I'm confused, I just read three spoilers in a row. I take it the last one is real, but why would Henry leave with the title but the ring announcer doesn't announce him as the champ :S


    Also, Booker T would have been way more logical as the no.1 contender for the World Title.