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  1. Kane turns on Big Show at Backlash and gets drafted to Smackdown! where he finally gets a World Heavyweight Title run. Kane/Batista at Summerslam for the title.


    Shelton Benjamin & JBL get drafted to SD! and RAW, switching champions. JBL can feud with Flair and Chavo or form his own stable. Benjamin can have great matches with Benoit, Hardy and Finlay.


    Rey Mysterio either loses the title really fast or he keeps it for like 3 months before losing it to Kane. Mysterio goes back to being a Upper Midcarder because he isn't a credible champion.


    HBK and HHH reunite to form DX (hopefully), they should be Face/Tweeners. Cena goes away from the main event for a while. Edge is the best option to hold the WWE Title. RVD can feud with him, HHH and HBK can feud with him and even Cena can feud with him. Edge is the only real Heel right now on RAW, he can be a great coward Heel.


    Booker T & Goldust reunite to feud with the Gymini or MNM. MNM might go to RAW (I hope not cause the Spirit Squad should be the number one tag team on RAW). Booker T can also go to RAW and reunite with Goldust there.


    They should tease a Undertaker title run when Undertaker faces Kane for the World Title but Kane NEEDS to go over to make him a credible champ. Taker gets drafted to RAW afterwards and when Edge loses the WWE Title around the Royal Rumble he feuds with Taker at 'Mania. Edge beats Taker at Mania.


    Maybe HHH/Cena rematch at 'Mania. HHH is the one that stops Edge's title run as a face. Cena returns as a dick Heel and they have a rematch.

  2. Jumping off the balcony and crowd fighting is cool. Having separate guard rails inside the crowd, however is stupid, but not a huge deal.


    IIRC, are there not already separate guardrails in those areas around the stage, IRL, anyway?


    There are some guardrails in the crowd, but not in that spot right on the floor. Realistically, it looks like the crowd had to jump over the guardrail to get to their seats. It's hardly crowd fighting, but rather just an expanded 'aisle' to fight... with apparently a balcony.


    Ladder matches were fun in HCTP & SVR1, but in 2006, they were unbearable. Anytime you climbed the ladder, the CPU would immediately climb the other side, resulting in a fight up top, where it would take an hour for one of you to fall back. There's other problems, but I can't remember exactly.


    HIAC matches need to be desperately reworked, as do Elimination Chambers.


    Ye in HCTP is used to do loads of Ladder matches because they were so fun but in 2006 you couldn't knock down the ladder anymore (well you could but it was a glitch I think) and that sucks. In the Elimination Chamber wrestlers climb on top of the cages WAY too much. HCTP > 2006 in those matches.

  3. That Meltzer update was yesterday on April Fools, I bet it's not true. I have nothing to do, I'm bored, so I'll just go by every match and rant.



    WWE Championship

    Triple H vs. John Cena


    Whether you like it or not Cena is the hottest thing in the WWE right now. He's loved in the media, he has been on tons of TV shows. He has a pretty large fanbase and they buy every piece of Cena merchandise they can get. Cena also has a lot of haters. He gets the loudest boos in the WWE today and he's not even a Heel. I don't know if it's smart to turn Cena heel because when he really does turn Heel the haters won't boo as much anymore because it's not the face Cena character anymore. When you watch a Cena match you might be bored by the match itself but the crowd is always nuts during his matches and it really adds to a contest. People say Cena is better as a guy that chases the title but why though? That mostly works for a Face but Cena is a Tweener now and I think the WWE has accepted that. Cena/HHH is the perfect feud for Cena because he can still play a Face but he knows when the fans boo em they'll cheer HHH because HHH still has a big fanbase as well. I don't see the crowd cheer for Kane against Cena to be honest. In the Backlash ad Cena says he'll take back what is his, that points to HHH winning at 'Mania, BUT Vince makes up his mind a lot. If HHH beats Cena tonight, Cena will look like a complete tool because this whole feud is about how bad Cena is and how good HHH is. As much as I'd like to see HHH win the belt again, I think they should let Cena retain. Let Cena suck up all the boos. At Backlash HHH beats Cena and Cena takes a step back from the belt for a while. I just hope that when HHH wins the title he doesn't go on a burying spree again. I like HHH lately, I prefer him as champ over Cena now unless HHH starts cutting 20 minute promos again when he's champ. A HHH/Mysterio feud going into Summerslam would rock.


    World Heavyweight Championship

    Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle


    Biggest pop of the night might actually be Angle retaining the title but there is no way the WWE will do that. If Cena retains, Vince will probably think they NEED to have the title change hands, it's a goddamn WWE law. IMO it would be fresh and smart to let both champions retain because they both haven't had the title long (you can say Cena held it all year but Edge was champ as well). They almost have to let Mysterio win this match because Orton beat him, Angle beat him, so if he loses tonight he's once again just a midcarder that is different because of his size. This match will make or break Rey Rey. Hopefully the crowd won't shit on Mysterio (I think they kinda will) and he gets a good celebration. Orton should NOT and will not win this match. A Heel winning a title at 'Mania? HHH/Cena is Tweener versus Tweener. They just can't afford to have a Heel win this match and the winner of HHH/Cena will no matter what be a Heel anyways so that means two Heels win at 'Mania, no way. Mysterio walks out champion. Gets defeated by Kane at Judgment Day, then gets drafted to RAW where he feuds with HHH.


    Interpromotional Money in the Bank Match

    RVD Vs. Shelton Benjamin Vs. Ric Flair Vs. Matt Hardy Vs. Lashley Vs. Finlay


    Everybody except Matt Hardy and Ric Flair may win this IMO. Hardy is just boring lately and Flair is way too old. It's not credible to have him win a damn Ladder match. Don't get me wrong I would love to have Flair win the World Title again and then lose it again the other night or something weird like that but the guy is just too old. RVD should win this because he deserves it but I'm afraid we will never see RVD win the WWE Title. Shelton is one of my favorite wrestlers so he can win. Lashley is on a roll lately but I guess he needs to finish his awesome feud with Finlay first. It's not time for Lashley yet to get a WWE Title shot. I would mark out if Finlay wins, he's just great but he's already in a feud. I hope they play the Lashley/Finlay feud up in the match. They should brawl away and then Hardy does a crazy bump, Benjamin steals the show but eventually fucks up a move so it's down to RVD and Flair.


    No Holds Barred

    Shawn Michaels vs. Vince McMahon


    How can Vince NOT lose this match? Horrible build-up to this match. They've shoved it down our throats and it didn't taste good. HBK could have been in a Interpromotional match with Randy Orton or something but nooooo, Vince wanted to have a match. It'll be a entertaining contest but nothing special. HBK wins ofcourse.



    Edge vs. Mick Foley


    It'll be a crazy match but there is no way Foley should win. I can see Foley winning, sadly enough. Edge is the best Heel in the WWE today, he deserves to win at 'Mania.



    Mark Henry vs. The Undertaker


    Why would Henry win this match? Unless they plan to make Henry the champion anytime soon Taker will win this.


    United States Championship

    Chris Benoit vs. John Bradshaw Layfield


    Hopefully JBL wins, it would be refreshing. JBL is great as a champion, Benoit is bland as a champion. Benoit has been boring the last couple of months, JBL as always has been funny and entertaining. JBL wins the match so they can carry on their feud. Maybe MOTN, looking forward to seeing JBL with the US Title. Of course there is a chance Benoit retains so give the fans a feel good moment (this probs will be the opener).


    Booker T & Sharmell vs. Boogeyman


    The Boogeyman is injured so this will be quick, hopefully this means a match like the MitB or JBL/Benoit gets more minutes. Boogeyman is on a roll so he can't afford to lose. BUT on the other hand The Boogeyman will take time off after 'Mania because of his injury so maybe the Bookerman beats the Boogeyman by cheating.


    World Tag Titles

    Kane & Big Show vs. Masters & Carlito


    Most people are not looking forward to this match, I am though. It would be cool to see Carlito and Masters with the tag titles but I wonder who they can feud with. This should be the opener but it probably won't be. I think Kane and Show retain if JBL wins, they might get beat by Masters and Carlito the next day on RAW though.


    Women's Title

    Trish vs. Mickie


    Good feud, Mickie should win because what else can she do if Trish retains.


    They could have thrown in MNM vs. Mexicools, would have been an awesome opener.


    Also I think we will see Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Ken Kennedy and maybe even Arn Anderson (backstage pumping up Flair) tonight. The place would erupt if Bret Hart showed up but I doubt it. Also I want Ted DiBiase to show up in character :D