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  1. Annabelle

    hey leena

    hey leena is that you in your avatar?
  2. Annabelle

    Leena's Resignation

  3. Annabelle

    The Xavier Cromartie question of the day

    shut up
  4. Annabelle

    The End - Part Deux

    get over it bitches.
  5. Annabelle

    The Vag That Defined A Generation

    ...and trashing 1979? he can go to hell.
  6. Annabelle

    The Vag That Defined A Generation

    can byron be any worse? your musical commentary sucks. talk about a black eye on this folder.
  7. Annabelle

    Your 10 Favorite Albums

    shut up
  8. Annabelle

    Your 10 Favorite Albums

    god, korn? you're awful.
  9. Annabelle

    NHL Discussion

    sammy pauhlson is not an unripe ahler i didnt like the trade either, but i understand it. who knows how healthy pauhlson is gonna be, though.
  10. Annabelle

    Brodeur vs. Roy

    Don't see the argument in this at all... Both had great teams, I doubt their would be much difference at all. media attention. roy gets blown HARD because he played in hockey mecca. brodeur gets a tad underated because he was forgotten in jersey. if brodeur put up those numbers in montreal, he'd be considered hands down the best.
  11. Annabelle

    Brodeur vs. Roy

    if roy played in jersey and brodeur in montreal we wouldn't even be having a debate about this.
  12. Annabelle

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    ya, that morgan freeman can be quite a pill. fuck morgan freeman.
  13. Annabelle

    '90s Song Tournament Nominations

    snow - informer
  14. i'm almost hurt i never get nominated for these things anymore
  15. Annabelle

    KOAB --> Re: Disneyland

    why is space mountain always broken? why was it so busy last week? why is javier from the jungle adventure so funny? why does california adventure play so many mamas and the papas songs?
  16. Annabelle

    The Truthiness is a fucking stinky twatfart

    TTK must be getting close to 40, isn't he? i think its time to find a new hobby.
  17. Annabelle

    Let's Spend The Thread Together

    otis redding's version is the best, i reckon.
  18. Annabelle

    Sublime Re-Unite After 13 Years...

    right on. i think i've got a stronger immunity to sublime than most. i still listen to them. although, this is a horrible, horrible idea.
  19. Annabelle

    KOAB --> Re: Disneyland

    what ride did you work on?
  20. Annabelle

    KOAB --> Re: Disneyland

    i just got back from a vacation there is laura prepon the most famous celeb you've seen there?
  21. Annabelle

    KOAB --> Re: Disneyland

    do employees get free passes? ultimate fast passes?
  22. Annabelle

    KOAB --> Re: Disneyland

    i couldn't imagine disneyland without fast passes. waiting in line for 2 hours for any ride is ridiculous. i didn't realize you got fired, i honestly thought you still worked there. sorry. are the majority of people who work at disneyland happy, or do they consider it the most miserable place ever? i think i'd go crazy. the indy ride is fun, although i could see that ride causing severe physical harm to a guest. are disneyland and california adventure considered two separate entities as far as employees go? or do employees work for both parks?
  23. at home really sucks in this thread, btw.
  24. lenin didn't have the balls to do what stalin did. stalin was the ultimate motivator. he is one of the best and most evil dictators in history. his agricultural program was meant to kill off the countryside and kulaks. it was all urbanization. and it worked. but like all dictatorships, corruption fucks it all up. stalin was quite remarkable. i think you need to brush up on your stalin shit, guy.