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  1. BruiserKC

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    We've got one in our garage, but mostly only because we've also got every other tool and hardware known to man. Except for a chainsaw. Always wanted a chainsaw, dammit. As for the TV-14 bashing, it's actually just Vince going back to his old argument. Before the Attitude era, the WWF in outside interviews would constantly knock NWA/WCW for being overly violent and adult. This even went so far as to criticize things which weren't violent and adult but just claimed to be, like the first Uncensored ppv. But apparently it was OK for Vince when he had Kaientai try to choppy-choppy Val Venis' pee-pee, give us Katie Vick and watch HHH perform a necrophiliac's wet dream, or Mae Young giving birth to a hand. If Vince does it it's creative, apparently.
  2. BruiserKC

    Covering Coverage

    MSNBC's obsession with everything Fox News irritates me. The other night I'm channel-flipping between the game and Keith Olbermann...everytime I watched him he happened to be ripping on FNC commentators or having clips from Fox News and tearing them apart. Olbermann is a joke as a commentator, he needs to stick with sports.
  3. BruiserKC

    The OaO Raw Thread - 3/30/09

    Great promo by Orton at the end of the show. To be honest though I would have liked it much more the night after WM with Orton holding the title belt. Especially the part of the IED being a sham. I really hope they put Orton over and give him a run, I've never been a big fan of his but he is RED hot right now.
  4. BruiserKC

    24 -- Season 7

    Great season so far. I'm very interested to see how Olivia fits into all of this somehow. Is she really out to help her mom or does she have her own hidden agenda.
  5. BruiserKC

    National Security & Defense

    I think right now Russia is in huge trouble financially because of the drop in oil prices. Ideally they thrive on oil prices sitting at about $60-80 a barrel, and right now with oil way below that they are hurting. This can make them someone to watch, I think it's more an issue of money.
  6. BruiserKC

    Cowboys release Terrell Owens

    As a Bears fan...there is no way in hell I want T.O. anywhere near Soldier Field in the blue and orange. Owens has some great stats but he always seemed to strike me as a player who didn't come through when it really counted as much as one should to be considered a great receiver. What comes to mind was in '01 when the Bears beat the Niners in OT. Mike Brown basically tears the ball right out of Owens' arms and took it in for the winning TD. Besides, both Angelo's and Lovie's jobs are pretty much on the line this season and that would be the wrong gamble to take.
  7. BruiserKC

    2009 Hall of Fame

    If they want to keep the Texas feel of this WM, I want to see them induct Barry Windham this year and have either IRS or Daddy Blackjack introduce him.
  8. BruiserKC

    NBA: Is Pushing Stars Over Teams Right?

    It strikes me though that all sports push their stars. Even in football they make a big deal out of the stars...such as if it's Adrian Peterson and the Vikings doing battle with Eli Manning and the Giants. It strikes me as something they did ever since free agency was introduced to sports, where a player now spending his whole career with a team is the exception now.
  9. BruiserKC

    Covering Coverage

    The Democrats don't have to own anything. Republicans were in charge of the war when that went bad, so they got blamed. Republicans were in charge of economic policy when the economy went bad, so they got blamed. If things don't get better, the Democrats just need to claim "things are worse than we thought, we need more time to undo all the damage the Republicans did." They don't have to own anything, but the voters have entrusted the Democrats to fix the problems. Like one journalist noted, "Obama voted against the war, but he's inheriting the responsibility to end it." It's not about owning anything, it's about whose responsibility it is to fix it. And if things don't improve, we will reach the point where no one will want to hear about how it's the Republicans' fault. The way things are right now, Obama pretty much has enough votes in Congress and enough political capital right now to get things done. Blaming the Reps might work for a little while, but in the long run we need to see progress or things will get ugly.
  10. BruiserKC

    What was the dumbest head coach/manager decision in a game?

    Pete Carroll in the 2006 Rose Bowl. On the 4th-and-2 that Texas stopped LenDale White on to eventually get the winning TD and the national championship, your Heisman winner for that year Reggie Bush is on the sidelines and not in the game. On what would be the biggest play of your season, how the hell do you not have him in the game. Either in the backfield or as a slotback/receiver, his presence would have changed things dramatically.
  11. BruiserKC

    Sports Page in the Business Section

    I know in the past when teams have been in trouble, they end up moving. But I have to wonder have we reached the point where eventually at least one or more teams actually go belly-up and go out of existence? I know quite a few NHL teams are in trouble, including the Phoenix Coyotes. Also, NASCAR's Nationwide Series have had a few races move, not to mention losing a lot of sponsors. Arena Football's done for 2009, and might be done for good. And I know they are fringe sports but when we now look at the NBA having teams in trouble, plus the NFL making some cuts in the front office, we might be seeing this recession really start to hurt the big sports.
  12. BruiserKC

    Recommend a Sports Book

    Curt Smith..."Voices of The Game"- great book talking about the legendary voices that were part of baseball's lore. W.P. Kinsella..."Iowa Baseball Confederacy"...nice piece of fiction from the man that gave us "Field of Dreams".
  13. BruiserKC

    Greatest African American Wrestlers

    Is this as Pistol Pez or Shaska Whatley?
  14. BruiserKC

    Greatest African American Wrestlers

    You have to find Norvell Austin and "Iceman" King Parsons places on that list. Austin, especially...as he was a trend-setter in wrestling for the South. When he teamed with Sputnik Monroe in the '70s, it marked the first time black wrestlers were heels in the South and teaming with white wrestlers. He would also be an original member of the Midnight Express as well. Parsons was one of the best mic workers back in his time as well...his "roody poot" phrase was copied later by the Rock. And of course Parsons had the most electrifying move in sports entertainment in the BUTT BUTT.
  15. BruiserKC

    What Now, TSM?

    The rumors of the death of this board are greatly exaggerated.